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  1. Marauder Team League

    @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Clint, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20, @StellarJ
  2. HGC Discussion Thread

    Use this Thread to discuss anything HGC. Anything from roster changes, HGC Open, weird comps and builds.
  3. Roster for TL

    Hey everyone! For anyone interested in joining a team, leave a reply here with your name/rank/role/ and availability! Use this post to find others. @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  4. Greetings fellow clan members. We present you set of awards You could achieve in Heroes of the Storm. Master of the Storm To earn The Master of the Storm, you must first have obtained 3 out of 5 of the below Elite Awards. Once you have obtained 3, let an Officer or higher know and they will award you The Master of the Storm. The Grandmaster This Award is earned by showing proof that you have obtain the rank of Grandmaster in either Team League or Hero League. Hero League, Diamond This Award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained Rank 5 or better in Hero League Diamond. Team League, Diamond This Award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained Rank 5 or better in Team League Diamond. The 300 This award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained a total hero level of 300 within Heroes of the Storm. I have a 50 This award is earned by showing proof that you have obtained rank 50 for a specific hero within Heroes of the Storm. Fulfilled the requirements for an award? Post an award request in Award section.
  5. Hey everyone! The Heroes of the Storm section is going to need some help getting started back up and running and becoming active again, so there is a few roles available! I am looking for: Recruiters - One dedicated member, takes roughly 5 minutes a day Coaches - Need to meet certain skill requirements, finding out more in the coaching sub-forum or feel free to shoot me a message! Game Night hosts - Someone to organize a weekly game night for the section! Soon, once membership pick up, we'll be needing a few extra roles like Outfit Coordinators and Tournament Hosts, etc. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, feel free to pass them along to me! If any of you are interested, please post an application here: @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  6. Change in Leadership

    Hello HotS section, Starting today I'll be taking over the Heroes of the Storm section! There will be some change ups in how we run things and I'll be working on rebuilding the activity in the section as well as pushing for more guides, coaching and recruiting of course. If you have any questions or thoughts on this feel free to message me. We are planning on bringing back game nights and tournaments soon enough as recruitment picks up. In the meantime, we have a daytime TL team starting up! If you have any thoughts or might be interested in joining it, please feel free to message either myself or Belaudar. We are also offering coaching, so if you're looking for some coaching please fill out the respective form in the coaching subforum attached to the section! Keep an eye out for some interesting changes in the section, and see you in the Nexus! @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  7. Mysterious legendary loot box

    Got one too, probably something to do with the Lunar event
  8. Super Power
  9. Daytime Team League

    @SleepySheepy adding you to the group chat
  10. Daytime Team League

    We could definitely start a group chat on the schedule throughout the day. If we get going consistently I'm sure finding two more people wouldn't be too hard.
  11. Daytime Team League

    It would depend on the time, but I could be very interested. My schedule set in stone because of classes. @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @Morcalivan, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20
  12. Yaaay, my first Diamond!

    Hey another diamond!! Woo!
  13. LF TL

    @Booyah, @Sandman, @XTopgunX, @Lansar, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @Carewzen, @Krozber, @Tanner, @Zatch, @Trey, @Elfiesan, @Trojan404, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Blankspaces, @Shadowsever, @Nemesis, @The Flopsy, @hereticus, @Shameless, @ChiefSquid, @AWeeLittleFox, @Chank, @Kylector, @AlmostHappy, @Fraejix, @enigmalias, @MandoFresh, @Krayton, @young1ove, @arcantrix, @FearEMTKelly, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @bloks, @Marcola, @Eldritch, @Pspman, @VORTEXWARE, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Dillon, @meralonne, @Spankwisher, @MsBehavin, @chaz, @Ventris, @velati, @Sirea, @GreenEggs, @Scribbler Jones, @Fuzzyd20