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Found 1,238 results

  1. Hello Everyone! @Rebel1705 has gotten busy and needs to step away from leading the section for a while. With that, I will be taking over as acting Section Leader for that time, and will be running game nights and practices! Practices? You may be asking yourself... YES, Practices. We will have a weekly practice for both EU and NA (two separate practices, although you are welcome to join both if you wish). These practices are optional times in which we try to improve our game play. These will not always be fun, and can be challenging, but expect to leave each improved and with a new skill in the game. We also have a change in time for our game night to better accommodate my schedule. If someone else wants to run the game night we can change it back to being an earlier time. The new start time is at 9:30 CEST/2:30 CST We are also going to be holding a meeting soon to try and start up some teams again! Expect a post about that in a week or so. Feel free to message me or respond in here with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to gaming with you all again P.S. Current JNCO's of Overwatch, I am sending y'all a message to try and figure out where the section is at. Thanks for all the help you have given!
  2. This seems like a pretty good resource about the "best" heroes and why for this season. There is also a guide attached to each hero as well. I would like to hear what all of your opinions are on this list. I personally think that reaper and mercy are T1 picks as well right now, especially with the recent update to mercy with her reviving on a cooldown, and the previous update to reaper where he returns health from damage dealt.
  3. I'm currently using Dim Mak Mari and toying with 2 tactical options: Deadly Blade Crash's Corrosion and Vanguard Southie's Stun Baton. Both activate on Melee Crit and my crit chance is 74% (or so sais weapon stats). I can feel a noticeable difference in knock back with Stun Baton allowing for more cc which increases survivability and comes in handy when dealing with multiple laser eyed zombies at once. But, the stun rarely activates. I like the idea of Corrosion's additional damage, and if decreased movement speed procs I could potentially weave around the target constantly hitting without being hit. But it seems the DOT rarely activates and I'm not sure if the movement penalty to target will stack with smokes movement penalty. If it does, it could be similar to using a mini slow field in terms of cc and survivability, along with increased DPS with Smoke and Corrosion DOTs (if they stack).
  4. There is very little info out there unfortunately which is causing the salt to rain This guy gave me some much needed info and some good hope for the game. (first 2 minutes is a bit of rambling)
  5. Hello everyone! I was wondering who else plays 7 days to die. While it's only 23 bucks on steam, (and less than half on things like kinguin and g2a) it's a very fun game to get into with friends! Myself, @Junket and @TheGuanyin already own the game, so join us!
  6. So I was comparing the below two weapons, and wanted to be sure my math was correct because I believe the in-game DPS display on the weapons is incorrect based on these two weapons. According to the above information, this weapon deals 1043.5 DPS while the next weapon... Deals 1272.3 DPS, roughly 20% more DPS, even though the base damage per hit is lower, the crit chance is lower, the crit damage is lower and the attack speed is only SLIGHTLY faster. If my math is correct, the following is true: Pulverizer DPS - 1301.0452 (As opposed to 1,045.3 DPS shown in-game) Socket Slugger DPS - 777.8256 (As opposed to 1,272.3 DPS shown in-game) This is using the following equation: DPS = Damage + Damage * (((Crit Chance / 100) * Crit Damage) / 100) - ((1 - Attack Speed) * Damage) So if my calculations are correct, not only is the Pulverizer not 20% DPS behind the Socket Slugger, but it is actually 67% higher. Does this math check out for anyone else? I'm no math wiz, but I'm pretty sure I calculated it correctly.
  7. So what is everyone's favorite hero/class? As for class I am liking the soliderand outlander class. Constructor is cool and useful but I suck at building.
  8. Welcome to the Fortnite Section! Comment below with your Epic Games Username and the Name of Your Homebase. Here you can find others to play with and add them in game!
  9. Hey everyone! It's time to start setting up for a Game Night for our Fortnite Section! What time would work the best for you for the game night? If everyone could contribute to what times work best for them then we will be able to accommodate mostly everyone. Please make sure you add a timezone to the time you are thinking would be the best. After we get enough responses I will add a poll to narrow down the time. Thank you! @Zero, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE
  10. Writing up a breakdown of what class changes I feel should be made to the game and realized I'd rather get input from everyone. If we write it up and everyone goes to that post and agrees with our basic writeup, it actually could change the game. I did this once before in my old clan and it changed Smite overall by adding an award system that's trackable and may have caused ripples into what it is now. Feel free to write your thoughts and ideas below, if I feel like it's a solid idea I'll add it into my proposal. I run a community called MarauderClan that decided to expand into Fortnite. We brought in around 20 guys since Early Access began and generally all play within the same room. Due to our communal conversations on teamspeak the following are some idea's and issues we've found throughout fortnite. 1. Classes A. Ninja's should be energy specific. Similar to our outlander build below we felt that due to Ninja's requiring so much energy for their abilities, as a special trait they should have a 50% bump in overall energy thus 150 energy total. This would balance out the issues with Ninja survivability a bit(no energy for double jump after going deep) and as many on reddit have exclaimed that all classes should have 2 traits similar to construction and commando, maybe a 10% shield increase for the class. Essentially make them a real melee class that can dive in and out of fights with effective shielding. The 10% reduced damage trait should be shifted to a hero talent unlock rather than trait for all. B. Outlander should be resource specific. The extra loot % would be outstanding if it were higher than 6-12%, 15-20 would be much better in the long run as we feel the Outlander class is specifically helpful as a side class for stocking up on materials before swapping back to your main class for more difficult missions. As outlander only has one trait and to go with the two trait idea, this would fill that role nicely. Loot Llamas should have a slightly lower health threshold, it shouldn’t be so difficult for two teammates to knock one out as a duo. Increase the amount of charges overall that outlanders can take for abilities, maybe have less pods overall to balance it. They’re not useful enough in fights due to the reduced amount of charges they have. Consider a weapon specialty for Outlanders such as explosive weapons. As they collect resources in abundance it’d be easier for them to craft weapons and thus the durability loss weapons would be more effective with this class. Giving them some talents that unlock over time such as increased damage with explosive weapons or increased weapon durability overall would be very helpful. C. Construction is obviously a builder and we don’t feel negatively about construction as far as traits. We feel that construction shouldn’t have offense damage abilities that affect weapons so much as it’d be better if they had the ability to empower traps or heavily reinforce one or two construction blocks against heavy waves. @Zero, @Bravofoxtrot, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @Aido Hwedo, @Zurmin, @Darrell5780, @GSkill, @Ninebreakr, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Nasty4Life, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Reznec, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE @Font @Zarkete
  11. Would anyone be down to play some borderlands 2? Was watching a youtuber play it and i really wanna play again!
  12. We have loads of new content making it's way to the Nexus. 2 new heroes, a few new skins, and a brand new battleground! First off, the heroes: Being introduced into the nexus are Junkrat and Ana from the OW series. Ana was a support player in OW, so I'm assuming more of the same here. Her kit is very similar to that of Morales, for a comparison. Next off is Junkrat, who is a Defense role in OW. It's safe to assume Junkrat will probably be similar to a Probius or Gazlowe with higher mobility, so I'm guessing he is a specialist. Skins: Diablo Junkrat skin , Russian like Varian skin DEATHWING Brightwing skin (Blizz meme game on point) At 0:43 in the "Assault on Volskaya Foundry" video it looks like a new Tracer Skin. New Battleground: Medium sized three lane map, looking roughly the size of Infernal Shrines. 1-2 man objective, each player getting different options. One is the pilot, the other is a gunner. It's captured via control points, which there is three on the map. Similar to Hanamura, the camps will drop items and give extra XP. However there is no boss camp. Controls points have conveyors belts surrounding them, forcing you to change up how you approach each objective. Think BH/IS together, it kind of has that feel to it. GET HYPED @Sandman, @Hiltzaile, @Shadow, @whosetheman, @Lansar, @Laftur, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @undecidedpie, @Zell, @Gutts, @Avalon, @mynd, @Carewzen, @ThePlug, @Tahoe08, @Valiant, @Bluntgutss, @Flipcyde, @Kingpetras, @Tiltedredman4real, @Anyonenormal, @Vind3x, @Krozber, @skylaar, @Arczeal, @Tanner, @Wosret, @OneShawt, @CTwizzle, @HushHush, @Zatch, @mathinis, @Elfiesan, @Tarsaric, @Droolo, @Anguis, @mrlewis, @Burntdbacon, @stuwey, @advenger, @Slightdawn, @ramtough, @SilentStorm, @Geck0, @Danisimo, @Smashthatbox, @Euthanist, @Penguinchacha, @Plumbit, @Minmaximus, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Ghostmg, @Bloodraven, @Diko, @zEnVy, @Maplesyrup, @EndlessPAIN, @Shadowsever, @Hazazer, @Th3D1rtSt4R, @Mark#13500, @Nemesis, @Agemendon, @KisinBombo, @Tsukami, @SooperDaive, @Steve_spam, @Astellin, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @GreyWolf19K, @xAlisterx, @granvaca, @Yendor, @Apple2694, @Lokius, @Drmcfluffy, @Bubzee, @Talamonius, @Caity, @Ragneroc, @RamenCrunch, @Fitzalici0us, @Kefka, @Tinho, @Jmarsh, @randomcuban, @Neffzilla, @Mimi, @chupakabras, @Alavard, @ManlyBiceps, @_San_, @Chely, @Phalanx, @Altiahad, @AlmostHappy, @Brentsmith, @Fraejix, @Vayonetta, @Omar, @Adherency, @Bard, @Nightwind, @scorpidlight, @LoliYens, @RSmove, @Magical8ball, @_Wyv, @Qfg Quitf33ding, @holiroller, @Amitii, @Aragoth, @QuartzTheOG, @bLing, @Diabeu, @Krudi, @Ariex, @Spazz, @Ghostbear, @Cathedral, @Belauldar, @FatePawn, @Omisery, @Fayte, @Discount_Bob, @Zaltharas, @Niptonium, @GrimmL0ve, @Dblaze, @Darien, @Brette, @Clayborn, @Bws Knives, @MandoFresh, @Director, @Reep, @Sir_Spike, @GhostWalker, @Roki, @diablo8121, @TheMightyLevon, @MezsiaH, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @Sparks, @Ansatz, @Zeratul, @MisterMoskau, @Hadvik, @Metaprime, @teea, @Ultrabueno, @defqonsix, @Defstrikes, @SubMediocre, @Dionysis, @Halbeardy, @Harkonin, @defenestratr, @pattycakes1981, @stevenonce, @Pspman, @Cruelalloy, @VORTEXWARE, @Algida, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Shaz, @Dexxterrr, @Disconnected, @MsBehavin, @garyhots, @Miserchild, @LuluGont, @Ventris
  13. I just loss a HL game because one of my teammates was a troll and intentionally died throughout the whole match. He fed 30 deaths to the other team and they steamrolled us. I was absolutely LIVID. I'm trying to do my placements, and didn't think anything was awry until I got in game. This player mocked me for being in placements and threw the game for me. I reported him repeatedly...the rest of my team did so also. But what I wanna know is, will somebody from blizzard actually do something about this? I was having a great day until this happened. Has this happened to anybody else?
  14. I'm super stoked. I think she looks like a blast to play. Haven't dropped the gold for a release day hero since Stukov. (Ironically, the last support they released.) Can't wait for this one!
  15. Does anyone own's the game?
  16. Had fun last night with @Aido Hwedo and @Smalls playing some Divinity! The game is gorgeous graphically, and it is very indepth in its RPG as well. I have some high expectations for the future of this game! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing around with the GM features in this game and seeing what we can come up with... Or just playing the actual Campaign as well. If you are interested, please add me on steam @|MRDRS| Fraejix Also, please respond to this post as well with what you wanna do! Tagging others I know play Divinity @Darkness... Yeah, that's it lol. If you know of any other Dark, please tag them so they are aware of this post.
  17. This game is just a wonderful combination of dark souls, for honor and genius. Anyone got it? Drop your steam name below, mine is [MRDRS] Nebulon.
  18. Quite fun, I can't wait until you get rewards.
  19. This is to discuss whether or not religion is necessary in a society. What are the pros, what are the cons?
  20. **this will of course be edited as more people join** Officers/Leaders Heisters Dimensia (Sec. Lead) Purplegoose Viscus Plasmaraider
  21. Lately me and my girlfriend have been struggling to find a good series to get into. I'd love for people to recommend me some good series, preferably series on Netflix or easy-to-download ones. If possible, please add why you recommend a series! What we've watched so far: Prison Break (waiting for latest season) Breaking Bad Dexter Under The Dome The Last Ship (waiting for latest season) The Walking Dead (waiting for latest season) Jessica Jones Luke Cage Narcos (waiting for latest season) Going to watch: How I met your mother Game of Thrones Daredevil iZombie Black Sails
  22. When I started playing Fornite I was keen on the game, the core gameplay of co-op base building and defence appeals to me. Since then it's been a downwards slope. Currently I log in to assign research points and check out daily rewards, with the exception of Troll llamas I haven't had a gold or silver llama in weeks. While I did get some great stuff from the two recent troll llamas I have no real urge to actually play with them, knowing how much effort I put into lower quality gear, that I can now replace with better quality (and better perks). But cannot get even a small percentage of the stuff needed to level up the new stuff. Battle Royal to me seems like a mode that had it been implemented as a co-op PvP mode would have been great fun even if still being completely separate to the PvE game. As it's been released it feels like a complete waste of time, which doesn't even take into account the time I've spent in PvE... it's IMO a worse kick in the teeth than StS which wasn't a good addition either. I play Path of Exile, it is also RNG based loot, difference being that I can actually directly farm for what I want - then trade for it with other players if I cannot find quite what I want... Never say never right? Well this time I'm not saying I'll never play Fortnite again, as I undoubtedly will play the game again. But for now I feel that I need to let the game mature before it's even worth checking to see if the game is worth playing. So... having joined Marauders for Fortnite, and not found another game in common, I'll understand completely if you let me slip from your ranks. It's been fun and you've been a great group. Lost
  23. I am going to be trying this new game I had it in pre alpha,or something like that if anyone wants to try it our with me or take a peek at what the game is here is a link to the website its free btw also here is a video
  24. @Zero, @Booyah, @XTopgunX, @Bravofoxtrot, @Viscus1197, @Trey, @Swimmerdude50, @Exsus, @Font, @Naero, @leviathanxx, @zeroclash, @xValdBaginax, @ChunkyRain, @Bhoosted, @Giddy Goblin, @Hawkens, @Aido Hwedo, @Zurmin, @Darrell5780, @GSkill, @Ninebreakr, @BroNeigh, @jtvpiggy1, @Starving Gautama, @Asaedon, @MagicBurrito, @Nasty4Life, @Sagarda, @Deacon, @Reznec, @Serene, @couchninja, @Macc, @Darkness, @linggrad, @V1rtuE, @TwoTonRampage, @Nedisa, @Oxydian, @MrSorry, @Tiberiumkyle, @GrenadeRacer222, @Buttfor, @Sparrow-717, @Selemar, @Traxellus, @EZLIVING, @Rizzo Mason, @Kaggy, @Chrif1992, @HawkEyeT, @sevinic, @Lost, @Suidicii, @Purple Garnet, @Ready4War