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  1. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    Genital Jousting.
  2. play with each other

    @M3rc1nary Moved to PUBG forum. As far as getting in games with clanmates, just get on TS. If people are on, they should be on there and you can group up from there!
  3. Open Real vacation

    @Kenpatchi You're more than welcome to try and find a group of people that would be interested in going, however, this isn't something that we as a clan would organize at this time.
  4. Pointless Count to 10,000

    We're at 135. (+1 now)
  5. CPU

    Personally, I'm an Intel guy. So I'd have to suggest the i5 7600. I found it on Newegg for 219.99 USD. This converts to, based off of current conversions, 182.79 Euros. That being said, I've been hearing a lot of good things about the new AMD RYZEN series. It's supposedly able to challenge the Intel top of the line for less cost. I don't think I'm ever going to switch though. When it comes to CPUs, most people are VERY biased on manufacturer and often are VERY loyal.
  6. Irma

    @Zero Have they finalized the projections of where it's gonna hit? I remember last night them saying that they have no clue where it's going after Cuba.
  7. Monthly Game Section Reports

    @Gumbo037 Do you want to do the HotS report or do you want me to?
  8. New Section(s)?

    @K2TFrostee If you're interested, you're more than welcome to try and start your own game section for either one of those games. To do so, you'll need to get at least 10 people to declare that game as their main game. In the meantime, you can create topics in the Misc Games forum for topics and if enough people gain interest, we can make a separate forum for that game.
  9. Leader Meeting


    @Fraejix @Roughknite I got scheduled to work this afternoon (today's the first day of the soccer season and I'm a referee). I've got a 2 PM and a 3:30 PM game. I should be done at 4:30 and the field is 10 minutes tops away from home. I'll be here, but a bit late.
  10. The five pillars of Information Assurance

    For the most part, I find that there's ambivalence on what the pillars are and how many there are. Depending on who you ask, there's either 3 or 5. And even more, some individuals define the pillars completely different. Take this example for instance: 5 Pillars of Information Security Protection Clearly define what we are protecting, how we plan to protect it and its value to the organization Detection Breaches will happen, acknowledging that no protective measure is perfect and that there are vulnerabilities not known are key to success Reaction Disaster Recovery and how you literally respond to a breach event, perhaps it's capturing an exploit in it's raw form for legal documentation Documentation Identify patterns of events and what systems they impact. This results in the ability for predicative analytics in what you should focus on in your protective measures Prevention Implementation of lessons learned and knowledge gained during a breach event to avoid repetition of the same event in the future To me, Prevention is the most important pillar. This is the pillar that focuses on education and bringing awareness to the problem. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, though. One of the biggest problems that we face today is security, and most people are worried about it. But at the same time, people are more concerned that they don't have enough time. If it takes too long, it's not worth it. That's the "modern motto" that I've noticed. This leads into an email I sent to my mom the other day. She had brought up a program that my local chamber of commerce is holding to raise security awareness to small businesses. Take a read if you're interested.
  11. Who else can say they've been here 2 years?!?

    I'm 3 months off of my 2 years...
  12. Took Me Long Enough

    @SleepySheepy Definitely a tougher season. Not sure what changed about it, but I'm frequently playing HL games with HGC Pros so they're either not playing HL enough (which doesn't make sense to me) or they're stuck trying to grind up as well. To further elaborate on how hard it's been. I got Master and got up to almost 1,000 points, then lost it a day later. I'm back to 1 game off my Master promo.
  13. Pending Showing main game on people's profiles

    @K1tT3n I'll talk it over with Leadership and get back to you.