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Found 1,282 results

  1. Mr Robot Season 3 Kicked off recently. I was wondering if there's anyone else here who watches and what's your opinion on it?
  2. New Marvel tv series on Netflix... Anyone watch it yet? What are your thoughts? Worth Watching? DO NOT POST SPOILERS
  3. Please post your Battletag and Division / Tier below so that we can group up.
  4. Air is being developed by PUBG and Tera Devs BlueHole . The game will be published by Black Desert Online publisher Kakao Games . There is not much know about the game other then it focuses on Realm V Realm PVP with mechs and airships . They combine this with magic and a Steampunk feel that makes it unique to the genre . You can bored ships and siege castles it has a ArchAge feel to it just hopefully without pay to win . I will let the video speak for itself and ill do a official review when I can get my hands on the game .
  5. Hey everyone! I missed the EU practice due to a few scheduling conflicts, however, we are having our NA practice night in about 1 1/2 hours! I'd love for you to show up if you can.
  6. Hey everyone! I wanted to start off by making a few changes to the Practice days. Instead of just a normal practice, we'd like to focus on specific maps (ex: Junkertown practice), specific characters (ex: Zarya practice), or specific character types (ex: DPS practice). I believe this will be a bit more beneficial overall to those of you who want to improve on certain things. I'm also going to come up with some incentives to come to practice and interact with everyone! If you're mainly unable to come because of the day it's on or the time it's on, let me know. We'll do our best to figure out what works for people who want to participate. We're going to start next practice which is Tuesday, November 14th. We'll be focusing on the ins and outs of Hanamura both on the Defensive and Attacking sides. Hope to see you there.
  7. Need more 4 friends :| Summoners: Setsana
  8. Hey there, I play League on a regular base since 2014 (as far as I can remember). I started supp and mained it (part bc of my real life profession, part of "the new guy plays supp" thing). Got me out of bronze, playing (old one hit stun) Taric. Then I made it gold with the help of a good adc in duo queue. But although I got quite good with some tank supps, and even got into some decent jungling, there was always sth. missing. I felt like I was constantly overlooking things and hitting roadblocks when it game to the bigger picture. I read guides, watched replays and coachings. I am also spending a lot of time on builds. But the material is just too much to sort out. And I have the nagging feeling, that, taking in account the time and effort I put into the game, I should be playing better and be more positive about it. I think a lot of you know the feeling, when u put effort into sth. like a game (when you could do sth. "worthwhile") and not get a positive emotional response from it. I think that emotion is the cause of a big part of League's community problems. These are IMHO the skills needed, and I thought maybe I could get some input on the points mentioned, or how to approach ones "training". Basics: Reaction Time Peripheral Vision Fine motor skills / hand-eye coordination / Mouse accuracy Spatial orientation Multitasking (or rather rapid sequential cognitive processing paired with muscle memory) Mindset "Fighting Skills" - Reading the opponent How skilled is my opponent? Team Situation - 5 individuals Tilting Teamwork - how far can it go? Self-Picture / Self-Confidence Social factors (leisure time, family, partner, work...) Technical Factors (Ping, FPS, Display, Hardware...) GUI / Keyboard / Mouse - Layout Micro: Movement / Actions Attack Move, Auto cancelling input buffering, target selection (using heroes only button or not) Animation cancelling Skillshot Usage Dodging Flash mechanics, Collision, Pathing... -Hero mechanics (skills, cooldowns, summoner spell synergies) Smiting "Sub-Macro": Laning / Farming (Last-Hit, Stances, Lane Types) Wave control (really tough one) Trading (when, how, Outplay-Potential) Jungling Clearing Paths / Map Position Counter Gank (do/get) Ganking / Baiting Teamfight (Engage / Disengage, Location, Positioning) Macro: Using the tab screen (some guys can caclulate the jungling route from that, sounds nice in theory, but quite hard to do in an actual match I find) Map awareness (teleport / global skills) Vision (did you ward, and was it efficient?) Roaming Sieging Lane - Swap / Assignment; contesting CS Split Push (how and when or: "I split and my team dies") Back to Base timing - It's all bout the money - or not... (Jungle!) Objective Priorization - Win conditions Objective Control Game phases (Early-Mid-Late) Comminication (Chat / Ping) Calls - whose call is right? Meta: Tier List Team composition Pick / Ban Phase Synergies / Counters other heroes' stats (cooldowns, damages, powerspikes...) Champion Kits - Itemization (+Runes / Masteries), situational Adaptation Champion Pool / Champion Roles So far so good. Think there are still points to mention, but I am out of material right now. So long Lehain
  9. Wanna start this of with 2 I can't really explain: DI'ing: Heard Last Shadow talk about it, not sure what it is, something with clicking behind the enemy or path correction from the game's pathing? Input Buffering: I thought it is sth like vayne e on a farther away target, then auto sth, then target e, auto, so if the enemy gets close you e him "out of the buffer". Saw this with doublelift. Cursor Prediction: The faces of the champions look the way your cursor goes? Can someone enlighten me?
  10. First off - I'm new here so thought I would say hello and see who will be on for the patch tomorrow and if we will have enough to get a 5 man going. I will be getting Alex on the NA side for sure first thing but I would be willing to play on the EU side as well and do a RMT to pick her up. I've only seen one other person in TS in the past couple of days so also wondering is there another way people are grouping up or are we just not active on the weekends? Had fun playing with Warimano - turns out my ping on EU isn't horrible so would be willing to group over over there as well. How is everyone feeling about Alex and the new Li Li so far?
  11. This will be the Blizzcon Thread for everything HotS. I'll be editing this post with stuff that's been revealed, so check back all weekend to see what's coming! Confirmed: Hanzo and Alexstraza will be joining is in the Nexus. Interesting characters and we'll have to wait more patiently on their updates. Alexstrasza - Ranged Support, with % based healing as part of base kit. Trait turns her into dragon. On top of that, we have a few changes: - Gameplay Update coming in 2018 - Voice Chat - Matchmaking rework (Will turn out to be performance based and not win/loss based) - Stealth rework - Camera changes - Laning Improvements - Updating Battleground Mechanics Here's the videos: (Hanzo and Alexstraza): (Blizzcon 2017 overview): Alexstraza overview:
  12. Hey guys, just wanted to throw out there that I'm apart of a Children's Cancer Charity Event called Extra Life. Essentially, this Sat, Nov 4th, I'll be streaming for 24 hrs to raise funds for the Seattle Children's Hospital! My stream starts at 9am PST until 9am on Sunday. Whether you'd like to donate or just come say hi on my stream, I'd appreciate it! Both will be linked below. Thanks for all your support! Donation Page Thanks! <3 Lumi
  13. Anyone looking to grind some ranked? I haven't placed this season but I finished Plat 4 last season and looking to get back into the scene. I'm on around 8-10 EST. Neffzilla#1973 is my tag. HOLLER
  14. Sup dawgs! I'm looking for any EU people playing this game to maybe play duo with. As of now I'm yet unranked as I haven't been playing the game for long, but I've played LoL for 4-5 years and my MMR lands on Gold 4 and 3 I'm mostly online on weekday evenings
  15. Hellraiser#12352. Looking for people to play with!
  16. OK so I just want to check and see if Fornite PVE is officially no longer supported by this clan. I ask since there are never any leaders or other players other than me & Wulf. Other new players that I have tried to recruit have come and gone since they do not seeing anyone on.
  17. This game looks SO FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL
  18. @XTopgunX, @JalaBanjo, @Tahoe08, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @lukorepka, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @K1tT3n, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @Faerch, @chocomallows, @omni., @Juicyxeno, @Manuelraa, @Mygas, @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Spotless, @marineghost1, @zefirinas, @Command3r, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @Fraejix, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Qwerty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @Rhonin, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @GravityBoostio, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @Littlezigge, @LimaOLima, @hrmla, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @nathybaby, @Kanva, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @MrCruz, @lovefist86, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Nebula, @HeadCloudz, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @Limitations, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Despair, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @tobbensol, @Takashiro, @Ozzy, @amp_, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @MrChoca, @Whizbang, @Aqua, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @Smeagal, @LastMeteor, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini, @xDeathxDroidx, @Blue, @marduar, @Pjungwp, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @Fabulous#11875, @hellraiser, @Mercyless Hey everyone! This is a reminder of the practice night for Overwatch, Tuesday at 9 P.M EST/8 P.M CST for NA and Tuesday 7 P.M CET for EU If you can come, please do! If you have any questions, please PM me with them and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have any things you want to work on one to one with me or any other coach, make sure you make a coaching request post and I'll try and get to it as quick as possible. Here is the link for the format:
  19. Hey Marauders, I am looking for some GO's (possibly even a GM) for HotS. I am looking for Recruiters, Coaches, Game Night hosts, Outfit Coordinators, Tournament Hosts, etc. If any of you are interested, please post an application here:
  20. hey was just looking for advice on who to get Auriel or chromie as i dont have enough crystals to buy both im like 100 short, so wasnt sure who to go for who more fun to play pros and cons etc.. or should i just bite the bullet and buy the extra shards and get both ty in advance
  21. Hey all, Been in the clan for a minute but thought I'd say hey to the league players as I just reinstalled and looking to get back into the thick of it. Was plat last year before I uninstalled and just looking for people to play with between 8-10ish EST most nights, little later on weekends. Just forewarning, I'm a tad rusty but I have been watching a lot of LCS so I am familiar with meta and all that. IGN is Neffzilla if anyone wants to get a group going. Thanks
  22. This is the official Overwatch Competitive Clan Roster. If you have any questions or concerns please contact any Officer or NCO listed below, or the Leader of the Overwatch section. Do you want to see the normal roster? Click here! **EU Officer/NCO(s)** @Cablenerd [MJR] - Section Lead - Add by Battletag "Cablenerd#2467". @Rebel1705 [SGT] - EU Game Night Host @LORDmeSH1NE [CPL] **NA Officer/NCO(s)** @Malice [LT] - Assistant Section Lead , NA Game Night Host @amp_ [CPL] Want to be on the roster? Reply with: BattleTag, Player Name, Region Questions, suggestions or something wrong with the roster? PM @TheGuanyin The roster will be updated weekly! Help: Click on the tracker to show detailed stats of that player. Click a table head to sort the table! body{font-family:verdana;}img{border:0px;}img.rank{width:40px;background-color:#272C38;padding:0px;margin: 0px;border: 0px;}img.flag{width: 20px;}table{background-color:#272C38;padding:20px;}table td{background-color:#272C38;text-align:center;padding:0px 10px;}td{border:0px;color:white;}td .link:link{color: #FF0606;}th{color:white;min-width:60px;font-size:16px;border-bottom:2px solid #ED1F24;padding-top:5px;padding-left:10px;padding-right:10px;cursor:pointer;}th:hover{background-color:#ED1F24;}table{margin:0 auto;margin-top:50px;}.link{color:#FF0606;transition:0.2s;text-decoration:none;}.link:hover{color: white;transition: 0.2s;}.link:visited{color:#FF0606;transition:0.2s;text-decoration:none;} Server Player Name Tracker Skill Rank US Amp Stats 2381 EU Audacter Stats 2466 US Blue Stats 1650 EU Childe Stats 2644 EU Edir Stats 3753 EU Limitations Stats 2687 US MaGiK Stats 0 EU Mmstayler Stats 2851 EU Nightwind Stats 1462 EU OneManBand Stats 2624 US Ourobori Stats 2154 US Pinacoladas Stats 2231 EU Rebel Stats 2054 US Styker Stats 1799 EU Warimano Stats 2582 EU WildWolf Stats 3239 US Wraith Stats 2482 Last update: 5/31/2017 11:02:53 PM CET
  23. Joined for Fortnite and i know its a bit early so im assuming most people are on a little later. But i was just wondering if there is an active Fortnite group. i really dont enjoy solo much i love playing in squads and having a good time.
  24. This is the official Overwatch Clan Roster. Please post your Battle-Tag and your region, as well as your preferred position to be added to the Roster! If you have any questions or concerns please contact any Officer or NCO listed below, or the Leader of the Overwatch section. If some information is incorrect or you're missing from the Roster, be sure to post about it below! **Officers** Fraejix [LEAD] - Leader- NA Practice Host & Game Master LORDmeSH1NE [GO] - Game Night Host & EU Practice Night Host **EU Roster** **NA Roster**