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Found 1,314 results

  1. Mage/Ranger for me.
  2. LF Marauder team

    Looking for a Marauder team to play with, i have been playing for a while so i am good to go for ranked gameplay, let me know if anybody is interested in adding me to their roster
  3. Darwin Project - game suggestion

    I am creating this topic to suggest a new game to be added to our list, Darwin Project by Scavengers Studio, i played both betas and it destroys everything that Fortnite and PUBG stands for, absolutely amazing gameplay and the community is superb, any chance we can add this? I will be streaming this game as well as try to recruit for the Marauders Let me know what yall think
  4. Greetings fellow clan members. We present you set of awards You could achieve in Heroes of the Storm. Master of the Storm To earn The Master of the Storm, you must first have obtained 3 out of 5 of the below Elite Awards. Once you have obtained 3, let an Officer or higher know and they will award you The Master of the Storm. The Grandmaster This Award is earned by showing proof that you have obtain the rank of Grandmaster in either Team League or Hero League. Hero League, Diamond This Award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained Rank 5 or better in Hero League Diamond. Team League, Diamond This Award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained Rank 5 or better in Team League Diamond. The 300 This award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained a total hero level of 300 within Heroes of the Storm. I have a 50 This award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained rank 50 for a specific hero within Heroes of the Storm. Fulfilled the requirements for an award? Post an award request in Award section.
  5. Hey everyone! The Heroes of the Storm section is going to need some help getting started back up and running and becoming active again, so there is a few roles available! I am looking for: Recruiters - One dedicated member, takes roughly 5 minutes a day Coaches - Need to meet certain skill requirements, finding out more in the coaching sub-forum or feel free to shoot me a message! Game Night hosts - Someone to organize a weekly game night for the section! Soon, once membership pick up, we'll be needing a few extra roles like Outfit Coordinators and Tournament Hosts, etc. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, feel free to pass them along to me! If any of you are interested, please post an application here: @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  6. Change in Leadership

    Hello HotS section, Starting today I'll be taking over the Heroes of the Storm section! There will be some change ups in how we run things and I'll be working on rebuilding the activity in the section as well as pushing for more guides, coaching and recruiting of course. If you have any questions or thoughts on this feel free to message me. We are planning on bringing back game nights and tournaments soon enough as recruitment picks up. In the meantime, we have a daytime TL team starting up! If you have any thoughts or might be interested in joining it, please feel free to message either myself or Belaudar. We are also offering coaching, so if you're looking for some coaching please fill out the respective form in the coaching subforum attached to the section! Keep an eye out for some interesting changes in the section, and see you in the Nexus! @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  7. Mysterious legendary loot box

    Anyone else received free legendary loot box recently? I'm guessing it's connected to poor stability of connection, like in one game our team as whole was disconnected 2 times in 3 minutes. Maybe even enemy team was.
  8. Daytime Team League

    Hi all, is anyone interested in doing a daytime team? Message me if you are. I'm available a lot but my times can be random because of my job. Message me Belauldar#1247 Cheers Bel
  9. Recently I had idea I wanted to test, but I didn't think it would be this fun. PS: Highlight is enemy Tassadar, poor guy. Mech outdated Safety overrated Long have we waitedNow we Jebaited PS: A pity, Tassadar can't be seen. He was on the edge of circle, 100% HP. Still died. If you want, I can redo video and capture it from better angle.
  10. 0 Deaths Uther Quickmatch

    If you want some laughs, just add this replay to your pile and have fun. Try not to feel too sorry for the other team, no one forced them into QM, lol. Flawless Uther.StormReplay
  11. Marauder US Group

    I am usually on from around 6-10 PM CST, i am always looking to play games with guildies, post your battletag if you play in the afternoon and want to meetup on a daily basis on Discord to play some games, QM, ranked it dont matter, let us know Vortex#1438, look me up on Discord i will be in the HOTS channels, Monday to Thursday from 6-10 PM CST
  12. Marauder in game channel

    Do we have an official Marauder in game channel by any chance, if so can someone post the name so i can join, thank you
  13. This weekend there is double soldier and double weapon xp gains in COD WW2. Great time to play the game and level up!
  14. Yaaay, my first Diamond!

    Finally, proven Gold player managed to get carried up to Diamond, last game at the very least. I died too much for my comfort, Alarak spamming Qs like mad won it. I certainly need to improve my Dehaka. Spotlight was certainly one game where at one tribute 4 players on each team died, leaving only BW and Kel'Thas with low mana. It was basically: "Round 2, FIGHT!". Luckily for us, we won next one. I'll try to make video of that part just for the laughs.
  15. PTR Playground - Wednesdays

    Hey guys! I hope everyone has had some great holiday times this month. We're ready to get rolling and kick the new year off with a bang. We will be having our scheduled PTR time tomorrow at 2pm CST so don't forget! I'll post a reminder here as well about an hour ahead of time. Try to stop by and play some games with us or at least say hey! Have a good one. o/ @XTopgunX, @JalaBanjo, @Tahoe08, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @lukorepka, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @K1tT3n, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @Faerch, @chocomallows, @omni., @Juicyxeno, @Manuelraa, @Mygas, @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Spotless, @marineghost1, @zefirinas, @Command3r, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @Fraejix, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Qwerty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @Rhonin, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @GravityBoostio, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @Littlezigge, @LimaOLima, @hrmla, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @nathybaby, @Kanva, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @MrCruz, @lovefist86, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Nebula, @HeadCloudz, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @Limitations, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Despair, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @tobbensol, @Takashiro, @Ozzy, @amp_, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @MrChoca, @Whizbang, @Aqua, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @Smeagal, @LastMeteor, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini, @xDeathxDroidx, @Blue, @marduar, @Pjungwp, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @Fabulous#11875, @hellraiser, @Mercyless
  16. New MMR and mess.

    Has the dust settled? Anyone still experiencing problems? I like idea of not being purely on winrate, but implementation seems to be anything but well done.
  17. EU OW Practice Reminder!

    EU Practice begins in 15 minutes! Stop by if you get a chance. @XTopgunX, @JalaBanjo, @Tahoe08, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @lukorepka, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @K1tT3n, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @Faerch, @chocomallows, @omni., @Juicyxeno, @Manuelraa, @Mygas, @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Spotless, @marineghost1, @zefirinas, @Command3r, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @Fraejix, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Qwerty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @Rhonin, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @GravityBoostio, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @Littlezigge, @LimaOLima, @hrmla, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @nathybaby, @Kanva, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @MrCruz, @lovefist86, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Nebula, @HeadCloudz, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @Limitations, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Despair, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @tobbensol, @Takashiro, @Ozzy, @amp_, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @MrChoca, @Whizbang, @Aqua, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @Smeagal, @LastMeteor, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini, @xDeathxDroidx, @Blue, @marduar, @Pjungwp, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @Fabulous#11875, @hellraiser, @Mercyless
  18. Game Night Reminder

    Hey everyone! Overwatch Game Night begins in a little over 5 minutes from now. We hope to see you guys there! @XTopgunX, @JalaBanjo, @Tahoe08, @Anyonenormal, @Styker, @Pinacoladas, @constant, @Wraith, @die123459, @mikmak8902, @Lor, @Gjrud, @Youmirin, @Kingstone, @IndiasMafia, @Skiz, @lukorepka, @Getrealkid, @Jayay, @MagikNarwhal, @FrostFox, @WesD98, @ndp-, @BasicallyToast, @MiLeX, @Dexter, @AllStarr24, @Adaro, @Mogrin, @rumbel, @fancy, @Psaltery, @Vivapiñatagamer, @Bruitus, @TwinkleBat, @makasaki, @wer190, @jadedragon, @Pictographic, @Jayree, @learninglegit, @LlamaWaffles555, @Mil, @Bremykt, @K1tT3n, @bugulu, @aimei66, @Evil67, @Bummie, @Attackmack, @Nax19, @Insanity, @LateKnight808, @BeeBee, @Fritti, @Hvn87, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @chimichanga, @Kynak, @Faerch, @chocomallows, @omni., @Juicyxeno, @Manuelraa, @Mygas, @Flaming Tsunami, @BR0TH3R, @Umbriodrago, @TheWatcher, @Padre, @flair52, @J I M M Y, @Danilkom, @Shred, @Basta, @archlight, @KeepItZesty, @Spotless, @marineghost1, @zefirinas, @Command3r, @Zimba, @PhantomAce, @Beardsley, @JonathanEA, @Lettuce, @BT160626, @Alpha218200, @Sickness, @misanthr0pe, @Rhino, @Fraejix, @PrimeOG, @Areshan, @Nasty, @Qwerty, @Mandepoop, @SemS, @Hydra, @Sergoth, @Rhonin, @PandaZ, @TwoE, @Faust, @CentaurusX, @PureOwnage, @FacePlate, @DubZ, @Bardon, @Maddzie, @Cogitatio, @Sotet, @Sockdolager, @aali, @GravityBoostio, @AskTheDust, @Rebel1705, @Littlezigge, @LimaOLima, @hrmla, @Xantis_, @Str8 Pl4y3r, @SoloReaper13, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Ana_Amari, @nathybaby, @Kanva, @Psychoholik, @Doomkiin, @Kezzi, @MrCruz, @lovefist86, @MrFrosty, @NosMaki, @TrioDeFo, @geni013, @EsDeath, @DokuroChan, @Queiroz, @bulleta, @Thomas, @Kobalt, @Laguna, @Blak, @Vitamin.O, @Nebula, @HeadCloudz, @Mario, @Virosoft, @Hemloccoctail, @aquaga, @SOFWNinja, @Serralyx, @Ourobori, @CRex#1379, @King_Joker, @WildWolf, @Limitations, @MaliXiouS, @crocutacrocuta, @MaGiK, @Nroah, @TheBigFil, @agtprvctr, @Audacter, @Childe, @Despair, @Rabblemuch, @Sooper, @SoDa, @LordGeno, @Zarkete, @tobbensol, @Takashiro, @Ozzy, @amp_, @H3nR1, @KilerGod, @MrChoca, @Whizbang, @Aqua, @KosherChoice, @Warimano, @Phoenix, @hunnybunny, @SuzyQ, @allvs1, @mesko, @Toxicaptain, @Mmstayler, @warrior, @Kazi, @Levi Rebel, @Zeymas Auora, @Nightblade, @Cloggedone, @Babieman, @Hoytt, @KempoGames, @Weltdog, @Smeagal, @LastMeteor, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @DirtyMartini, @xDeathxDroidx, @Blue, @marduar, @Pjungwp, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @Fabulous#11875, @hellraiser, @Mercyless
  19. Hi, the new expansion, Raknarök is out for beloved game Titan Quest, after a decade. I wonder is there anybody that has played this game and want to start playing again? And of course new players that want to experience this gem are welcome. Let me know if you're into it, and we will grind together.
  20. ARK Aberration Server Available

    Hello hello! If anyone is interested in joining a private PVE ARK Aberration server I do have one available. I've listed a bit of information about it below. If you'd like to play just make a response here or private message me, and I'll take care of the rest. PVE only. PVP, raiding, etc. is off limits. No character/mob transfers as of now. It's a new and very different DLC so, let's enjoy it for a bit. 6x gathering | 10x taming | 2.5 XP Boost I've included a list of the mods we are currently using. These are mods that we find enjoyable to have. These will not increase your loading time much at all. So, do not worry about that. There are few and they're all fairly small in size. Keep in mind that they will download upon connection so there is no need to download ahead of time. ReHUD - Provides an updated HUD look. ACM - Server Management / Admin Helper Resource Stacks - Allows larger stacks of items with reduced weights. More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows - Adds more advanced narcotics and arrows into the game to handle larger dinos. Spoiling Bin - Easily spoil raw meat. Helpful for creating narcotics. Upgrade Station - Upgrade the levels on your tools/weapons/armor using more resources and a special crafting bench. Structures Plus (S+) - Allows you to pick up items you've placed, like walls, as long as you use the S+ version of the item.
  21. Request for Coaching

    1. What is your battletag? SleepySheep#2983 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? First available. 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. positioning, map awareness, specific heroes, etc.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. I'd like coaching in drafts, what is it that I should be looking out for, what team composition would be best for our team. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. custom games, QM, going over replays, etc.) For this one, anything that includes draft. 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to be able to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? To be able to find out weakness and strength in each team. 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to win more in QM, rank Diamond in HL/TL, place in tournaments, etc.? To be able to influence more through draft and to find what is best time to find people online, since I'm from EU it feels lonely. 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? Wekeends, including Friday night. 20:00 - 23:00 CET time, 14:00 - 17:00 EST.
  22. Battlerite

    Been playing battlerite on/off since the launch of early access. Now that it was finally released, i'm planning on climbing the ranked once a new season starts and was wondering if there's any other players around that would possibly want to team up sometime? Or just to play casually sometimes? (It's f2p now, so i really recommend trying it out)
  23. Need name for HL series

    I´m starting a youtube series about my HL experience and I need a catchy name for it so I started a poll over at the youtube department. If you could check it out and leave a suggestion it´d be a great help. First episode will be up today so check it out if you´re any interested o/