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Let me start by saying. In current Meta, JUNGLING IS ROUGH. If you don't kite your minions well, or play Khaimera, you will just out-right die in jungle.

As a jungler You should always start with a Siphon due to survivability. A common Sevarog jungling path is to kill 1 white camp, and then kill your Green Buff to make sure you have enough health to contest for the River buff at 3 minutes.
If you've been put below 35% HP early on any jungler and you've backed out once, it's time to let the gank go and don't sacrifice anything more. Another point to remember is when a Stun or CC ability has been missed, it's time to just accept that the gank is gone and let it go. Overextending with missed crowd control is only going to put yourself in a worse position.
Junglers are generally heroes with high burst damage or CC abilities (Crowd control: stuns, slows, pulls, etc.) The burst and CC can help assure ganks are quick and successful, throwing your team in a lead as fast as possible.
Buffs (Rivers and Gold) Spawn every 2 minutes. Since the spawn is so early and often contention over seems to be less of a team-focused thing and now more of a jungle/support/mid focus. At spawns, contest for buffs but make sure your team is aware of your presence there so if need be they can collapse as well.
Give the kills to your carries! Nothing hurts a Carry more than a failed gank attempt where the wave gets pushed up and they have to back due to low health. So when the ganks go right, try and let your carries get last hits. This will allow them to get ahead sooner and put your team in an overall better standing as the game progresses.
If your teammates cannot secure the kills quickly, or it's against a high mobility target such as Kallari, Gideon, or Serath feel free to secure the kill for your team. (Mostly judgement call you'll understand it more as your game experience progesses)
Wait for your opponent to overextend to attempt a gank. You never have to force a gank. The closer to the enemy turret your gank attempt is the less likely it will succeed in time for you and your team to escape safely.
Make sure to use potions in combat. Nothing hurts your team more than when you die just a second too soon and you have 2 health potion charges left.
If you're going to be an agressive jungler, make sure you bring wards first, or have full knowledge of where the enemy team is going to be at the time.
The biggest bit of information I can give to anyone who just wants to succeed:
Don't fight fair!
Why should you fight a 2v2 when you can fight a 4v2 and get them killed that much faster! Be warned however, since it only takes 8-12 seconds to rotate 1 lane.
BE ACTIVE!! Farming endlessly in the jungle is just a wasted character slot for your team. Roam for ganks, set up vision with wards and be a nuisance to your opponent. The greater presence you have the more fear your opponents will have every time they step out of turret. The jungler essentially sets the pace for the game. YOU bring the pain, set up ganks, stun down opponents, set up tower takes. A lot can be decided while your character is autoing minions. Check the map for missing players, lanes that need help, opponent builds, and opportunities that you can create.
The jungler is essentially the most important role in Paragon. A great team with a bad jungler is a subpar team, but a subpar team with a god tier jungler is a force to be reckoned with.
Knowing when you can take a fight and when you can't is something very important, and if you don't grasp it yet give it time. But you should always be calculating how much time you have as a team to get something done and get out, or what objectives you can take at any current moment due to what the enemy team gives you.

As of right now, due to buffs being every 2 minutes most of the ganking pace comes from securing these buffs.



Counter-jungling is essentially a good idea if:

A. Your team is willing to collapse to you if need be

B. You can 1v1 the enemy jungler VERY quickly (great for Grux Vs Sevarog early)

C. You can grab a camp or two Unpunished


The most common invade comes from A. But that requires teamwork and we're gonna assume your randoms are bad. If you're stacking with your Midlane and support, call them over to invade 15-20 seconds in advance so you can get everyone grouped to get wards up, steal camps, and gank the enemy jungler or midlane.


So invading Hostile weak jungle would be good if the enemy jungler was spotted in safe lane, and the hostile offlaner is not MIA or has just RECENTLY backed.


A team invade however is a bit different. It's a great idea to grab a couple teammates and run straight into the enemies jungle. Especially if a few opponents are busy laning. Then you can catch someone out, ward deep, and get an advantage. Setting your lanes before hand is generally required so you force your opponents to be defending lanes instead of dealing with you guys in the jungle. Buying yourself the most time to properly invade.



Keeping these ward spots up will generally help keep your river control and ganking lanes open. I left out some other key spots because more often than not it is GENERALLY left to other roles and lanes to ward those spots. These are wards I've seen a bunch of jungler's drop.


The reason you want vision is it tells you when enemies are leaving their lane, or helps you catch someone who is low HP early (Very useful with Kallari's or Murdocks)

Also knowing who is taking a buff and when is important. It opens up the knowledge of the map for you along with how long you have to take some other objective. Or catch a greedy opponent alone while his team is elsewhere.


It's easy to catch Casters off alone at buffs, and Marauders off alone at Gold. So ward accordingly based off who would be more important to gank at the current state of the game.


How To: Jungle (Paragon)

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Updated to Meta as of 6/2/2017

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