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Found 2 results

  1. I have recorded the first 5 episodes of what I plan to make into a HotS HL series, in which I learn how to play the game properly and the coming journey through the ranks. My hope for it is that it will be able to provide a learning experience for both myself and for the people watching so I want the name of the series to somehow reflect that. I have some ideas but any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated so just put them in a comment and I´ll add them to the poll. The first episode is being exported as I´m typing this and I´ll add a link to it when it´s uploaded. Thank´s in advance for the help and I hope you enjoy Warimano Edit: The video is up now:
  2. Hey there my beloved Youtube team! We are in a grave need of a clan trailer that would show what this clan, especially our Youtube side, is like and about. Length should be around three minutes showcase some games we main, eg Overwatch, HotS, LoL, RL and Paragon. Maybe add a little about game nights, tournaments and coaching in there as well. The style is free, but it needs to be interesting, fascinating and clear. There's limit on song choices, nor on the amount of songs. I want us to create the best trailer there is and therefore I'm summoning a meeting for next week's Saturday. The time would be around 12pm EST | 6pm CET. In that meeting we would brainstorm ideas for it and then it would up to the editors if they want to work together on the project or do their separate versions, of which I'll choose the one that best suits our needs. Then the winning video will be placed on our channel's front page, where it stays indefinitely. Questions? I will go in more detail during the meeting but if you can't make it/need something cleared up now, you're free the express yourself below.