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Found 69 results

  1. Just a reminder that game night is TONIGHT at 6pm Central! I'll be posting here again about half an hour before we start as a last minute reminder. Looking forward to seeing everyone on team speak!
  2. Since Ubisoft doesn't put Live Updates in their patch notes, I'll start with the Season 3 patch and try to keep this updated with everything I find.
  3. Im going to be honest. Having a rep 8 cent, i feel that i know the character quite a bit and this nerf wont change anything to him. Sure he cant use you as a bloody pin cushion on a wall but you are still going to get fucked up. The wall splat combo was already spotty to begin with since the enemy can often get out of it since the timing is a little delayed between heavy's. I mean with the damage he has with his quick heavys right now will do just fine with one jab, so people are still going to non-stop complain about him being op. Just thought i would give my opinion about the nerf. And im looking forward to playing shinobi after the buff :3
  4. Hello, If you are playing For Honor, please respond to this topic with your Uplay account.
  5. You can use your super armor to counter an attack with guard break The timing for this is similar to a deflect/parry. While having super armor, you simply GB in the middle of your opponents swing. Their attack will connect, but your guard break will happen after the swing finishes. Since you had super armor, your GB isn't interrupted. Since they didn't start their follow up, you won't miss the GB. Guard break range on Shugoki is huge He takes a step forward before doing the GB. Use this to your advantage. You can keep classes at range with your heavies and when they get too close, GB. Feint to create parry opportunities Feint to cause your opponent to make unnecessary heavy attacks that you can then parry in to GB then Demon Ball. This is especially good if your opponent is out of stamina. Feint a side unblockable (it's tough to dodge). Since they are out of stamina, if they try to parry they are committed since they can't feint, the attack will be slow-mo, AND you will get a knockdown on parry (unless feated against it). Follow knockdowns with an upper unblockable When you knock down an opponent (usually through stamina exhaustion and a throw), hit them with a fully charged upper heavy. TONS OF DMG (60). Feint to create Demon's Embrace opportunities Feint to cause your opponent to make a heavy attack. Follow up with Demon's Embrace (back + GB). Since it is unblockable, you will take the hit but then regain health from the ability. Note that if you attempt Demon's Embrace on a Shugoki that has super armor it will fail. Wall Stun for Guaranteed Demon's Embrace Throwing someone in to a wall stuns them long enough to guarantee Demon's Embrace Demon's Embrace is Crazy Strong in 4v4 Modes Someone geared for revenge? Give them a hug to show that you don't give a shit. As soon as they pop revenge give them that sweet embrace. They can't dodge during the animation. If they are holding on to it, feint like a boss. Headbutt is Strong AF Takes them down to 25% stam. Very easy to exhaust someone with. Your lights are pretty fast (esp top) so it's easy to keep people in a constant state of zero stam. So ideally, headbutt and bait a parry and now you have a knockdown for 60 damage. This is an OK trade tool as well because they will back off long enough for you to get super armor back (usually) and if they over commit you can punish.
  6. Side dodge recovery increased by 200ms Forward dodge recovery increased by 100ms Delay between dodge and headbutt increased to 300ms Side Light decreased to 12 damage Top Light increased to 17 damage Top Heavy reduced to 25 damage Side Heavy reduced to 30 damage Increased damage on finishers Shield counter is now followed by a non guaranteed heavy attack instead of a counter slash Sorry @WeaponX006. We never thought it would actually happen.
  7. Reminds of Raider mirror matches before their nerf lolol
  8. Hey Maruader FH Community, I don't participate in your shennaigans because I'm an Xbone player when it comes to FH. However, I thought I'd leave a couple of gifs I've done in the past here that I hope you will enjoy watching and getting a brief giggle out of them. Also included my stats profile...because raisins. Parrying a Warden Zone (During a custom 1v1 challenge) Flip, Flip, Flip, Flip The Ledgebringer Stats: Mang0 Regards, Peter
  9. 'ello there mateys, I just saw For Honor is 50% off on Steam, thinking if I should get it or not. Is there anyone in the clan still active in this game? Do you believe it's worth the 30$? I remember reading they were having server issues, how's the game right now in that aspect? Thanks in advance! Guac out
  10. LOOKING TO FORM A FULL DOMINION TEAM ALL WEEKEND FOR THE DOUBLE XP AND GOLD BOOSTS, I've already repped up 4 times in a few hours, lets get it!
  11. Centurion looks like the king right now considering his parry and OOS punishes. Or rather, centurion looks like he could continue on with the turtle meta. Conquerors are gonna be even more annoying now that it's much harder to punish their lights. I might actually use them now.
  12. I've seen a few emblems that reappear or are shared among players. I think it would be cool if we came up with a Marauder emblem that we could all use. Some of the crazy you can create with emblems: Maybe we come up with some and post them here and have a vote or something? I'll create one later tonight to start things off =)
  13. Been working on my reaction times a bit since I'm considered old and washed up as far as gaming goes (I'm 34). I can still successfully parry light attacks when I'm fresh, but pretty much suck at it at the end of a long session. Maybe I should take more breaks One way to test to see if you're on the top of your game is to measure your reaction times. A quick easy way to do it as at this site. You can go here to get a baseline of how fast your reaction times are. Then you can see if your reaction times are fast enough to parry a peacekeeper light attack, or even zone! I pulled these numbers from a reddit post by vennstrom. Target is how long the attack takes to hit you. The first number in the parry range is the beginning of the window, and the second number is the end of the parry window. Personally when I'm fresh I can parry a side light or top light from pk. For me to parry the second side light I need to have a good read, or have recognized a pattern. To parry a zone attack I need to be the luckiest guy in the world, or know that the pk is going to zone before he even knows. Of course your connectivity and the connectivity of your opponent are not negligible factors here. If your pc is receiving the information late then this is shortening these times...significantly in some cases. Zone Attack: Target: 19 frames (316ms); Parry: Frame 1-5 (0-83ms) Side light: Target: 28 frames (466ms); Parry: Frame 11-16 (183-266ms) 2nd Side light (combo) Target: 23 frames (383ms); Parry: Frame 6-11 (100-183ms) Top light: Target: 32 frames (533ms); Parry: Frame 15-19 (250-316ms)
  14. You can connect a top heavy after knockdown if you start with a top light to close the distance
  15. Looking for someone to do the campaign on realistic difficulty co-op with me, finished it on hard but bugger me is realistic a step-up and some help would be appreciated.
  16. Is there a clan faction? If not wouldn't it make sense to have one so we'd all be fighting for the same side of the season war? Seeing as it doesn't actually affect anything else as far as I'm aware, except the shape of the emblem, and if we do have a clan emblem everyone having the same emblem shape wouldn't be a terrible idea.
  17. Hello. Im new around here and i spend most of my time in For Honor. My Uplay name is LieutenantKJ so feel free to add me and we'll have a couple of sessions sometime!
  18. Just wanted to introduce myself, I go by GrimnirWOA in Uplay. Please friend me. I main Berserker at rep 4 and have a Centurion at rep 3. Brawls are my favorite fighting mode but ill do any of them. I usually play nights(East Coast USA). I also own a Historical European Martial Arts school. Check us out, I teach German Longsword, Sword and Buckler, and Viking Combat. I look forward to fighting beside you all!
  19. I couldn't find anything in this site referencing the damage values so the link below is a Reddit post with a spreadsheet of the damage values for all heros as well as attack speeds. This is not my document.
  20. All, Incoming patch next week with massive balance changes... No Cent nerf, but Shinobi gets a lot of changes: - Kick, double dodge no longer connects to GB - Double dodge kick stamina increase (+5) - Changes to uninterruptible stance duration changed from 300ms to 600ms Also, Kensei buffs coming, Warden vortex nerf, Warlord throw distance reduced. Some Feats are changing, too: Revive Faster - Cut revive duration 25% from 50% (to 25%) Auto Revive - Te Warlord will now revive with 50% health Revenge Attacks - Two light attacks will only fill 2 Revenge points down from 5, Heavies down to 4 from 10, overall damage dealt reduced by 10% Body Count - 3 hp on each soldier killed instead 5 Healing on Block: 5hp instead of 10 on light blocks, 5hp instead of 15 on Heavy blocks, 3 hp on Soldier blocked hits. Fiat Lux - Area of effect increased to 4m, stun duration increased to 4 seconds from 3 seconds, now does consistent 25 damage regardless of distance Second Wind - Healing value chanegd to 50 from 40, 60 second cooldown Longbow/Javelin - Changed to 50 from 80 Crossbow /Throwing Axe- Changed to 25 from 30, 60 seconds cooldown Kunai - Changed to 15 from 20 and has cooldown of 60 seconds Enjoy!
  21. Here's a full list of EXACTLY what each gear stat does. We know they're right because they're directly from the devs.
  22. Rider informed me, today is his anniversary with his wife! Please join me in wishing this amazing dude an awesome day! @Aether, @ZenJar, @bioshibby, @Caedo, @Stepes, @WeaponX006, @LawBringing, @Jonny, @The1That1, @Ryuu, @SsoveRReigN, @Fishypixels, @Rider, @sovereignk24, @Greyismyname, @Idle Ghost Shell, @Pontjacko, @Pez.God, @Ripley, @Esbero, @WigglyPotatoChip, @The_Krobar, @TyEzz-, @Whittycent, @An1malXDM, @Tawahachee, @Harvestur, @Nhoxus, @Boskica, @KielxKun, @TheDutchesss_, @Snowy, @Reflexez, @Torisan, @AmandaRekonwith @Booyah
  23. Hey guys, Just got accepted. Been looking for a group of players to farm some rep and get going on tourneys with me. I mostly main Nobushi and Sugoki. Branching out to new heroes shortly. You can hit me up on Ubi @Reflexez. Yes there is a . in it lol Ill be hanging out in discord and TS.