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Found 8 results

  1. Just realizing looking at the emoji's there are a terrible quality and need updating
  2. Hey please post here if you are going to main game Escape From Tarkov. If you plan on main gaming EFT during the beta then also feel free to post your name here . I will make a google doc once we have enough names for a full roster . Thanks!!
  3. Hello everyone! If you are joining the Battlerite Roster to be part of the team, please put your information like-so as a post. Battlerite Section Staff: LT: Goldmask99 SGT: N/A CPL: Jrac CPL: Open Space, visit
  4. What has been your favorite moment in the Battlerite section so far? (Jrac and Fae, dont mention me not playing with you lol) Mine was playing with @TegzEstYle and @Jrac in our game night (every Friday night at 9pm to 11pm est >_> #shamelessplug). It was amazing lol, we just had a blast and we were dying of laughter.
  5. Hey! I'm Goldmask99, current lead of Battlerite! With the release of the Early Access this recent Tuesday, we have created this section from the shear fact this game is so god damn awesome! Truth right there. One thing about it, it cost $18 as of now for early access, but you receive every champion now and champions that will be released later. We are needing members to get this section up and running and we need members to help get people to join us! With that said, I will provide links to join the Roster and for the game. Also a post about some information about the game. Game : Roster: Info: Hope you guys join us in this amazing game and help this section grow a bit! Thanks!
  6. Posting awards are coming! So our spamiest Members can feel good about their verbosity! There will probably be 20 levels of spam. What universe do we want this to be themed around? Star Wars? Marvel? While we're here lets take a minute to appreciate the current leaderboard [table] MemberTotal Posts Since Joining @XTopgunX2,192 @Booyah2,008 @Styker1,212 @Skiz1,173 @PurpleGoose1,079 @Cablen3rd628 @Roughknite548 @Uorodin475 [/table]
  7. Made an Overwatch themed signature. Not sure if I am happy with it myself, currently out of ideas. :/ [EDIT] Couldn't stand the plane dark background, therefore changed it, and with this change I really like it. I knew there was something missing. [EDIT] What you see in my signature is the current version which is a result of countless iterations.
  8. Closed

    Where did you come up with the suggestion idea?: It was a random idea that came to my mind since I don't have my desktop at the moment. What is the Suggestion?: My Suggestion is that I can try to create a team that makes motion graphics if anyone wants to join. (Intros, Logos, Promotional Videos, etc.) How would the suggestion work?: It would create more and more people to join because I mean, like who wouldn't like to join after seeing an awesome video? Would this suggestion change anything intrinsic to The Marauders?: Um. I'm still young so I don't know what that word means but I believe it means what this might improve? It might make more and more people to join our awesome clan! Why is this suggestion important to you?: It's important to me because I want to teach people how to animate as well. Plus as an intended bonus, I want more and more people to join the clan because like, who wouldn't? This clan is awesome.