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Interview: Booyah - King of the Marauders

By: @Serene (July 2017)


Interview: BrosephStahlyn

By: @Serene (June 2017)


Interview: Booyah |FDR|

By: @Muidar (July 2016)



August Newsletter

By: @Serene (August 2017)


July Newsletter

By: @Serene (July 2017)


June Newsletter

By: @Serene (June 2017)


Multi-Player Games

Fortnite Perk Rolls Guide and List

By: @Font (August 2017)


Smite: Cu Chulainn

By: @SilentWolf251 (July 2017)


Smite: Da Ji

By: @SilentWolf251 (June 2017)



By: @SilentWolf251 (June 2017)


Playerunknown's Battleground Guide for Beginners

By: @SirPie (May 2017)


Smite: Cernunnos

By: @SilentWolf251 (May 2017)


Smite: Ganesha

By: @SilentWolf251 (May 2017)


Paragon Guide: How to Offlane

By: @Font (September 2016)


Paragon Guide: Things to Know Before Competing

By: @Font (September 2016)


Paragon Guide: How to Support

By: @Font (September 2016)


Paragon Guide: How to Jungle

By: @Font (September 2016)


Paragon Guide: How to be a Ranger

By: @Font (September 2016)


Armoured Warfare

By: @CowardlyViking (September 2016)


Guide: Blood DKs in Legion

By: @Wraith (September 2016)


World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Patch 7.0

By: @Wraith (July 2016)


First Impressions: Dreadnought

By: @Booyah (July 2016)


Total War: Warhammer

By: @CowardlyViking (July 2016)


Dead by Daylight

By: @CrossOfAces (July 2016)


Single-Player Games

This War of Mine

By: @CrossOfAces (August 2016)


Alpha and Beta Games

Beta Review: Art of War Tides

By: @Booyah (January 2017)

Alpha Review: For Honor

By: @Booyah  (September 2016)

Alpha Review: Lawbreakers

By: @Booyah (August 2016)


Tabletop Games

That's What She Said

By: @Serene (January 2017)



Warcraft (2016) 

By: @Muidar (July 2016)



Stranger Things

By: @Muidar (August 2016)


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