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Found 49 results

  1. Same as before, same error code. Happened both times right after I changed ranks. Coincidence?
  2. PC Upgrade Advise Required

    Hey all I've recently ordered some upgrades to my pc (black Friday) But am concerned that I might not see the benefits I'm after, and wanted to ask you lot what you thought. I think my cpu in my current setup is bottlenecking my gfx. I believe that changing the cpu will gain me 25-30% FPS gains. Current setup: gets about 100fps in destiny 2 on nearly max settings. I5 4690k Random cheapish motherboard bought on a budget. 1070 oc 16 GB ram Ssd 144 g sync monitor Future setup: Upgrade the i5 to i7 7700. Upgrade the motherboard to an entry level gaming strix motherboard Keep everything else the same Your thoughts on what gains I'll see are welcome. (I have done some googling, and it seems to back up my thoery, but I'm not 100% convinced) Hope someone can advise, Thanks for your help.
  3. Closed Can't See Applications says I have no permission to view, but its a For Honor app and I am GM of the section. Also, I could not move my GO around in teamspeak. Is this intended?
  4. GPU

    Hey ya'll! i'm looking to get a new GPU and i've been trying to get a 1060. however because of current situations, 1060 may be out of my budget. what is something that is fairly priced but will be able to run games like GTA5 and whatnot. anybody have any reccomendations for something good priced but good? (i'm not looking for top of the line. anything that could run 95% of games on low-medium)
  5. Having problems with Lawbreakers

    I purchased Lawbreakers recently but I'm having problems keeping it running. It all goes smoothly in customs when I'm playing by myself but as soon as I go online the game crashes after 1 minute. I get fps drops or anything, I'm having around 100fps all the time but suddenly it all just goes down without a warning. Is my gear too outdated? My CPU goes to around 67-69 degrees and GPU to 50 when I play. Does the game crash due to overheating? Below are my specs: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 CPU: AMD FX6350 (3,9GHz) GPU: NVDIA GTX660 2047MB RAM: 3x4GB HyperX Savage DDR3 2133MHz Motherboard: ASUSTek M5A97 Can't recall my power source. I really like that game so hebl me pls :0
  6. Completed Application

    I just got done filling out the application and don't know what to do/go next. Do I have to share it to someone via-email?
  7. New loging to TS

    New here little new to team speak and almost everything but play hots
  8. new pc

    im using a new pc and on the ts3 im a guest can i get some help with this.
  9. This is the code HotsLogs provide: <a href=""><img alt="HOTS Logs Player Profile" src="" width="563" height="125" /></a> however when inserted into forum signature, it doesn't show the picture, only the code, (as everyone can see below) what is wrong? I am horrible what comes to coding, and tried to use the picture from url instead, but that didn't update the stats, so the HTML code is the only option i think. If someone could help, that would be awesome.
  10. Hello, I am just trying to set up my notification settings but under messenger it will not allow me to select notification list and I don't know what the matter is, can anyone help? I accidentally made 2 posts of this question they have been replaced with N/A my apologies
  11. N/A

  12. Now that rising star is no longer a rank in rocket league, will this award be changed to account for the new ranks?
  13. Help me fix my Craptop

    Hello my fellow way more experienced Marauders! Lately (actually, December 4th 2016) I've been having issues with my laptop that runs Windows 10. While everything else works fine, I haven't been able to use type anything in the "taskbar". This includes searching in the "search" tab, the list of programs, and any WiFi-passwords. I also can no longer use the "2 finger scroll" option on the touchpad. (I use a mouse mostly anyway, but still!) I've got everything updated automatically, and when searching for new updates my potato says it's fully updated. Anyone got any clue about how to fix it? And please, keep in mind that you'll have to speak kindergarten-language to me about it. Cheers!
  14. Completed came across something weird

    I just read this post on the overwatch forums when theres some sort of aligning thing went wrong... The text in malice's message seems to be leaving the message box. took a screenshot for good measure. Is this because of the tag army? I don't remember seeing it before...
  15. Completed Mobile TeamSpeak IOS

    Hey guys, Im on vacation and I'm trying to log into ts with my ipad and it won't let me connect without a port number. Can someone post that in here. Thanks.
  16. Wasn't sure where to put this.... So I figured I would put it here and it could get moved if needed. This is for people who have the Teamspeak 3 Mobile app, and want to connect with ranks. Go to Settings -> Identity -> Export on the Computer using the UID that you are using for your ranks Drop your exported .ini file into the downloads folder on your phone On your teamspeak mobile app: go to identity (is the button with a person) and click on the person with a green arrow wrapping around them at the bottom of your screen. Tap on the .ini file. Click on the image of a person with green checkmark on them. Connect to the Marauders teamspeak with your rank and permissions! Let me know if anyone has trouble with this guide, or if any of the steps were confusing.
  17. Completed TS3 UUID Error

    XTopgunX is getting ERROR Please enter TS3 UUID on repeat when he tries to log onto the forum. So he basically can't log in to the forum. @XTopgunX
  18. Invalid Group ID

    When trying to add my TS3 UUID, I get the following error: Sorry, there is a problem invalid group ID Error code: 2560 If someone could assist me by reassigning my group ID, that would be pretty amazing.
  19. How to delete a Topic

    I created a topic in a section I am admin of but i dont know how to delete it.
  20. Teamspeak app password

    Everytime I try to log into the TeamSpeak app it says I don't have security clearance for our server how do I bypass this. Ov had this I've had this problem ever since we upgraded our security
  21. Programs keep freezing

    Hey people! So lately i've been having an issue on my computer where, my programs all seem to stop responding. wether i'm playing HotS, or on FB or watching youtube, anything i do, even the task manager, will stop responding for about 30 seconds, sometimes crash/shut down and then resume working normally. anybody have any experience with this type of problem? i've searched the web and none of the solutions are helping me any help is greatly appreciated!
  22. Embed Code help

    <a title="View with the Desmos Graphing Calculator" href=""> <img src="" width="200px" height="200px" style="border:1px solid #ccc; border-radius:5px" /></a> I want to embed this "embed code" and I don't know what to do...
  23. TS3 UUID does not belong to a TS User

    In the registrationprocess i have to enter the TS3 UUID but for me it said even after I entered it multiple times (also manually) that it didn't belong to a TS User. I obv need help :'D thanks in advance
  24. Pending TS3 Integration

    Over the course of the last few days we noticed our ts3 integration was broken, if anyone else notices that they can't do anything on the forums due to it refreshing like crazy, let me know, I figured out how to fix it and it's very unpleasant. Thanks! We have fixed the integration, it's just a little buggy till we work out the kinks.