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When you have an issue with the forums, computer related, teamspeak, or game related post your question here. We will get with you in due time. There are a few things to note when using this forum.

First there is a status for each support issue.

PENDING --- Means the request was just submitted and we are looking for the right answers to solve the Support Question.

NEEDS MORE INFO --- We do not have enough information to answer your question.

COMPLETED --- Question was answered/fixed. Matter is deemed solved.

CLOSED --- Lack of activity on this question, or an unsolvable question, or question is not covered as a Marauder Clan support question. In such, the matter is closed.

As time will tell, a list of approved support topics can be listed here. To summarize it up, all computer related issues, forum issues, teamspeak issues, and game issues. If you have an issue with a another person, this is not the place to address that. If you have any questions, please contact myself or any officer.

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