Urgent What´s a good name for a noobs HotS HL series
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  1. 1. Do you have another idéa? Post it in a comment and I´ll add it to the poll

    • Today we learn...
    • Humbly Stumbling
    • A fools errand
    • The journey for ELO

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I have recorded the first 5 episodes of what I plan to make into a HotS HL series, in which I learn how to play the game properly and the coming journey through the ranks. My hope for it is that it will be able to provide a learning experience for both myself and for the people watching so I want the name of the series to somehow reflect that. I have some ideas but any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated so just put them in a comment and I´ll add them to the poll. The first episode is being exported as I´m typing this and I´ll add a link to it when it´s uploaded.


Thank´s in advance for the help and I hope you enjoy



Edit: The video is up now:


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