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Name: Paragon Guide: How to be a MARAUDER
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How to succeed at Marauder:

Last Hits

Lane Control



Lane Positioning

Team Fight Positioning


Last Hits

To start off with Last hitting, we'll have to look at builds first.


The best opening card sets are ones that give you extra power in the early game via 6 point cards and proper token usage.


To open as a Marauder you'll need one health potion and 2 damage tokens. (Strike/Cast or a Madstone Gem if you're a Fury Affinity hero)

The health potion is to keep you alive, while the damage tokens help you secure last hits early. Getting last hits early cannot be stressed enough so you can stay on top of your farm and remain ahead. A good key to go off is about 4 last hits per minute at least. That isn't perfect, but it's a pretty high minimum requirement to aim for.


If you don't have 2 damage tokens, then a Healer token is viable. Even a Barrier Token is viable when laning against a Morigesh to help deflect some of the poke she will throw at you. An extra Health Potion if you have it, and a Mana potion as a LAST RESORT. So your tokens should be prioritized in your deck in this order.




Extra Health Potion

Mana Potion


6 Point cards are cards that you place in your deck for an early boost that you will be replacing later. This requires an account with 3 "Minor" cards of that type at least. Since we're currently in a health meta I would recommend these card builds.


2-3 Madstone Gem/Windcarver Blade


Upgrades each:

3 Minor Damage


These cards will give you "Power spikes" where you will have a damage/health advantage at specific intervals of the game. Those times being:


9 Card Points

15 Card Points

21 Card Points (If you've implemented a 3rd 6 point card)

(6, 11, 16 with Madstones)


When you can no longer buy your 6 point cards, you start picking up your more expensive cards.


Keeping your card points spent is a great way to maximize your efficiency, and when you have 1 or 2 unspent you're wasting possible power you could be using.


Not just minions, but Heroes too. If your team is ganking for you, do everything in your power to get that kill yourself. Getting the last hits on all kills in your area is a major power boost that could be used elsewhere, but is most important on the damage dealers such as yourself.


Another thing to note is GOLD Buff. Spawning at 3 minutes, and every 2 minutes there-after (Same time as River Buffs) These are easily stolen and should be taken as it's spawning to prevent your offlaner from stealing some precious Card XP from you.


Lane Control

This comes with Last hitting somewhat, as you should never be mindlessly auto attacking to kill the wave faster. Your goal is to keep the minion wave as close to your own tower as possible without letting the opponents minions to enter tower range.

You want this because it keeps you safely under your own turret, while also forcing the enemy laners to extend to obtain last hits or go to their jungle to keep up. (which then begins to cripple their jungler early)


After reading that you may ask yourself "When do I push then?"


And there are specific times you want to extend your lane into enemy territory.

When you're about to back

When you're opponents are missing to get some tower damage

When you're leaving lane to obtain another objective (Raptors, Prime, Teamfights)

When Sieging your opponent's turrets


Pushing the wave up will buy you some precious seconds to keep your tower safe while you're not there to defend it and with the minion move-speed increase this becomes more necessary.


For when to siege I quote the wiki for siege minion time spawns:

Minions spawn every 30 seconds from small structures positioned around the core in groups of 3 melee minions and 1 ranged. Every 12 minutes, an additional melee minion spawns per wave and at 36 minutes, an additional ranged minion appears. Siege Minions spawn every 4 waves. The first one appears at 2:30, and the next ones at 4:30, 6:30, etc. At 36:30 an additional Siege Minion begins to spawn.


Late Game Note:

When towers have gone down, and you're no longer focusing on laning for farm you should always keep lanes pushed up. Before initiating a teamfight your team should attempt to get all the lanes pushing towards your enemy's turrets. That way if your team wins the fight you can capitalize on as many objectives as possible or in the event of a loss, the enemy cannot take as many objectives as they could have otherwise.

However, instead of just mindlessly pushing your wave, you should try and kill the enemy Siege and ranged minions, which will force your waves to stack up and push against your opponent.





The 2 wards on the right of the map are CRUCIAL to have up during your laning phase. Those 2 wards will allow you to freely push upon the opponents Tier-1 Turret with ample opportunity to retreat in the event of an opponent rotating.


Everyone should ward. Yourself included. There are times when your support will be dead, or incapable of dropping a ward for you to stay safe. Extending a small bit to place a ward can save your life in the long run. But if done improperly, you can be punished for it.


Try to only ward alone if most of the enemy team is on the map, or had been seen elsewhere very recently, and they are not in your immediate rotation area.


A thing to remember is the deeper the ward the more time your team has to react to a gank attempt. Therein the deeper your wards, the further you can safely extend without being punished.


Ideally you want a ward near the black buff entrance and exit, and near the Jungle's closest lane camp. (I personally number them left to right 1-4 to make for easy call-outs)

So if you're on left it would be the 1 camp. If you're on right it would be the 4 camp.


Also know when your support is extending for a ward. There is a chance of your support warding and running into an opponent while he's out of position, so be ready to help him if you can turn it, or having a presence can some times scare off a gank attempt. 


Know this though, there are times when it's a lost cause to save your teammates. So if 4 people are ganking and you have to sacrifice your support, so be it. Let him die, because the only thing you can add to that situation is your own death on top of theirs. Which besides leaving you out of farm and giving the enemy team an advantage, also leaves your turret vulnerable.




You can relatively understand 2 types of playstyle.




Aggressive playstyle generally involves extending often for poke, 2v1 gank attempts, and pushing for tower damage or kills.

Passive playstyle is playing reactively, safe and generally farm focused or about punishing opponent aggression/mispositioning.


Most players are passive because it is safer. If you're laning against a passive player and they begin to needlessly advance on you, it's very likely that he's about to receive outside help, and you should be wary.

Most supports can successfully play aggressive without punishment unless they put themselves inside a minion wave so being aware of what your opponent can pull off will help you succeed in lane.


If you're going against a Riktor you should be aware that at any time he can pull you well out of position. At ANY POINT DURING THE GAME, Especially once the Riktor gets Tele-blink/Stablink

Or, against a Steel when he hits level 5, can dive you with just an ult and a Bull-rush. Early that's more than enough damage to kill any non-tank character.


Lane Position


The safest way to farm is by being as far away from the minion you're about to last hit as possible, entering attack range just before hitting the minion, then backing off again.


The most important thing to remember is the closer to your turret you are, the less likely you are to die. Or the more likely you are going to live long enough to reach safety.


Being aware of what the opponent can do is also important. When playing against a Grux, you want to be as far away from ledges that he can pull you down from if you don't have ward coverage, so being as far back from the minion wave, and as far away from the jungle without surpassing the lane entrances. If you freeze your wave properly at your turret, then you should be able to stay towards the map edge, and be the physically farthest away from your opponent's ganking paths.



Team Fight Positioning


Remember, you're a marauder and should not be extending for damage. If the only target you can hit is a tank then keep wailing on them. Essentially if every one of your teammates is damaging the person absolutely furthest extended, and all things are equal, then you will win a team fight by simply properly executing the team fight.


This becomes more critical the squishier you are. If your build is pure damage, positioning behind your entire team is the most detrimental part of your team fight execution.


A great thing to remember is you should Never Never Never be the person in front of your team. The only good that does you is getting you killed immediately and without the teams major source of damage your team will almost always lose that fight.


Consider your tanks as your guide. If they're backing up, back up. If they're pushing forward, push forward with them, but not past your opponents. The best way to take on team fights in current meta is head on with this formation




Carries (Marauders)

This positioning changes slightly when using a Melee Carry such as Serath or Yin, but before the team fight breaks out you should be relatively in a "safe" distance from your opponents until stuns and major abilities have gone down. (Such as Howie-Dekker combos, Steel ults, MAJOR IMPACT abilities)



Tanks and fighters are called "Front line" for a reason.

Assassins are a bit trickier, playing on the flank, and generally attempting to catch your opponent by surprise. You shouldn't be standing in the middle of your team almost ever as an Assassin.


Paragon Guide: How to be a Ranger

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Updated as of 6/2/2017

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