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Found 34 results

  1. Toast

  2. One of my hobbies is to look up houses all over the worlds. today i most likly found the best sommerhouse ever ...
  3. Please help me out and vote for her shes been like my main for 10 years and she up to win 100k and cover of magazine. Thanks Misery
  4. @Booyah @Cablenerd @Serene @Darkness @Galoubet @Rider @Rebel1705
  5. when you realise how overcomplicated and outdated modern educational systems are and 90% of those 9 years could have been explained in <20 minutes, i guess "history of the entire world, i guess" is a video on youtube made by bill wurtz covering the history of everything... no really, everything. From before the Big Bang to two-feets(humans) walk around dressed in cooked fossils(plastic/synthetics) with every single piece of information about everything readily available in their pocket. let´s just say it´s worth the watch
  6. Found this video and I just knew I shouldn't keep auto-play on, but I did. I found these: And after this video I got all the Gorillaz songs. When I finished Gorillaz's repertoire I got this amazing tune: The roller coaster ride we call YouTube Auto-Play, enjoy.
  7. I have it on repeat for a while now... for several weeks.. The art the beats the story... oh boy the story... What are your thoughts...
  8. 2016 Meme Queen This post has no intention whatsoever to support any political party or affiliation with any political views; I just thought it was dank
  9. Just a outside SS of the building I"m working on in tekkit legends. It's a Club I named it "The Marauder's Den" I'm still working on the inside of it.
  10. Me and Rin_Tumofute are headed to see Warcraft, Well let yall know the verdict when we get home
  11. Pretty fucking accurate.
  12. Heading to see the movie right now with my Girl (Rin) who's in the clan will let everyone know what we think of it
  13. Just came across this beauty
  15. I'M DYING. XD