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  1. If for some reason you guys have questions about getting through the raid I can answer questions as i've been through it many times.
  2. Go for a mechanical keyboard with brown switches (much quieter) then put on some switch dampeners! You won't hear them at all. I have the Corsair Lux rgb keyboard with brown switches and they are pretty quiet, if I added those dampeners they'd be basically silent.
  3. It is still definitely supported - however I have noticed that many people have stopped playing PvE for many different reasons or switched to the Battle Royale mode.
  4. until

    @Fraejix do we have meeting minutes posted somewhere? Don't see any
  5. @Fraejix did the title change mess up permissions?
  6. Pending

    I see a counter as a quality of life feature that could be nice on the side or something that says "this games gamenight starts in: 50 minutes" or something but as the calendar is in their own timezone daylights savings and such doesn't make a difference.
  7. Your way to heavy to get carried
  8. Not that i'm aware of unfortunately, however @Serene may know better than I!
  9. As the returning member I believe YOU are the one who makes the speech!
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    @Fraejix @Trojan404
  11. until
    @Fraejix @Trojan404
  12. v43

    he's an NCO
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    @Fraejix @Trojan404