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  1. EU4 Campain V2

    MASSIVE EUROPA UNIVERSALIS SESSION BEGINING MARCH 23rd, 5:30-8:30, EVERY FRIDAY, TO LAUNCH OFF THE START OF RULE BRITTANIA The rulings to this will be similar to last session, no GP, Near-GP, or a nation that can quickly and swiftly become a GP. Small nations, Start small, go tall. This run will emphasize on learning the new DLC mechanics, as well as the new map overhaul and system. Like previous games, player alliances are allowed, but so is PVP. so no crying if your nation get's destroyed. also no raging or giving up if you lose one war. comebacks are very possible Come rules a nation, watch it fall, watch it rise, watch it form strong bonds, This session will be a full run, are YOU gonna be the next naval super power? or the mainland revolutionary empire? YOU DECIDE! All members and non members allowed! everyone invited! Start Date: March 23rd, 5:30-8:30 Rulings: No picking great powers or borderline great powers. No custom nations. No picking a potential pu of another player (e.g don't pick Aragon if someone is playing Castille) unless both parties agree. This is both pvp and pve, anyone can be a target. Be honorable, e.g do not refuse peace requests when you are at -%100 warscore just accept the terms. Player treaties are acceptable, you may come to alternative means of peace outside the game mechanics. No Exploits, no glitches. Should you be eliminated you may swap nation, to any non great/ borderline great power. Sessions will run every Friday barring the alpacalypse, if you can not attend the ai will run your country, should the ai run your country completely into the ground fixes can be made but no minor issues will be resolved this way.
  2. As we wrap up our very first event, i have to say for the first time it was rather succesfull. even though we started off with 11 players, and in the end, only5 remained, it was still very impressive. the following are: Valyrus - The Revolutionary Great Republic of Majahapit Grass - The Iqta Empire of Hindustan LowlyNoob - The Administrative Colonial Kingdom of Brittany Gumbo - The Holy Feudal Kingdom of Jerusalem Nebulon - The Sultanate of Songhai Super Grom - The Norwegan Duchy of Brittany In this game, our goal was to start of as minor nations, in a rough starting point, and rise to become a great power. in the beggining, everybody had rough edges and starts. the starting nations were the Kingdom of Majahapit, Trade Kingdom of Gujurat, The Duchy of Brittany, the Duchy of Provence and the Duchy of Songhai, each power rose up from the ranks. Norway, with the help of sweden and other nations, broke free from the kalmar union, and rose up through forceful uniting of scandanavia! Songhai, with the goals of uniting conquered all of western africa except for the Kongo. Provence, started off by joining the HRE, with the goal of reforming Jerusalem and reclaiming the holy land, Gujurat, to be the emperor of India, and Majahapit, to secure the indonesian islands and australia. the Majahapit empire, the biggest empire alive, amazingly united all of indonesia, eastern african coast, parts of china and colonial domains in the americas. as well as Iberia. Hindustan succeeded in working in tandem with Majahapit to united most of india, as well as have colonial domains in africa and china and mexico. Brittany succeeded in being the biggest colonial kingdom, having taken only western france, and the rest of america being his. Provence succeeded in reclaiming the holy lands, being spread out through iberia, francien region, germany and egypt, with Brandenburg as a march. sadly, as they were climbing up, their king died heirless, and they fell under a personal union Austria Norway, on his path to unite scandanavia (this happened when the player missed a session), was focussed by an alliance of denmark, russia, sweden and the commonwealth, being forced to exiled to greenland and iceland, is now a subject of Brittany Shoutout to everyone who partook. this was an extremly fun session! next session will be a quick, 5-6 session smash round of major powers, then we start off the next patch with a whole new session. Everybody is more than welcome!!!
  3. Hey everybody! As 2017 comes to an end, we must prepare for 2018 as this year came, the activity in game nights has decreased, which is something that we need to pick up. as well as overall section activity. before 2018 is around (Deadline being January 3rd because i'm nice) i want a plan/report from each section (either GM or GO / Game night host) on how they plan on revitalizing their sections game activities The Clan Event department has a pilot being worked on at the momment which will be revealed later next week, and as well i want a plan from any main department. regardless of activity, one of the rules for a section with 20+ members, must have a minimum of a game night once a week listed here i know recently this hasn't been enforced too much, and that's because i know times have been tough and i figured with 2017 coming to an end, i would allow time to recuperate, so that way we can kick 2018 off with a blast. starting 2018, if you are a Game Section with 20+ members, i expect a weekly game night. even if not enough players show up, log it. it's a good way to keep track or what's working,. what isn't, and how to fix it. if you have any questions or need any help, don't be afraid to message either myself or @Nebulon !! Game Nights and Tournaments are a big reason why members will join and stay, as well as leave. the more of these we have that are enjoyable, the better! plus it's great for everyone. i will be also hosting a time and date for all Tournament/Game Night hosts soon before january 3rd, i want a plan/report from every game section!! the earlier or better @Nebula, @SirPie, @LORDmeSH1NE, @Manuelraa, @Squîshy, @Steptowalk, @Zarkete, @Galoubet, @He_162, @Nebulon @Komaynu, @CowardlyViking, @Trúden, @Gumbo037, @Darkness, @Fishypixels, @BasicallyToast, @Lumi, @IamRevenant
  4. Friday thé 24th cancelled

    For anybody wishing to attend today's session of eu4, I am sorry to say that it has been cancelled due to a family emergency. If possible i will try to re schedule for this sunday from
  5. Europa Universalis 4

    The Clan's World conquering game. Every friday is Europa Universalis 4 at 5PM EST. feel free to show up at any time, build up your nation, economy and army. stab others in the back and forge your own destiny! become the Marauder Clan World Conqueror and proclaim yourself the Emperor of the world!
  6. The first Campaign Ends

    Well Ladies and gentlemen. it is with great joy that i announce the end of the first campaign. although a trial, was very successful, and with that, i cannot wait to begin a new Campaign with the new DLC and Patch that is coming out on Thursday. the reason for not having the last AAR out is because instead, this is the final ending of the current one the Burgundian kingdom, finally made ammends with it's subjects, and peacefully annexed them all, with that, allowing the red nation, to form the Dutch Orangist Nation of the Netherlands! The Venetian Nation near the ennd, became one of the most profitable nations, despite being cut off from anatolia by the Hungarians, they still thrived! The Irish Nation of Kildare in a dashing move, made an advancement on it's goal to own the British isles and as well, a coast landing in the French Area The Portuguese, in the midsts of the nation succumbing to Morocan rebels, fought back and was able to reclaim the land it lost, forming a Great Power of a colonial Nation and last but not least, a guest player names Tatara Sweden expanded Eastwards, in hopes of unifying the Slavic Provinces under the Swedish Banner Players for this runthrough (and yes i'm including everyone's goals of forming the nations they wanted too): Burgundy - > Netherlands: @Gumbo037 Venice -> Italy: @ASDFChampion Kildare -> Ireland : @Nebulon Portugal - > Spain: @Fraejix Sweden -> Scandanavia: Tatara (Guest) Although we couldnt play this one to completion, i know we all had fun, learned a lot and will have a different strategy, in the new campaign, which will be played until 1821, starting Friday the 17th at 5PM EST!!
  7. Session

  8. Session

    @Fraejix @ASDFChampion @Nebulon @Darkness due to a complication of people not being able to show for the current timing, i've decided to move the timing fromm 3PM EST until 8PM EST with a supper break in between!
  9. Session

    Here are the next sessions ladies and gentlemen! Friday the 10th from 1PM EST until 4PM EST (times can change depending on availability) and then Sunday the 12th at 7PM EST until 9PM EST
  10. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    i'm sorry guys. work has been so far up my ass it's unreal
  11. Session this friday

    Next EU4 session is this friday coming up, this is gonna be a special 3-5 hour long session, to let me know your timings now. also bring people with you
  12. 1460-1477

    however ireland has some wicked ideas which imo makes it potentially stronger than GB
  13. 1460-1477

    oh i did! i'm in that empire
  14. 1460-1477

    revoking does seem fun
  15. 1460-1477

    woh woh woh venice, calm your shit or maybe i'll just make a PU swarm instead of a dutch nation