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  1. Atleast hard drives are cheap
  2. lol unibrow
  3. until

    Definitely going to be there
  4. I mean, I definitely played NA, but I'm sure there wasn't much of a difference if there was one at all.
  5. I mean bad face animations were an issue since you could create only one semi-acceptable female, (the default one), but the overall buginess of the game is its biggest issue. It's just the same as the very first Mass Effect in that regard. I have already finished my 100% run and i can't count the number of times the game crashed among other things. Past that though I love the game.
  6. Welcome to the clan!
  7. The latest movie I have seen was Logan - 7/10. It was fine.
  8. I agree with him completely. Get an i7 if thats your jam of course, but games are far and few between that will utilize an i7 more than an i5. What you're getting with an i7 you could honestly get with the ryzen 1600 and still have similar enough gaming performance while saving money allowing for a better video card, which will give a much more noticeable increase in gaming performance vice getting that i7.
  9. 69! Ha!
  10. Well the idea of the game looks fun. That video is enough for me to keep an eye on it atleast.
  11. Well it was my mistake for doing no real research and simply basing it off my personal experiences. But making the switch to your EVGA power supply, here you go. Base Total: $1259.50 Mail-in Rebates :-$45.00 Shipping: $3.99 Total: $1218.49 Looks to be + $36 And you do own the aforementioned peripherials right? This build is based upon the opinion that you do.
  12. That 840 you threw in there is an old model so I updated that, which came out to a $60 cheaper ssd still made by Samsung. No reason to use an overpriced WD Black, their Blue model is the almost the same thing for $25 cheaper, and I have 2 of those going strong for 4 years now. Also updated the power supply. EVGA's are good, but Corsair's are amazing, and its half the price while still well within your needed power range. Since they weren't included I'm assuming you already have the peripherials such as a Case, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, and DVD Drive? Assuming that, and with the savings of the switches I made I upgraded the video card from the 1060 to a 1070 and it's about $7 more than that previous build. Tell me what you think. Updated: Base Total: $1224.60 Mail-in Rebates: -$50.00 Shipping: $7.98 Total: $1182.58 Original: Base Total: $1221.53 Mail-in Rebates: -$50.00 Shipping: $3.99 Total: $1175.52
  13. I would say 32gb of ram is overkill, 16gb is fine for anything. And you could get a GTX 1060 6gb version instead of a 970 for $230 vs an on sale 970 for $200, and a 1060 is just about the equivalent of an older gen 980. As for the CPU you could go for an I7, however an I5 or one of the new Ryzen series would be pretty good too. Definitely suggest atleast a small SSD for a boot drive. That 10 second restart time is fantastic. Agreed on the mobo, my first build I screwed up and got a cheap shitty mobo and the voltage regulator went out on it 6 months in. Good brands to look for in my opinion is MSI, ASUS, and I'm not certain on this but I have been hearing that Gigabyte has gotten a lot more reputable in the past couple of years, however I have always known them to be the cheaper shoddy brand. Just do some good research. There are plenty of great building guides out there.
  14. That game looks super hectic and fun.