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  1. Yaaay, my first Diamond!

    Hey another diamond!! Woo!
  2. LF TL

    @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  3. New MMR and mess.

    I haven't played ranked yet this season, but I heard that the implementation into ranked this week was nothing short of a disaster. Besides that, I've played a few in QM, and haven't noticed anything too severe. Games don't feel totally as competitive? But I haven't been blown out yet. Others like @Sandman, @The Flopsyand @Booyah will probably be able to give better input of their experiences.
  4. Closed Moderated Hangouts Room (Music)

    We used to have one. I don't think it got a whole lot of use, but I don't remember!
  5. Request for Coaching

    @SleepySheepy hit me up.
  6. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    Nope, last final is the 17th, first is the 11th. I have three total.
  7. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    @Trúden Have finals that week. So I am not available. Could do the week prior.
  8. My Resignation

    My GO application for HotS hasn't been accepted yet either @Fraejix is off his game dawg.
  9. HotS Patch 11/29/2017

    Hammer is based around her sieging now. Really niche, really bad.
  10. Need name for HL series

    Further more, it would mostly only be used on maps where you have a high health PvE target to hit, such as BoE.
  11. Need name for HL series

    You're confusing Locked and Loaded with Sleight of hand. Locked and loaded is the one where you have to manually reload for bonus damage output. It increases your damage by 40% per mag, which is insane. I understand that it is hard (I don't play Tracer so I can't do it.) Sleight of hand leads to faster reload time, so you will put out 20% more damage per second. The reason I say to not take focus fire is because you will only get the boost IF you can get every shot to hit one person. The last shot is about 1/3rd of the damage of the whole mag with that talent, so it's a very important shot and it's a pretty demanding talent. It worked this time because they had a comp with relative low mobility, little CC, and no blinds. If they had any of those things, you would be in a pickle with that talent.
  12. Need name for HL series

    Oh right! Talents! At 16 take Sleight of Hand, or, if you think you're skilled enough, take Locked and Loaded. It will give you more damage than focus fire because it won;t punish you for having to switch targets. Your untouchable at 4 scared me, because of the Tyrael and Syl, however they didn't take those ults