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Topic: Cernunnos (New God) Review

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Cernunnos The Horned God has joined Smite

Cernunnos is the latest God to join the Smite Battlefield.  He is a Hunter, and a rather unique one at that.  Many have speculated he will have a larger focus in the Jungle role (normally played by an Assassin Class God) rather than the ADC role.  His Passive and Abilities include the following:


     (Passive) Heavy Glaive – Cernunnos’s passive gives his basic attacks a boost in damage to enemies in melee range.  This helps quickly drain close combat gods, such as Assassins and some Guardians.


     (Skill 1) Shifter of Seasons- Shifter of Seasons lets Cernunnos change the bonus on his Glaive, based on the power of the 4 Seasons.  The bonus affects his Basic Attacks, and can be rotated with no Cooldown or Mana Cost.


          Spring Growth: Cernunnos’s Glaive becomes green, giving his Basic Attacks a boost in Physical Life Steal


          Summer Heat: Cernunnos’s Glaive becomes yellow, giving his Basic Attacks a boost in Damage


          Autumn Decay: Cernunnos’s Glaive becomes orange, giving his Basic Attacks a De-buff which lasts for 5 seconds


          Winter Chill: Cernunnos’s Glaive becomes green, giving his Basic Attacks a Slow for 1 second.


     (Skill 2) Bramble Blast: Bramble Blast has two different effects, depending on where or who it hits.  If it hits a single enemy below its max range, it will damage and root that enemy.  If it hits an enemy or a wall at max range, it will explode and leave an area of thorns, which deals damage every .5 seconds.


     (Skill 3) Horn Charge: Horn Charge makes Cernunnos charge forward, damaging any enemies he encounters.  This can also be used to escape an unwanted fight.


     (Ultimate) The Wild Hunt: Cernunnos chooses an area near him to begin The Wild Hunt.  After a 1 second casting time, any enemies in that area will take damage and be turned into Polymorphed Boars.  Polymorphed Boars are both Silenced and Disarmed while in that state.


Personal Cernunnos Build:


cernunnos build.png

Cost 13400 Gold


Alternative Items:


Bloodforge is an expensive item, even worse when you build it as a 2nd item.  Asi is a good and cheap alternative to Bloodforge.


Some people like to build only one of the bows (Ichaival or Odysseus’ Bow).  If you want to replace one of the bows, I would say Jotunn’s Wraith or Qin’s Sais for damage, or Spirit Robe/Hide of the Urchin for a bit of defense.

Warrior Tabi can be replaced with Ninja Tabi if you want more Attack Speed or a bit more Mana.




Final Thoughts: Cernunnos may have just joined the Smite Roster, but has made a huge impact already.  His kit, particularly his 1, lets him have certain item abilities, without building the items themselves. With no Cooldown or Mana cost on this, you can freely switch from extra Life Steal to a slow and back with no disadvantage.  His 2 lets him damage and root enemies, and helps secure kills.  His 3 is both an escape and another means to damage.  Finally, his Ultimate can be used offensively and defensively to protect your team mates in a seemingly losing situation (Example: 1v3).  Given the fact I have achieved my one and only Penta Kill with Cernunnos, I can say without a doubt, he will be one of my go to Hunters for the current Season, and I’m sure many ADC/Jungle mains agree with me as well.

Smite New God Review - Cernunnos

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