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Name: Interview: KOTM - Booyah
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Author: Serene

Interviewee: Booyah for winning King of the Marauders

Interviewer: Serene

Month/Year: June 2017

Recording Length: 18:23






Serene: Hey everyone! I’m Serene and we are in the Marauder Teamspeak with the King of the Marauders for 2017. Last year Styker was voted our King, so who will be following him in winning this astounding award? Not only has he now won KOTM, but he is also the reason we are all here playing video games in such an amazing clan. Your KOTM for this year, Booyah! (laughs)

Booyah: Whoo

Serene: Fireworks! (laughs) What was your initial reaction when you heard you had won KOTM?

Booyah: I thought Malice was going to win. Cause I track it when the events are ongoing to see what the trends are and he was like 10 votes ahead of me in the beginning. And I don’t ask people to vote for me. And then all of a sudden, I check it a couple days later and we started breaking even and then I was in the lead. I don’t know what happened.

Serene: Well why do you believe you were voted KOTM over Malice then?

Booyah: Probably because I am a name that people know the best. I mean, in the nomination rounds, I think I was in second or third that was nominated. I think it was Rebel. Rebel won like most of the categories. So, I’m sure it was him.

Serene: Yeah

Booyah:  I don’t know why people nominated me. I’m assuming it is just because I’m the most visible person in the clan. When people register to join the clan, they get an email from me saying what to do next. I always get people, probably 2 or 3 times a week, who are new to the clan asking for more information or about the application process. So, to some degree I have a connection to everyone in the clan.

Serene: Yeah and it is really nice because you are a stay-at-home dad and you go to school so you have a lot more free time on here with all of that. So, like we were talking the other day, you can be on 24/7 with the NA and EU members, so you know a lot more people.

Booyah: Yeah, I get to see everyone at one point.

Serene: So, about a year ago is when you did the first King of the Marauders. Why did you decide to create it?

Booyah: Because I thought there should be a way to recognize people who aren’t admins. I was hoping it would be more of a popular member thing. I mean it’s all a popularity contest. That is what King of the Marauders essentially is. I knew that some admins would be nominated but I was hoping that distinctive but I noticed in this King of the Marauders that it is still heavily admins. So, I’m hoping next year a lot more of the regular members win instead of admins. It was essentially created to get a popularity contest going because we only do it once a year. It gets more awards for people that are limited addition and give people a chance to have an effect on the clan itself because you know members aren’t usually nominated for awards in the clan.

Serene: Yeah, it is definitely nice to see that. I think maybe it would probably be more popular with members when there are more members in each section voting too. But a lot of us play different games so when we see that person like you, you are playing a lot of different games, so people just see you around so they are like, “I’m going to vote for Booyah.” Like Rebel, he got a lot of awards in this one, or nominees and all of that. So, when you see someone around you are like, “I know that guy, I’m going to vote for him.”

Booyah: At least for the final poll for the King of the Marauders, you were nominated, I was nominated, Sindog, Malice/Fraejix or whatever you say him name, Topgun, Rebel, Silent. At least it was a big poll. I mean, it wasn’t scariest marauder which had like 12 nominations.

Serene: Yeah, but like you won that by like a landslide.

Booyah: Well yeah, but that’s going to happen because I’m the person who does all of the removals. And pretty soon someone else will be in charge of Crime and Punishment and then they will be the scariest member. And that’s just the way it is. And that’s why Styker came heavily in second because he used to run Crime and Punishment before me.

Serene:  Ahh, that makes sense.

Booyah: So that’s, it’s just natural. So, for those NCO’s and for those who don’t know, Crime and Punishment, even if you can’t see the forum, it has been renamed to the Department of Justice just recently.

Serene: Yeah that is nice that someone will be taking that over so maybe you won’t be the scariest member anymore. Since you have created the Marauder Clan and you have been doing this a couple years now, what kind of impact do you think that this clan has on you since you have created it?

Booyah: Well I have a lot less time now. Essentially, I play a lot more games than I used to because aside from League of Legends, I play pretty much every game the clan has. I do that so every once in a while, I can jump into a section and play some games with them and see how the members are doing. I do have a lot less free time because I have to spend about 2-3 hours daily, 7 days a week, working for the clan, responding to the 10-20 PM’s I get a day or the 30 mentions I get a day so on so forth. So, it is tough to be a clan leader here when you are the person overall. When Styker ghosted or disappeared, however you want to say it, it’s because he couldn’t keep up with this and his two jobs and his relationship and everything else. So, to a degree I understood it. It is very difficult to be the overall clan leader and I know that the activity because it is the summer time the activity is going to drop to less than half and that is natural, but it doesn’t slow down how admins work. So, even though I have more time to do things, it’s not like the amount time it takes to work on things has gone down.

Serene: Yeah, you are still doing a lot and a lot to look forward to especially because you want these goals for the clan and different things that are going on and in your interview last year with Muidar, you talked about goals that you have for the Marauders that you want to complete in a year or two. Some of these included having more Marauder Cons, More Clan Wars, a website for outfits, and also in your AMA you said one of your goals was a self-sustaining website. How do you feel your progress has been on these goals so far?

Booyah: The website is a lot better off. And by website I mean forums because we went to Marauder Clan 2.0 which is the website that everyone sees today. The one before this was a lot more basic. And then we changed the rank system which is a lot more fluid now, ya know, I don’t have to promote everyone myself which is what I was doing when I gave my last interview. Nowadays we have an admin team that does that and takes care of the applications process since we got rid of interviews. So, things a lot more fluid than they used to be a year ago. So, in that sense it is a lot better. We don’t have the outfit website, we don’t have, 3.0 was supposed to create a new website but we essentially have like no graphics team members. @CowardlyViking is basically one man banding the entire graphics team. We are still working on getting our programmers to know how the website works, so once we have a design for it we can actually put it in. It is just a lot of work. The outfits were supposed to be a side website but then not to long after we talked about making the outfit section, a lot of our outfits stopped being outfits. So, that is why we stopped working on it. There has to be a demand for us to supply it.

Serene: Yeah, definitely for us to be able to do that. What about Marauder Cons? Do you still hope to be doing that in the future and having more of them?

Booyah: Well we had one planned for Canada in November of last year and that fell through. And then we had one planned in Florida for April but then Styker disappeared for his job. So, the only requirements it takes to hold a Marauder Con is that someone of the rank of Officer shows up to it. That is literally all it takes to make it an official Marauder Con. I mean you can meet up with all the Marauder people that you want. I know Fraejix met up with Komanyu and Roughknight like a month ago. So, I don’t care, I’m not going to restrict you in real life. But to make it an official Marauder Cons for the clan then you have to get an officer to show up.

Serene: And how many Marauder Cons have you guys had in the past?

Booyah: Technically two that were official. We had one in Florida, which was the first one. And then we had one at my house in San Antonio, Texas about 3 months later. We had about 5 people show up to the Texas one. I can’t really host the anymore because I can’t afford to. Because it is actually very expensive for me. We basically pay for everyone’s food when they visit and then we also upgraded our future and we have to clean the house from top to bottom. It cost me about $1400 to host it last year.

Serene: Yeah, that sounds like a lot to do, but definitely getting the people to do it is nice and if anyone wants to hold one. It would definitely be a lot of fun to have those and meet up with people.

Booyah: Yeah, we are even putting in an award, MarauderConner, just for people who show up to a Marauder Con.

Serene: Oh, that’s really awesome. And you also mentioned always bringing new games to the Marauders. Are there any current games right now or soon to be released games that you want to introduce to the Marauders?

Booyah: Alright, so I would like to split this into two parts. One is games that are already out that we are looking at expand to. And two is upcoming games. So, I would like to go over games that are coming out first. I’m sorry, games that are already out first. MXM is something that Darkness and for the life of me I cannot remember his name, but Darkness and one other person are considering starting a section for. And it just came out. It is made by NCSOFT. I’ve played a little bit of it. I haven’t given my opinion of it. I might write a news article, like an early review about it. Just my first thoughts of it, is it fun, what are the controls like, what are the game modes like, what are the objectives, you know all that fun stuff. So, I may put this out there in a week because I’m going to play a little bit tonight and a little bit tomorrow. So, there is MXM. There is Battlefield 1 that is coming out with the Russian Expansion and for the life of me I’ve always wanted a Battlefield section, but we have never had one that was successful. We had a Battlefield section before that had about 20-25 people in it but the guy who ran it never really did much and then when Battlefield 1 came out still no one volunteered except for the guy who ran it the first time. So, we have never had a successful Battlefield section, so if anyone ever wants to start one just please send me a PM and we will talk about it. After Battlefield one there is, let me see, I have a little list of games I’m looking at. There is Dota 2 obviously, I would love to have a section for Dota 2 but I have never found anybody that can really build one up. At least not following our system on how we do things. There is Starcraft 2, Galoubet is trying to build that section up right now. I understand he has some support from the community so hopefully that comes up off the ground because that is an amazing game, obviously. D3 is always going to be a secondary section for those who ask because it is a seasonal game and I don’t really care. World of Warcraft may come back. I know 3 or 4 people that are talking about starting up on the Illidan server. There is one more I can’t think of. CS:GO is one that someone asked me about the other day. If you want to be in the time and effort to recruit and run the section then yeah, you can have a CS:GO section. I’m fine with that but you have to recruit. And the same goes for ARK. Someone asked me about that last night. I’m fine with starting up an ARK server or whatever but it is expensive and the clan has like no money because we don’t get a lot of donations. We don’t ask for donations. We normally pay out of pocket and Styker has been doing the past couple months himself. So, you don’t really push for donations, but thus we really can’t afford to pay for servers. And that also goes for the Battlefield community. So, if you want to start an ARK community you have to figure out how to pay for it. Now I think somebody offered to talk to his friend to see if they could use his ARK server and maybe that is fine, but if you want to start the section you have to be able to recruit and manage it. So, that needs to be kept in mind. Now on the upcoming games that are coming out on what we are looking at, you’ve got Destiny 2, obviously. SilentWolf has a big thing about that. Darkness has talked about it and I believe 1 other person has as well. There is Escape from Tarkov, which is currently a hidden forum that no one can see unless they join specifically for it. We do that because it is in an NDA right now and it is really, really, really important that no one finds out about it unless you are playing in it because they will strip away your ability to play it and right now it is $150 to buy into it. So, you would lose $150 essentially. Minecraft is a secondary game, sorry that goes back to the first part. If you want to start up a section please let me know about it. So, Escape from Tarkov, Destiny 2, Battlefront 2 is coming out, Darkness is play testing it right now and he says it is amazing. We have, what else? What are a couple of games off the top of your head Serene that are coming out?

Serene: Well the one in October is Destiny, I just keep thinking there is something in October and that is what it is.

Booyah: Yeah, so Destiny, Escape from Tarkov, Battlefront 2, Call of Duty: WWII.

Serene: You had some that you posted as videos too. Like Shadow... something...

Booyah: Oh, Shadow of War. That’s a solo player.

Serene: Oh, yeah! And then you had Ashes of War.

Booyah: Ashes of Creation but that is like a year away, so I’m not even jumping that because it is a year and a half away. So far away I don’t want to think about it. There is also an MMO coming out that is called Crowfall that we are looking at that is supposed to be really good. So, there is all of that. That is all what we are really looking at right now, if you have an idea of a game that has already been out, there are 3 categorical things we look for in these sections. It has to be well populated. It cannot be a game that has a 1,000 people that play it, because that won’t work out. Look at For Honor right now, I mean Rider is like the best section leader in the clan, even though someone else won that award, and he can’t get that section fully populated because there is not enough players. Two, it has to be new. It cannot be like a 10-year-old game. The reason is because they already have pre-established clans and organizations in the games and it is hard for us to break the mold and get in there. And Three, you have to be willing to run it yourself. So, don’t come and say, “I want a section for this and a forum for that,” because all I’m going to say is, “are you going to run it?” There has to be someone who is always running it and they get the section leader rank. Now if you just want to recruit and build it up but don’t want to be the overall leader, you can actually pick one of the recruits to lead it instead as long as I get to speak to them first. And then you would become their NCO when they become a Section Leader. We have done that before and it has actually turned out pretty well, but you have to have that understanding with me that you are going to be building it up because I’m not going to do it for you. It has always been the way we have expanded.

Serene: Yeah and you can always ask your friends, like if you play with 1 or 2 people, maybe one of them would be willing to help make the section.

Booyah: Yeah, and Fortnite is another game coming out too just for those of you who are wondering. I think it may be a little too expensive. I haven’t played it too much. Didn’t it come out just recently?

Serene: Yeah, I know, but I think when I was looking at it was like $60 or something. It was a lot.

Booyah: That doesn’t seem right for what the game itself is. Like if they were to card $20 or $30 I would have bought it. But charging $60 for a game that is kind of gimmicky, that doesn’t realty make sense to me. But you could say the same for Rocket League. Rocket League is like the gimmicky of all gimmicky games yet it is extremely popular.

Serene: How much is Rocket League?

Booyah: $30.

Serene: Yeah, see, but it’s not $60.

Booyah: Yeah, that’s true.

Serene: Well yeah, we have a lot to look forward to in our clan. Hopefully expanding to new games. But my one question for you, probably my last question is what game do you think had the biggest impact on your overall gaming experience?

Booyah: Dota original. I used to be a pro-gamer for it in 2005, I think when I was hittin it big, 2005, 2006. And then I played WC308, it paid for my college. 

Serene: Oh, wow.

Booyah: And then after I worked my job, I had to stop playing and then Demigods came out and I played that for a while. And then Han came out. I loved Han. League of Legends came out just a little before Han. And I played that for like 2-3 months. Couldn’t stand it so I went back to Han and the Dota came out right after that. So, it has been a lot of Dota for me. I have like 12,000 hours in Dota between the original and Dota 2. Probably more, probably more like 15,000.

Serene: Oh wow, I never played Dota original or even heard about it, so that is really awesome that it had that impact so long ago.

Booyah: Well it went Aions of Strife, Dota, there was a phase between Dota and Dota Allstars, but no one remembers it. Dota Allstars was the first real MOBA and after that came Demigods and then League of Legends and then Han.

Serene: Ahh, alright.

Booyah: Dota Allstars was out for about 3 years before League of Legends ever came out because the guy that built League of Legends was the guy who made the Dota Allstars website.

Serene: Oh, wow. I didn’t know that. That’s crazy. Going from one MOBA to the another.

Booyah: Yeah, his name is Pendragon and he’s a prick.

Serene: (laughs) Oh, well awesome. Thank you for the interview and congrats on winning King of the Marauders. I know that it has just changed your whole life now that you have won this award. (laughs)

Booyah: Oh yeah. I mean, what do I do now? Retire?

Serene: Yeah, you just have to retire now.

Booyah: I’m sure the old Rocket League community would love that.

Serene: Yeah, definitely. Well, thank you again.

Booyah: Absolutely, thank you.



Interview: KOTM - Booyah

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