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  1. I don't play it either so I don't know if it's a copy, but I know it is based off an Overmatch map of the same name.
  2. Exactly. I just don't see unless you can really communicate with your team or you build a comp specifically around her.
  3. I think Ana is going to be very good as a secondary support. I don't think she'll have solo support for sure. That being said, she looks fun. I think her global ult will be fun, and her ability to remove healing on someone entirely is probably going to get nerfed. If not, bye Jimmy Raynor's trait.
  4. We have loads of new content making it's way to the Nexus. 2 new heroes, a few new skins, and a brand new battleground! First off, the heroes: Being introduced into the nexus are Junkrat and Ana from the OW series. Ana was a support player in OW, so I'm assuming more of the same here. Her kit is very similar to that of Morales, for a comparison. Next off is Junkrat, who is a Defense role in OW. It's safe to assume Junkrat will probably be similar to a Probius or Gazlowe with higher mobility, so I'm guessing he is a specialist. Skins: Diablo Junkrat skin , Russian like Varian skin DEATHWING Brightwing skin (Blizz meme game on point) At 0:43 in the "Assault on Volskaya Foundry" video it looks like a new Tracer Skin. New Battleground: Medium sized three lane map, looking roughly the size of Infernal Shrines. 1-2 man objective, each player getting different options. One is the pilot, the other is a gunner. It's captured via control points, which there is three on the map. Similar to Hanamura, the camps will drop items and give extra XP. However there is no boss camp. Controls points have conveyors belts surrounding them, forcing you to change up how you approach each objective. Think BH/IS together, it kind of has that feel to it. GET HYPED @Sandman, @Hiltzaile, @Shadow, @whosetheman, @Lansar, @Laftur, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @undecidedpie, @Zell, @Gutts, @Avalon, @mynd, @Carewzen, @ThePlug, @Tahoe08, @Valiant, @Bluntgutss, @Flipcyde, @Kingpetras, @Tiltedredman4real, @Anyonenormal, @Vind3x, @Krozber, @skylaar, @Arczeal, @Tanner, @Wosret, @OneShawt, @CTwizzle, @HushHush, @Zatch, @mathinis, @Elfiesan, @Tarsaric, @Droolo, @Anguis, @mrlewis, @Burntdbacon, @stuwey, @advenger, @Slightdawn, @ramtough, @SilentStorm, @Geck0, @Danisimo, @Smashthatbox, @Euthanist, @Penguinchacha, @Plumbit, @Minmaximus, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Ghostmg, @Bloodraven, @Diko, @zEnVy, @Maplesyrup, @EndlessPAIN, @Shadowsever, @Hazazer, @Th3D1rtSt4R, @Mark#13500, @Nemesis, @Agemendon, @KisinBombo, @Tsukami, @SooperDaive, @Steve_spam, @Astellin, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @GreyWolf19K, @xAlisterx, @granvaca, @Yendor, @Apple2694, @Lokius, @Drmcfluffy, @Bubzee, @Talamonius, @Caity, @Ragneroc, @RamenCrunch, @Fitzalici0us, @Kefka, @Tinho, @Jmarsh, @randomcuban, @Neffzilla, @Mimi, @chupakabras, @Alavard, @ManlyBiceps, @_San_, @Chely, @Phalanx, @Altiahad, @AlmostHappy, @Brentsmith, @Fraejix, @Vayonetta, @Omar, @Adherency, @Bard, @Nightwind, @scorpidlight, @LoliYens, @RSmove, @Magical8ball, @_Wyv, @Qfg Quitf33ding, @holiroller, @Amitii, @Aragoth, @QuartzTheOG, @bLing, @Diabeu, @Krudi, @Ariex, @Spazz, @Ghostbear, @Cathedral, @Belauldar, @FatePawn, @Omisery, @Fayte, @Discount_Bob, @Zaltharas, @Niptonium, @GrimmL0ve, @Dblaze, @Darien, @Brette, @Clayborn, @Bws Knives, @MandoFresh, @Director, @Reep, @Sir_Spike, @GhostWalker, @Roki, @diablo8121, @TheMightyLevon, @MezsiaH, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @Sparks, @Ansatz, @Zeratul, @MisterMoskau, @Hadvik, @Metaprime, @teea, @Ultrabueno, @defqonsix, @Defstrikes, @SubMediocre, @Dionysis, @Halbeardy, @Harkonin, @defenestratr, @pattycakes1981, @stevenonce, @Pspman, @Cruelalloy, @VORTEXWARE, @Algida, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Shaz, @Dexxterrr, @Disconnected, @MsBehavin, @garyhots, @Miserchild, @LuluGont, @Ventris
  5. Tie some stones to his feet and see if he floats. If he does, him and his family dies! If he doesn't, he dies!
  6. Some people just have a certain mentality. If you watch Chu8, there is a Master/GM in Korea named BookerT and he throws games when his team is playing bad. I haven't seen someone with that many deaths though, that's interesting. We never really see if Blizzard does anything, but I can guarantee you they will should you report it. Blizz usually is pretty hard on stuff like that. If this is Silver or Bronze, this mentality is pretty common.
  7. He's not first pick/first ban. Just first ban.
  8. Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is the day a new season and a new hero is released. Here's the recent patch notes from the PTR, so they'll look something similar to today's live patch. For our higher end players, it's something to note: You can get placed up to Master 1000 now out of placements, instead of Diamond 3! If you're looking to climb through the ladder, don't be afraid to request coaching, as we have a couple of coaches who are willing to help you get there. Good luck on the new season everyone! @Sandman, @Hiltzaile, @Shadow, @whosetheman, @Lansar, @Laftur, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @undecidedpie, @Zell, @Gutts, @Avalon, @mynd, @Carewzen, @ThePlug, @Tahoe08, @Valiant, @Bluntgutss, @Flipcyde, @Kingpetras, @Tiltedredman4real, @Anyonenormal, @Vind3x, @Krozber, @skylaar, @Arczeal, @Tanner, @Wosret, @OneShawt, @CTwizzle, @HushHush, @Zatch, @mathinis, @Elfiesan, @Tarsaric, @Droolo, @Anguis, @mrlewis, @Burntdbacon, @stuwey, @advenger, @Slightdawn, @ramtough, @SilentStorm, @Geck0, @Danisimo, @Smashthatbox, @Euthanist, @Penguinchacha, @Plumbit, @Minmaximus, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Ghostmg, @Bloodraven, @Diko, @zEnVy, @Maplesyrup, @EndlessPAIN, @Shadowsever, @Hazazer, @Th3D1rtSt4R, @Mark#13500, @Nemesis, @Agemendon, @KisinBombo, @Tsukami, @SooperDaive, @Steve_spam, @Astellin, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @GreyWolf19K, @xAlisterx, @granvaca, @Yendor, @Apple2694, @Lokius, @Drmcfluffy, @Bubzee, @Talamonius, @Caity, @Ragneroc, @RamenCrunch, @Fitzalici0us, @Kefka, @Tinho, @Jmarsh, @randomcuban, @Neffzilla, @Mimi, @chupakabras, @Alavard, @ManlyBiceps, @_San_, @Chely, @Phalanx, @Altiahad, @AlmostHappy, @Brentsmith, @Fraejix, @Vayonetta, @Omar, @Adherency, @Bard, @Nightwind, @scorpidlight, @LoliYens, @RSmove, @Magical8ball, @_Wyv, @Qfg Quitf33ding, @holiroller, @Amitii, @Aragoth, @QuartzTheOG, @bLing, @Diabeu, @Krudi, @Ariex, @Spazz, @Ghostbear, @Cathedral, @Belauldar, @FatePawn, @Omisery, @Fayte, @Discount_Bob, @Zaltharas, @Niptonium, @GrimmL0ve, @Dblaze, @Darien, @Brette, @Clayborn, @Bws Knives, @MandoFresh, @Director, @Reep, @Sir_Spike, @GhostWalker, @Roki, @diablo8121, @TheMightyLevon, @MezsiaH, @RokkDog, @WrEckEd, @Sparks, @Ansatz, @Zeratul, @MisterMoskau, @Hadvik, @Metaprime, @teea, @Ultrabueno, @defqonsix, @Defstrikes, @SubMediocre, @Dionysis, @Halbeardy, @Harkonin, @defenestratr, @pattycakes1981, @stevenonce, @Pspman, @Cruelalloy, @VORTEXWARE, @Algida, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Shaz, @Dexxterrr, @Disconnected, @MsBehavin, @garyhots, @Miserchild, @LuluGont
  9. @LuluGont @MsBehavin @Tahoe08 @Darkness @Nemesis @AlmostHappy @Krozber The best way to improve at the game is to find a group of people to play with. You'll all grow as a team and improve more than you might believe. Based on what it seems like most of you are between Bronze and Gold, which are very close in skill level, so it's good that you guys don't have a huge skill gap. I recommend you guys get a group chat started, and start working out some times that work best for everyone, and then just hop into it. As I said, I am more than happy to coach you guys. When you guys get your roles and heroes going, feel free to send me some replays (preferably with comms) and I'll start looking over them, and giving you notes as a whole as well as individually.
  10. As for helping with the team @Darkness, I'll gladly coach you guys.
  11. 113
  12. There a lot of exciting changes coming soon! A lot of information is out, and next week we will have a PTR patch, followed by a live patch the week after. In terms of Hero changes, few minor tweaks coming our way, as well as reworks to both Leoric and Lt. Morales!
  13. He's an Assassin, Blizz already put his abilities and everything up. He's a mage.
  14. Behold, the new hero coming to the Nexus, the Archlich of Naxxramas, esteemed Lich Lord of the Plaguelands, Commander of the Dread Necropolis, Master and Founder of the Cult of the Damned, formerly of the Council of the Six, Creator of Abomination, Summoner of Archimonde the Defiler, Betrayer of Humanity, Hearthstone Enthusiast, and Majordomo to the Lich King himself, Kel'Thuzad! Jaina is also a Dreadlord, so we learned a couple things today. @Sandman, @Hiltzaile, @Shadow, @whosetheman, @Lansar, @Laftur, @NaZMaN, @cutiepie, @undecidedpie, @Zell, @Gutts, @Avalon, @mynd, @Carewzen, @ThePlug, @Tahoe08, @Valiant, @Bluntgutss, @Flipcyde, @Kingpetras, @Tiltedredman4real, @Anyonenormal, @Vind3x, @Krozber, @skylaar, @Arczeal, @Tanner, @Wosret, @OneShawt, @CTwizzle, @HushHush, @Zatch, @mathinis, @Elfiesan, @Tarsaric, @Droolo, @Anguis, @mrlewis, @Burntdbacon, @stuwey, @advenger, @Slightdawn, @ramtough, @SilentStorm, @Geck0, @Danisimo, @Trojan404, @Smashthatbox, @Euthanist, @Penguinchacha, @Plumbit, @Minmaximus, @Gumbo037, @ASDFChampion, @Ghostmg, @Bloodraven, @Diko, @zEnVy, @Maplesyrup, @EndlessPAIN, @Shadowsever, @Hazazer, @Th3D1rtSt4R, @Mark#13500, @Nemesis, @Agemendon, @KisinBombo, @RandleBoop, @Tsukami, @SooperDaive, @Steve_spam, @Astellin, @The Flopsy, @Shameless, @GreyWolf19K, @xAlisterx, @granvaca, @Yendor, @Apple2694, @Lokius, @Drmcfluffy, @Bubzee, @Talamonius, @Caity, @Ragneroc, @RamenCrunch, @Fitzalici0us, @Kefka, @Tinho, @Jmarsh, @randomcuban, @Neffzilla, @Mimi, @chupakabras, @Alavard, @ManlyBiceps, @_San_, @Chely, @Phalanx, @Altiahad, @AlmostHappy, @Brentsmith, @Fraejix, @Vayonetta, @Omar, @Adherency, @Bard, @Nightwind, @scorpidlight, @LoliYens, @RSmove, @Magical8ball, @_Wyv, @Qfg Quitf33ding, @holiroller, @Amitii, @Aragoth, @QuartzTheOG, @bLing, @Diabeu, @Krudi, @Ariex, @Spazz, @Ghostbear, @Cathedral, @Belauldar, @FatePawn, @Omisery, @Fayte, @Discount_Bob, @Zaltharas, @Niptonium, @GrimmL0ve, @Dblaze, @Darien, @Brette, @Clayborn, @Bws Knives, @MandoFresh, @Director, @Reep, @Sir_Spike, @GhostWalker, @Roki, @diablo8121, @TheMightyLevon, @MezsiaH, @RokkDog, @Forror, @WrEckEd, @Sparks, @Ansatz, @Zeratul, @MisterMoskau, @Hadvik, @Metaprime, @teea, @dtown2020, @defqonsix, @Defstrikes, @SubMediocre, @Dionysis, @Halbeardy, @Harkonin, @defenestratr, @pattycakes1981, @stevenonce, @Pspman, @Cruelalloy, @VORTEXWARE, @Algida, @SleepySheepy, @Lazres, @Shaz, @TwoTonRampage, @Dexxterrr
  15. @Belauldar Myself or @Lazres would be willing to give you a hand. Just fill out the application so we can put you with the best coach possible to fit your needs and time. 😊