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Found 25 results

  1. Religion in School

    Should religion be allowed in school? If so, to what extent? Should it influence the way classes are taught? Should certain religions/religious teachings be banned from school?
  2. Guns on the Streets

    The topic for discussion is Guns on the Streets. Would it be safer to have more guns on the streets or less guns? This is pertaining to everyone, not just Americans. What do y'all think.
  3. This is to discuss whether or not religion is necessary in a society. What are the pros, what are the cons?
  4. One piece or Naruto?

    Im a one piece guy and recently started naruto but I gotta say one piece seems better all round....
  5. EDIT: Added additional link Given that most of the links Google provides are very clearly slanted hit pieces on the story I had to seek out the opposite in order to link something that wasn't blatant BS. (Which is sad really). I just wanted to throw this out here as well as the interview done by Jordan Peterson with the author. See what your thoughts are on the situation.
  6. This issue is in regards to a religious baker, florist, photographer, etc. refusing to render services to a gay wedding. Before I outline my current view on it I would like others to post as I do not want to poison the well so to speak.
  7. WHATS UP MY MARAUDERS MY LOVERS OF COMPETITION AND ALL THINGS GLORIOUS!!! I have a question for you all, what do you listen to before and while you murder everything in sight when you're playing to win? Here's my playlist! Dio - Holy Diver Metallica - Last Caress/Green Hell Drowning Pool - Bodies Lamb of God - Laid To Rest Slayer - Crionics Megadeth - Rust In Peace... Polaris Fear Factory - Zero Signal Metallica - Hit The Lights
  8. For those of you unaware there is a rise in kids being trans but also a rise in parents facilitating said transition. Below is link to a video for a youtuber that goes by Blaire White. This person is herself trans and lays out some of the reasons that she thinks transitioning kids is child abuse. My personal feelings on this is as follows: Children are fickle and easily manipulated. There are all kinds of reasons why a child might say they feel like the opposite sex. None of these reasons, no matter how valid they are on an individual level justifies transition before they turn 18. If they want to cross dress, fine, w/e it's not permanent. Sterilizing and mutilating your kids body beyond recovery should be grounds to get CPS involved. If you're on the fence about this let me come at from another angle. There is another form of trans: transablist. A person who identifies as someone who is physically disabled. Plain and simple if they believe they should have been born without arms they will seek out a Doctor who's willing to cut them off. Now, never mind whether or not that's valid on it's own merits, but put this on a child. If a child says "I feel like I should have been born a paraplegic" and a parent facilitates the breaking of the child's spine, how is that not child abuse? And how is facilitating the sexual transition any different? Just like to hear some thoughts on this.
  9. ISPs are attempting to undermine the net neutrality rules that govern free and open access to the internet. The rules are currently easily enforceable under title II of the communications act, and ISPs are attempting to move net neutrality to title I of the communications act. This would make net neutrality much more difficult to enforce. This time ISP's are attempting to undermine the FCC's ability to enforce net neutrality rules. Question: So why do ISP's continue to undermine net neutrality? Answer: they have a strong monetary incentive to undermine these rules. (It's all about the $$$$). Example: Comcast offers cable TV packages that compete directly with Hulu. Comcast would stand to make millions of dollars by slowing access to Hulu. This conflict of interest undermines a free a market economy where the best product succeeds. Where do you go to comment: Click on "+ express" link on the right side. Good things to mention: your support of net neutrality, and your desire to keep the rules enforceable under title II.
  10. Conspiracy Theories

    What conspiracy theory do you debate could be highly possible or real?
  11. Topic: Are American secondary schools failing? While high school dropout rates have set record high's in recent years, the world-wide level of U.S. science and math test scores are plummiting in a super-power country. The following are the debate questions. Do we blame teachers or standards set by gov't for the plummit in scores? Do scores matter? What do they really say? Are American's in fact getting dumber? How has No Child Left Behind affected U.S. Secondary schools? What can we do to change this trend?
  12. Antifa

    So. With the things like what's happening in Berkeley, Phoenix, and everywhere else (some videos below if you don't know what's going on), what are your thoughts on the inevitable terrorism in the streets that will occur when one side or the other gets pushed too far? This isn't a question of which side is right. Anyone who attempts to do harm to innocent people are in the wrong. 4chan is actually getting involved with identifying some of the people trying to hurt and kill people while they hide behind masks. The next few months are going to be interesting in all the wrong ways.
  13. There's been a massive amount of exposure on torrenting, whether it's a good or bad thing(do not respond saying you torrent here, more trouble for you than you'd think), and how it's affected Hollywood. For those who are unaware, torrenting is downloading files bits and pieces at a time through a application for use by the individual. subjects: Has this affected Hollywood negatively? Is this or should this be illegal to download(not upload)? Will the new internet law affect torrenters? How many people really torrent?
  14. Interesting topic since we're all connected online, and while it is only in the US so far, it definitely could have international precedence. Last Thursday, the US Senate voted on S. J. Res 34 which will allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to collect your private information without consent. The old regulations by the FCC where they needed to ask your permission before collecting your information. Opt-in consent for using and sharing your information, and opt-out consent for other less sensitive information like IP addresses. It also forced ISPs to inform customers of a data breach. This bill still needs to go through Congress and then signed off by Trump, which is very likely to happen. What they mostly do with your information is sell it to advertisers. If (read: when) the bill passes, ISPs can market your data to whomever. It does also leave open a greater risk for cyber criminals, to either sell your information on the dark web, or use it for other purposes. This is because ISPs are likely targets of those criminals, and them being able to collect your data without your permission, could put you in an uncomfortable position. The vote was split across party lines, Republicans for the bill and Democrats against the bill. Two Republican senators (Isakson (R-GA), and Paul (R-KY)) did not vote on this bill. The GOP voted for this because the old regulations they thought were too restrictive to ISPs and may stifle innovation. That even in fact admitting of an ISP data breach would lower consumer confidence, which in turn would lower profits. The Democrats voted against this because there's a better way to change restrictions instead of having to gut them entirely and they also make the claim that this being passed causes Transparency issue, because ISPs no longer have to inform you of data breach's and no longer need your permission to collect data. Edit: The House of Representatives voted for this bill, split down party lines. All the needs to happens is Trump's signature, which will happen. Thoughts? Were the regulations too restrictive? Are you in the mentality that "I don't care I have nothing to hide?" Are you against this resolution thinking that ISPs should need your permission before collecting your information? Was there ever such thing as privacy on the internet? Could this idea become a precedent for other countries? (I'm not the biggest tech guy out there, so if any of the information is wrong or you have additional information that could help shape the discussion let me know and I'll update this post. And yes, this website is encrypted.)
  15. Racism: Fault or Not

    Babies are not born seeing others in a hateful manner(as far as I know), it's something that's culturally and over time pushed into a person. Normally through their surroundings like family or sometimes religious doctrine has entrenched the idea that their race is better than others, or one or two particular races are of a lesser caste than their own. Argument points: Will racism ever die? Will there ever be a world where everyone is completely mixed? What are race relations like in the world today? Does religion advocate ethnocentrism? If someone is racist, is it their fault or the fault of those who came before?
  16. The Superman Theory

    There's a theory that i've heard in the past and wanted to create a debate topic on the subject. The idea is that Superman is not a lot of people's favorites because he's too powerful, whereas Batman is most people's favorite because he's very "not" powerful. The idea basically states that Superman is an alien with godlike powers and Batman is a human who's just incredibly smart and deep thinking, so the idea suggests that you can never be Superman but anyone can aspire(technically) to be Batman, thus making him more or less relate-able. Any Superman fans here? How about Batman...I'm betting Batman takes the cake.
  17. The U.N.

    New Topic: The U.N. Subject for starter conversations: Is the U.N. still necessary for today's global organizational needs? Has the U.N. been effective in humanitarian issues as they've changed their purview from genocide and war crimes? Should nations have permanent seats on standing council's like security? Should we cut funding to the U.N. as Trump is currently planning?
  18. The Pronouns

    What's everyone's thoughts on the idea that people expect and require unique personal pronouns. Now this is only maybe 1% of the current high school level generation who request this, but is this something that is going to continue and is this something that should be acceded to?
  19. So the question is following: Do I stay with windows 10 or do I switch to windows 10? I have to reinstall my OS so I have a choice.
  20. Thoughts on Trudeau

    Since we have one for Trump, let's do one for the States best friend Canada. What's everyone's thoughts on Trudeau?
  21. Alternative Energy

    I was wondering what people's thoughts were on Alternative Energy. Which ones are the best options. Are there any good options. Is the good option a mix of Alternative Energies?
  22. God or No God

    Here's one of the big debate topics: Please keep in mind the rules for this forum, listed here: You can take any or neither stance as long as it remains pointed on this subject and doesn't derail.
  23. What's everyone's thoughts and experiences with the Netflix and Chill generation, i.e. mostly sex with little dating involved. I've been hearing multiple RL stories from college buddies as well as reading about how the youngest millennials hardly date. What does this mean for future generations? Is this something they'll grow out of? Will this affect the next generation? How will this affect marriage and the view of it?
  24. Debate Forum Rules

    Clan leadership created this forum to provide an area for our members to have an intellectual debate on virtually any subject they so choose. The following are a base set of rules to follow; ignoring or violating these rules can lead to punishment and even expulsion from the Clan. No Personal Attacks, this is built for spirited debate, not spirited dick fights. No hate attacks or anything therin that violates Clan Rules to include racism, bigotry, misogyny, or anything that common sense tells the average person is a hate attack. No flame wars. Attempt to not derail a debate as that is disrespectful to the OP and anyone who follows the spirit of the debate. Attempt to not allow yourself to devolve from a debate response, into an argumentative attack. Any violation of the above can result in punishment as stated earlier, as well as admins locking threads and killing the debate. Keep it fun and smart.
  25. Thoughts on Trump

    So a recent article came out, stating that he is in fact the most hated President in history Link: Quick Fact: This is only based on the first 8 days, Clinton and Obama had similar ratings but not quite as bad. With the Ban on immigration(currently inflated argument, not affecting too too many, but still awful) The FHA cancellation Stopped sending money to any country in need who allows or supports abortions Took the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs off of the National Security Council(NSC) What's the worst or if you're inclined, best move he's made out of the above and why.