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Found 32 results

  1. 1. What is your PUBG Username? MRDRS_Malice 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? Whoever wants to take on the challenge of improving my game play 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. sniping, rural fighting, house fighting, driving, parachuting.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. Decision making. Knowing when to do and what to do depending on the circumstances. I have a pretty good idea as to how the game works and whatnot, but I feel like my decision making and knowing what to do could be improved. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. duo, squad, streamed, video review.) I am up for anything the Coach wants to do. I will record some videos of my game play over the next few days for us to go over as well if we want to do that. 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? I want to have a better idea of what and when to do things. When to peek, and under which circumstances, how to enter a house that someone may be in, etc. 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to build up a set squad or even go for tournament play? I am more interested in just getting better at the game overall. I think that the tips I get through this coaching session could help my over the long term of just playing for fun. 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? All times used are Military, Central Standard Time (CST) Monday: 0800 - 1600 Tuesday: All Day Wednesday: 0800 - 1600 Thursday: 1600-2200 Friday: 1600-2200 Saturday: School from 0800-1430 Sunday: All day PS. I would even be up for a mentor system as well if anyone is up for that. Essentially a weekly/bi-weekly meetup where we go over what was done in the last week and improvements I could make.
  2. I just thought of this idea now and I think it would help the new members if they were able to have an easy place to type their main game in their profile so people from that section can start playing with them before they are accepted. This may encourage those new members to stick around, causing more members to join. It also helps if you can't find any posts a player has made in any games so you know what games they actually play if you want to play with them. Thank you for your time.
  3. Pending Batman needs halp

    1. What is your PUBG Username? Lord_Zod 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? anyone 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. sniping, rural fighting, house fighting, driving, parachuting.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. sniping and some cornering/peeking.. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. duo, squad, streamed, video review.) whatever the coach thinks should be done 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? I suck at sniping especially the kar and i'm struggling with some cornering and peeking mechanics 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to build up a set squad or even go for tournament play? I'm trying to get into the top 100 and some tourney play 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? all evening us central and weekends..
  4. Pending Request for Team Coach

    As we experience some personnel changes/rotations, Therapeutic Salamanders are looking for a team coach that can help us progress as a team and stay competitive for Chair League.
  5. I was reading the Achievements list earlier and noticed that there was not a section for a game I am very passionate about This game is called H1Z1 King of the Kill. It is a game on steam that is a MMO and is very competitive. It has a leveling system as well as many different items and has its own competitive ranks. I think it would be a very neat idea to take this into consideration and maybe even make a whole new section for the game on the teamspeak! I have some ideas on what the achievements could be, but I think it would be better to discuss them only if you think this is first a good idea! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns on my topic.
  6. What kind of coaching do you need? We recently formed a new team aiming for tournaments (right now we´re looking at Overwatch Contenders) and we need someone with a 3:rd person perspective on what we need to focus practicing on as a team, as such this is not for any 1 specific thing but rather analyzing our strenghts and weaknesses and create a general plan for our team practice. Your Game ID: Warimano#2276 Your Region: EU PS: We´re also looking for a manager to find scrimms and such, I guess this is the wrong place for that but if so then I´d appreciate directions
  7. Pending Calendar

    I would suggest to add a counter to events in the calendar that would be something like: "Event will start in X days X hours X minutes".
  8. Pending forum updates?

    maybe someone can make a section or something where the forum developers can say what they change with the forums, like the patch notes form most games? just asking because i saw the changes in the main games section
  9. Where did you come up with the suggestion idea? While playing pokémon. What is the Suggestion? Add pokémon as a secondary game so people can trade, battle and whatever else regarding pokémon. How would the suggestion work? Simply add it under the secondary games category, with sub forums like "trade" and "battle". Would this suggestion change anything intrinsic to The Marauders? It would be an entryway to grow and expand the clan as well as increase the player base. Why is this suggestion important to you? I play pokémon myself, but it can sometimes be a tedious process to get trades and 6v6 battles since you need to look through a million and one different forums.
  10. Pending R6 Siege section

    Most likely most of the members know about R6 siege already but if not the game is a tactical fps game. I believe this game will be able to grow fairly well due to how popular it is. One thing having this section is that everyone who decides to play siege within our members can group up without having to ask on the forums if anyone plays the game. Another reason why I believe this will be a plus for the clan is that we can expand the shooter section. Another thing is that the game brings competitive aspects and will let our more casuals have a taste of comp.
  11. Pending TeamSpeak Design

    Where did you come up with the suggestion idea? I had this idea for a while, since i joined actually. I talked about it with booyah at some point if i recall correctly! Anyways, The idea came from my first clan. When I joined Marauders, it was such a drastic difference with what i was accostomed to i was pretty confused. I thought it would be really more.,.. hum, efficient for Marauders and benefic What is the Suggestion? The suggestion is about how we organize TS. It works fine the way it is, and i am not talking about changing the mechanics. Im talking about making more esthetic and easier to use for everyone, but especially for the new enlisted. How would the suggestion work? Now were stepping into the more tecnical stuff. Here is how i see it: We should divise the different divisions with some blank spaces and centre the names of the division, as an example, to be able to differenciate fatser the different groups of TS Channels from the different division. To do so, we can use what i call "filling channels" I am not sure if it costs more money to have more channels, btw, so idk if this is possible with the budget we have. Anyways, about these filling channels, We could use them to separate the different sections like this. Note: The centered one are mentionned. If they have nothing, they are just pushed to the left. (as an example, lol. The channels are exactly the same as in TS): ---------------League of Legends------------- (centered) Game Night Team 1 Team 2 Spectators Normals Queue Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Ranked Queue Room 1 DND Room 2 DND Room 3 DND To be able to make those "filling channels" its pretty simple. Make them impossible to enter to No one! Then its just like a text, thats there to introduce the divisions channels. Here. To give you maybe somehting more.... Visual, here is an example of what i am talking about. (THe people that may find themselves in the picture are in another clan, since it is a picture of their ts. Its not espionnage ok? Its just example) Im not telling you to copy in any way. This is just to show what it COULD look like. Feel free to judge or whatever. Would this suggestion change anything intrinsic to The Marauders? It would change it so it looks more... official, and also more practical. It could help to retain enlisted due to the way we look. It loks stupid, but visuals and outside appearance is very important for everything in life. Why is this suggestion important to you? It's important because i think we are missing something, like, via TS., |I know its maybe lie, not worth, because we have so few members who use TS actively o.O But anyhow, i think it would be a super useful addition to the clan that could only benefit us
  12. Pending

    Hey all, I've been busy making the roster software for rocket league last weeks. What my program does is simple. You put steamID's and player names in and a ranking roster of all inserted players comes out. The only problem is that it creates a .html document which can't be properly displayed on a topic. And since we try to keep all important things within the forum to eradicate dying links I thought it would be a great idea to add a statistics section to the website. Which for example could be: I think this would be a great addition to our website and it could attract more new competative (and also non competative) members to the clan. Let the world know who we are and what we're capable of! The stats section could be used for all competative games and overall stats of our clan. Let me know what you guys/girls think! Greetings, TheGuanyin This is what the rocket league roster looks like at the moment: @MarauderClan, @XTopgunX, @PurpleGoose, @Styker @Booyah, @Sandman
  13. Pending Guild Wars 2

    Does anyone play Guild wars?
  14. Pending Movie Channel

    a couple weeks ago, i discovered a program called Rabbitm where you can cast a movie stream with other people, and you can watch movies together with a less-than 1 second delay (if you're internet is good of course). i figured if any marauders wanted to binge watch some shows or movies or stuff, and hangout while doing so, we could have a Movie channel for us to use!
  15. Pending Grantopolo App to Coach

    1. What is your battletag? Grantopolo#1212 2. What is your current HL/TL rank and MMR? What is your best HL/TL rank? Please provide a link to your HotsLogs profile. Current HL: Gold 3 / Current TL: Not Placed. My highest HL is Plat 5 in Season 1. Grantopolo Hotslog both my QM and Unranked are platinum. 3. What areas of gameplay do you want to coach? (e.g. basic tactics, positioning, shotcalling, specific heroes/roles, etc.) Basics: *****Let's double check that - How to use replay analysis to get out of Bronze***** Boddy Blocking 101 the basics of tanking Meta Heroes: Playing Tychus - understanding the tank shredder Stutter stepping to gold with Valla - A guide to making MVP_Sake proud Team Coaching: Battlefield of Eternity like a PRO! - Drafting and Timers in the gauntlet 4. Why do you want to be a HotS coach? Why should we accept you? Grantopolo enjoys yelling at allies and telling them they suck. That's what coaching is right? 5. Do you have any previous coaching experience? Nagative. 6. Can you be patient and understanding with players of all skill levels and learning speeds? Challenge Accepted. 7. Do you understand that this is actually a difficult job to do? Difficult, Jumping into a shot glass filled with water from a diving board 100 feet in the air is difficult, Coaching is harder than that. 8. What days/times do you tend to be available for coaching? My work schedule varies. I'd prefer to set up times with the players individually.
  16. Pending TS3 Integration

    Over the course of the last few days we noticed our ts3 integration was broken, if anyone else notices that they can't do anything on the forums due to it refreshing like crazy, let me know, I figured out how to fix it and it's very unpleasant. Thanks! We have fixed the integration, it's just a little buggy till we work out the kinks.
  17. Dear Sarah, Booyah told me to make this suggestion on here official or whatever (he is too lazy to do it himself :D). Basically I am looking for the website to be able to take a picture itself and make it the maximum allowed size. As it stands, I have to do some crazy cropping and compressing shit to be able to post a picture as my avatar and thus I have not put a new picture for like a whole year. I want to be able to choose any pic and then the website sort out the sizing. Thank you!
  18. Pending What happened to the Stream list?

    The old site had the list of live streams and what not on the side. What happened to that? I (personally) loved that feature.
  19. Pending teamspeak help

    every time i try to connect to the team speak it says error, and i cant connect
  20. Pending Legacy Achievements

    This thread will be used for all suggested additional legacy awards. I'm not going to pressure the Graphics team to continue creating new awards for this category, thus it will fall like so by rules: Must be a game relatively well known, if we've never heard of it, flat no(Booyah retains right to deny any game). Must have parameters that fit within a record able proof. I.e. Achievement points, rank, campaign status. No Stupid games. For instance, I'm fine if we want an Xbox or PSN award for what your service record or achievement shows, I'm not fine with an xbox original game that was well known at the time, but nobody would ever have record-able proof of nowadays. Once a system is set in place and generally agreed upon, as well as posted here for acknowledgement of addition, it will not be changed unless the game itself is changed in a major way that alters the achievement. Awards will be a generalized image of the game itself. These awards will be placed into the system after the upgrade. Approved: Fallout 4: 100% Completion The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim 100% Completion World of Warcraft - 10,000 achievement points Warframe - MR12+ Hearthstone - Any gold portrait Dota 2: Level 50 Smite: Unknown, needs suggestions The Division: Achieve level 30 BF4: Achieve 3 Gold Assignments, or One Premium Assignment BFHardline: Achieve one syndicate assignment Xbox: 15k in Achievement Points PSN: Level 12 Trophy CS:GO Achieve 100+ wins. L4D: What Are You Trying to Prove? - Complete all core campaigns on Expert L4D2: Still Something to Prove - Complete all core campaigns on Expert Steam Achievement: Earn 3/4 of the Steam Games Achievements.
  21. Where did you come up with the suggestion idea? A couple minutes ago when I was looking over the Awards page. What is the Suggestion? "Hero League Rank 1" and "Team League Rank 1" should probably be updated to match the new ranking system in HotS. Maybe Diamond 5? I feel like Master would be too high and Platinum might be too low. How would the suggestion work? Would just need to change the award criteria (or keep those awards legacy and make new awards?) Would this suggestion change anything intrinsic to The Marauders? Nothing too fancy. Why is this suggestion important to you? Need to keep the HotS awards obtainable. @@Trojan404, @@Booyah
  22. Pending Ranks Page Spelling Fix/Revamp

    After going through my interview to enter the clan I was made aware of the informative page letting me know about all of the ranks in the clan. Sadly one of the first things I noticed were 2 spelling mistakes in TR1. As a second request, I think the info-graphic could use a revamp to help reading ability. It's currently 5 pages long and could probably be reduced. In case the revamp is a no go, I'll point out what spelling mistakes I can find; TR1 "Demonstrate a ned for improvement in several ares of gameplay." LT - "...And ensure the helath of their division." *Not sure how to pre-fix post as pending
  23. Like the title says I think it would be pretty interesting to have a Worldmap where one can see who lives near yourself or has the same birthplace (country alone would suffice for me at least) And in accordance to that a profile entry that is used for this parameter (I think google maps has such a function) Of course this should be only visible for interns. Set the Prefix to Pending -Goose
  24. The last few days my Chrome is utter shit.. I haven't even downloaded an update over night... Randomly it starts not responding and i have to reload the tab with long loading times.. When i open new tabs for websites they also randomly have really long loading times... I wait for about 1 minute with no progress at all and then it finishes everything at once. Multiple tabs get updated at the same time finishing loading... The other ones i wanted to do something in but didn't respond anymore work now too... I think it has something to do Chromes' tab management.. It keeps happening every 5 minutes or so... Version 49.0.2623.110 m Edit: I just downloaded Version 49.0.2623.112 m but it still happens.. I even used a speedtest while this occures to check if its really Chrome and not my internet connection but everything is fine...
  25. I'm currently updating my Division post and noticed that the [spoiler][/spoiler] script can massively fuck up the whole forum! Please, one of the mods.. look into it yourself and create a post with these lines: And play around with the spoilertag at line 642 I didn't take a screenshot because i was too busy fixing it in a OH SHIT moment but i can explain what happened! I somehow managed to create a spoiler that included not only what was behind it in my post but every other comment in the thread aswell.. You see the normal spoiler block but there was nothing besides the websites grey background after it.. When you clicked it, it opened the rest of the thread page. In said spoiler block.