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    Life... I havent discovered everything in my life yet so my interests are still infinite. For the purpose of this section though i will say number 1:God, Video Editing, Games(Design+), Writing/Creativity, Philosophy, a good debate
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  1. IndiasMafia's Schedule

    I Private messaged you incase you dont know where that is. Top right hand courner. Also im lookign to playing with someone atm so if you hop onto Teamspeak i will be there
  2. A new recruitment post altogether?

    Anyone in our clan have skills in Illustrator or InDesign? You could do that in photoshop it will just take FOREVER. I know from experience. Made a calendar in photoshop took 2 hours. Illustrator 30min.

    Hey Guys, im going to be going to Blizz con with some video equipment and just having fun. If anyone wants me to do anything official for your section or the clan please let me know. Seriously.. any ideas ill be down for. Just let me know @Destrauvus @Cablenerd @Trojan404 @Muidar @ASDFChampion @Delta F508 @Aside @Roughknite @Gjrud @bask3tcase @Sindog @Legioner101 @Komaynu @Steptowalk
  5. Anyone here interested in becoming Youtube Sensation?

    Nah Im totally messing with you. I do really like your channel though. Im still trying to figure out how to best approach this idea. So far I think the best option is to have a Collaboration-section. Giving people a place to pitch ideas and work together towards a central focus.
  6. Recruitment Meeting

    If someone can help me fix teamspeak working on my phone i can make it, otherwise no I will be in Baltimore.
  7. IndiasMafia's Schedule

    Here is my November Schedule of when I will be on to play Dota. Other days of the month I might be on incase my job doesnt call me out, but those days below are the 100% certain days. November 8th-10th 16th/17th 21st/22nd 28th/29th
  8. New Dota 2 Section

    Hey Guys. So we created a new Dota 2 Section about 2 weeks ago. Iv posted to everyone who has applied in the past 2 months with dota in their games they play. But if you are older than 2 month member I have not officially reached out to you yet. Any members that still play dota or wish to be apart of the dota community I ask that you reach out to our section and ether click that follow button next to the Section name "Dota" *(little green cog). I will reach out to you and try to introduce myself and our new section.
  9. New forums for recruiting

    Thank you so much. I have been googling like crazy and most of these didnt pop up so thankyou
  10. @Booyah @Goldmask99 Have you guys seen this It has overwatch and some other games available. Its been slowly rising as The way to play competitive tournaments. Currently hosting the Dota 2 Championships.
  11. I did notice there are a lot of teams available but none have the Recruiting symbol next to them. If they dont have the symbol then I cant apply to join without being a "premium member.
  12. Just discovered this site specifically designed to help teams find players
  13. Where do you go to become Supreme Chancellor of the Empire.

    I don't...remember o.0
  14. Dendi's Music Playlist.

    I found this playlist to be perfect when playing high focus games, keeps your energy up but never distracts.The Soundcloud Dendi actually used was deleted when grooveshark went out of business. Luckly someone spent the time to copy it to Spotify. The original had 900 songs but this one is pretty complete with 700