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  1. The Mysterious Tahoe

    I prefer the 3 seater 550s, they actually have some ass....
  2. LF TL Team

    Im on the same page, add me on battle.net @ Duramax#11888 and we can surely duo
  3. The Mysterious Tahoe

    Hi, ive been around here for awhile. And i think by now i should tell you guys/girls my story. My name is Timothy, and im 26. I currently live in Somers Point, New Jersey and i was born here. However i spent nearly my entire life in Mississippi and Louisiana because my mother made the choice to re marry a more responsible man when i was just a baby. He took us home to the south where i was raised. Currently i am a 50-70 hour per week Tow truck driver, And will be continuing my dream to pursue an associates degree in nursing at Rutgers this fall. I have 1 18month old daughter that i have seen a total of 6 times in person(which is a positive mark! from 1100 miles a drive each way) She lives with her mom in Mississippi. I chose to move back to New Jersey when my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. Results say its not yet her time but she has a road to walk. I play alot of WoW, and Heroes equally my battle tag is Tahoe#1471 and anyone is free to add me. Im a friendly humble person and i have uploaded a picture of the biggest $102,000 piece of shit known to man.. the 2016 ford F650 i damn near live in it lol
  4. Seeking coach for Hearthstone!

    Since buying a Galaxy S6 i for some reason have much more interest in this game now. also many co workers and personal friends that play together. Need help with deck building and stuff!
  5. About HOTS game night

    As it has been clear for some time. I have almost zero attendance to HOTS game night. Between being on call 24/6 and sharing the oh-so-adventurous responsibility of taking care of 4 seperately living elderly grandparents it has made its way to the back of my adjenda. I just wanted to give a friendly reminder that i do see the bulletins posted in MOTD on TS and the forums and wish i could attend when it crosses my eyes. I realize that i did join this clan for HOTS but i have chosen to take on the slightly less immersive responsibility of being a Corporal for Rocket League as it is in a bit of an arcade stage which i am proud to be a part of. Thankfully, the rest of my family has accepted the call to arms to follow the path of becoming Domestic immigrants and are working toward moving from MS/LA to NJ to give me a hand. So i will get a bit more relief here before the holidays. However i digress, They aren't need of a baby sitter on critical care. But i am getting tired of the 4am phone calls due to Xfinity complications Needless to mention, I can't dedicate myself to the possibility of a 50 minute HL game when i have to clean up somebodies mauled Toyota or pick up dawn dish soap. But i miss playing heroes with all of you.
  6. HotS Roster - OLD

    Tahoe08. Tahoe#1471. Rank 40
  7. well.....what do you do

    I have a Class-A CDL and currently drive a wrecker(flat bed tow truck) for the Atlantic County sheriff's department in NJ. Soon I will be starting school to get my RN degree.
  8. Welcome to the forums Tahoe08 :)