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Found 56 results

  1. Hello, I'm kind of open to anything as long as you don't mind waiting, I'm a 16 year old stoner.. Love making GFX of the side.. Please message me or post here what you have in mind.. My website got fucked so here's 4 off my steam GF
  2. Hey there guys! I have absolutely no clue how to create a forum signature or a cover photo for the forum, I am trying to be more active around here and would love if anyone could help me out with those things. Mainly I would like that it has to do with the clan and Guacamole since I am the Guac and only. Okay I think my pun has taken enough of your time Thanks Guac
  3. Completed Signature Request

    Hey was wondering if anyone could make me a dark souls themed Signature, thanks.
  4. Hello Graphics and Art!

    Hello team! I was wondering if someone, or someones, might be willing to help me! I have two things that I could use some help on, the first is a signature that looks cool, since I am trying to be more active on the forums and I want people to know they can reach out to me for help. The second is some streaming helping! I would love some overlays and other help with my stream. Thanks in advance! I will list some of what I have in mind below, but I am open to any ideas. 1. The signature. I would love to have something that helps to make me stand out a little. I would love it to be related to HoTS. It could have my battletag (Laz#1914). It could have my stream ( because I am a sellout. It could have my rank and role within HoTS, I am head of HoTS coaching, a coach myself, and a JNCO for HoTS. 2. Stream. This one could be a little help, or a lot. I finally have the set up to stream well, so I would love to have a clean set up that allows for me to grow and develop a brand. Of course, most of my streaming is while playing with and representing the clan, so clan colors and themes are welcome. This is in hopes to grow the HoTS section (as well as other parts of the clan). so things I could use -Trackers for follows and tips (and hopefully one days subs) -An overlay for HoTS gameplay. -A waiting screen for if I have to step away, or need to hide the main screen. -A "slimmed down" overlay for casting HoTS games -A "Slim" overlay for other games that I might cycle in (Right now, that's mostly ff12 ZA on PS4, sometimes kingdom hearts. Sometimes WoW, or other flavor of the week pc games) -"Buttons" and other information icons and links from the twitch page to get my views to needed information. (like, my gaming twitter, the clan, a tip jar, and so on and so forth). Like I said above, I am welcome to any help or ideas! This is not a skill set that I have, so if I am leaving things out, or expecting too much, please let me know. Thanks again! Laz
  5. Artist of the month?

    Are we not doing this anymore? looks like we did it for a few months and now I haven`t seen anything about it since the May challenge. @Aftertoucher?
  6. Completed Signature Request

    I'm looking for someone who could create me a nice, Joker/ Harley Quinn themed singnature. If so thank you very much!
  7. Welcome to the Marauders Artist of the Month Challenge Poll! The theme for this month was: May the Force be with you! Anything Star Wars goes! The following members participated: @Mayh3mClown: Click here to see his entry! @shoes: Click here to see his entry! You have till Wednesday, 31 May 2017 12:00 PM PST / 21:00 CET to vote! Goodluck!
  8. Open Need a team logo

    What kind of graphics are you looking for: Something that can represents the name for the hots team: "The Therapeutic Salamanders" Primary colors if any: blue + whatever could be considered therapeutic Primary Imagery(links to similar or exact graphics helpful): i don't have any, but i'll take a look at everything, anyone comes up with Text you'd like on said Signature: Maybe have TTS in it somewhere? not required though! Anything Additional: If possible, also have something to represent the Marauders in it as well!
  9. I am in need of a Marauder Banner for a recruiting website I am wanting to advertise our clan on. If anyone could make one for me that would be awesome! I saw some banners in posts on this page but I am unsure if I can use them so I didn't, if I can let me know please.
  10. Welcome to the Marauders Artist of the Month Challenge! The theme for this month is: May the Force be with you! Anything Star Wars goes! Good luck and be creative! Rules & Submissions: - All mediums are welcome - Submit your piece of art simply by posting it in this topic - You can enter the challenge untill May 24. - A poll with be held amongst the entries from May 25 till May 31. Shamelessly tagging some know artists on this forum and from previous contests. @MiLeX, @Wraith, @eightfingers, @Plumbit, @Aftertoucher, @Cablenerd, @Komaynu, @bask3tcase, @MiLeX, @ParticleTek, @Jayree, @Nidalee, @CowardlyViking, @Malice, @flow, @LORDmeSH1NE, @QueenB, @PixelVolt, @RuthlessGamerMLG, @Booyah
  11. Welcome to the Marauders Artist of the Month Challenge Poll! The theme for this month was: Character Design Make a creative image of your character from your ingame nickname! The following members participated: @Squîshy: Click here to see his entry! @RuthlessGamerMLG: Click here to see his entry! @shoes: Click here to see his entry! @Roughknite: Click here to see his entry! @CowardlyViking: Click here to see his entry! You have till Sunday, 30 April 2017 12:00 PM PST / 21:00 CET to vote! Goodluck!
  12. Team Triple Commit logo

    Ok so this is pretty much only something that me, @Styker and @TheGuanyin will understand but it damn sure needed doing. ...I'm now going back to actual clan work sorry.
  13. Open Where Are The Clan Templates?

    Hey, I was just looking through the forum and I was wondering where the templates could be found for clan work. @Booyah Mentioned you because I saw you in the thread giving out all the signatures
  14. Open New Marauder Logo

    Suppose this is a pretty decent first post, Basically, I just revamped the current logo because I thought I could improve it. 2 new logos are attached to this post, I hope you all like one of them. Work was mainly done in illustrator but resized and cleaned up in photoshop Have a nice day. Feedback would be great
  15. Made this one (it's a png with transparent background): Best regards, H3nR1
  16. Hey everyone! When I'm not in school or here playing games, I'm at my weekly day program. One of the groups I attend in program is Creative Emotions. Everyone there is amazed by my drawings, but I personally don't think I'm very good (one of my biggest flaws is being able to point out every tiny flaw I have). I thought I would share the drawings I there with you guys. So far I only have two to share: Below is a shield. The objective was to draw what emotions you try to defend yourself against. I chose anger and sadness, hence the red and blue. The Swan with a Crown is really supposed to be symbolic, but I hate plain shields, so I chose to put the SwanQueen sign on it. The next one we had to draw two emotions that you have or currently experience and conflict each other. I chose happiness and anger. I am and will always be a huge Pokemon fan, and I usually use Pokemon to represent how I feel. One the left, the Water Starter of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Popplio, representing happiness. On the right, Primeape from the original Pokemon games, represents anger. Sadly didn't have time to color this one.
  17. Signature Help

    Hi, I've just spent a good part of my day designing my new Signature from scratch. I used the well known and well respected program Ms Paint (apparently she may or may not be married). As I said it took a good proportion of my day probably 2.5 Minutes so I doubt I'll redo it as haven't got the time. (if you'd like a copy of Ms Paint i can give you a link if you DM me) But any feedback or tips would be much appreciated. I did take a tiny bit of inspiration from @Malice but not a lot. Kind regards.
  18. can't sleep, so I made this. Its just a nice simplistic logo.
  19. New logo for the clan

    Hello, I made a new logo for the clan and I THINK it is better than the first one Tell me what do you think about it
  20. So I'm working on developing a website for my thesis. Putting it simply, my thesis is a phishing awareness training web application. The goal is to bring awareness to phishing by providing real examples for users to learn from. One of the key components of my thesis is the user's ability to design and create their own templates. Attached is a picture of my current layout for that page. I suck at design, and hate client-side work. I love the back-end coding stuff. Closest I really like getting is JS. Any suggestions as to the fluidity, positioning, general design, and anything you can think of would be appreciated. The color scheme is and will stay the same. The red will be #BD0000. The grey will be #DFDFDF. I'm still working on some other aspects of the page such as font color and other nuances, but suggestions would be nice that mesh well with these two already decided colors. So looking at the page below, it's pretty simple. There's the nav bar with the dropdown only appearing when hovered and the hovered area changing color for the main bar and get a hover box shadow for the dropdown content. The box to the left of 'Check Availability' is the name of the template with the below box being the actual template that the user creates. The buttons at the bottom are pre-generated elements that the user can input that would contain place holders that the server-side code would recognize. The box on the right is a display area for how the template would look in an email format. There are some components still missing such as a file upload spot for images that will be included in the email and a toggle button to allow the display area to toggle between HTML view and Display view.
  21. So hello everyone, My name is QueenB im a new member, I am an artist, and for a while ive been dying to make my own OVERWATCH fan made hero, but since i needed practice I started drawing random things i come across, and give them personality, a face and maybe an ability. Hell i even drew my couch and turned it into this orange boy "yes my couch is very much orange" xD anyway since i signed in the Marauder clan i had this idea of making a superhero for the clan and here it is, M-Man or The Marauder-Man If u guys have better ideas for his custom then let me know , ill edited, after all im here to learn
  22. Free graphics :)

    Hi there, I'm rather new and I doubt more than two people in the clan will recognize my name, but I'm here to offer any type of (non-animated) graphic free of charge. Here is an example of some work of mine. This is somewhat dated, so my style now may appear less over the top than you'll see there. I currently have plans to create decent wallpapers for some of the clan's main games, but would be happy to put any requests ahead of my own messing around. I can make signatures like you'll see in my link, or more minimal/professional signatures to display your name/rank. I can make custom wallpapers for you. I haven't designed a youtube header in a while, but would probably be able to work with someone to get one of those made. I can also make custom profile pictures if you'd like. What you'd like: (Signature, wallpaper, etc.) Color scheme(s): Preferred Style: (Minimal/'Over the top'..) Any other helpful insight: May post work below here if I get anything :
  23. Hello to all of you. As the last 3 challenges had a very small participant count, even less then all challenges before, I wonder how many people are actually interested in this. Please vote for one of the choices, everything is anonymous, therefore please vote honestly. Also the poll will work in two ways, the actual answers selected as well as the numbers of answers given in the first place. I'll will have this poll run for a few weeks so everyone has the chance to vote, or not. Thanks! If you have any feedback to the challenges, please comment below, any feedback is welcome, and please be honest and direct.
  24. New Marauder Clan Banner.

    Welp. Im done. Theres da banner. Fitted it exactly to fit the utube banner.