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  1. @Trojan404 Bi-daily reminder to update, or give google doc to someone else
  2. @Galoubet Flopsy uses @The Flopsy
  3. 14 Nov. 17 Which Game was this for Game Night: Heroes of the Storm How Many Players Attended: 10 Names of Attended Players(SCREENSHOTS NO LONGER ALLOWED): FearEMTKelly, Kylector, Eldrige, Kazeindel, Rokkdog, Dread, LivingBloodLust, ASDFChampion, bloks, SleepySheepy Duration of Game Night: 2 and a half hours. Person in charge of said Game Night: ASDFChampion Overall evaluation of it (How''d it go): It went very well for an impromptu game night. Started off with just five people so did a QM and then had enough to do three 5v5 tournament draft scrims. Both teams won and loss (and we even seen some Cho'Gall too).
  4. It was great to see so many people out last night and get a couple of 5v5s going on! There will definitely be another date down the road, where maybe we can do some in-house tournaments that are casted on our twitch.
  5. Let's go! @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @AWeeLittleFox, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  6. 15 minutes everyone! @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @AWeeLittleFox, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  7. NA, if you can make it for even a game that would be awesome! If not, that's alright.
  8. Hi everyone! On Nov. 14th, come play some HotS! Alexstraza is being released, and she will be available to tryout. This is also great for old and new clan members, who want to meet some new faces, reforge old friendships, and create new rivalries! 7pm EST. Be there. Come play some HotS. @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @AWeeLittleFox, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  9. Went ahead and added it to the calendar. Tomorrow at 7EST. I'll make a separate post.
  10. until
    In house HotS games. Hop on, join up, and compete against our clan outfit.
  11. Still appropriate. new game, new session, new expansion. Already got my eyes set on a nation, be prepared and be ready for it.
  12. Here's the patch notes for anyone wondering. I really like the Lili, she's actually able to solo heal now and she's very good. My favourite support is pretty good. I think we could get a group going tomorrow. I have my team practice tomorrow but if we could get another 5 we could do some 5v5s on customs. @Fraejix can I get a mention to the hots section?
  13. @Trojan404 where's the update bruh?
  14. All depends. My roomies and I are going away Saturday night so it would all depend on when we finally get out of there and go home.
  15. Doesn't work for me. Got an outfit practice that night.