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  1. 1000th Normal win

    Now lose 33 games in a row.
  2. So, how does one actually get better?

    That's what discussion is all about. Everyone has their own views on how to play the game and improve so the more discussion around these topics the better one can develop their own play style and regimen for success.
  3. So, how does one actually get better?

    Should've specified that it needed to be with the bois. Cracking cold ones has become so synonymous with including the bois I sometimes forget to mention it to those still learning the benefits.
  4. So, how does one actually get better?

    Basics: Reaction Time: Can't be taught but playing more= better reactions which are more often more important than fast reactions. I know a lot of people who have never reached as high as I have with better reaction time but who are unable to make correct decisions. Peripheral Vision: Make it a habit to look at your minimap more often at least every 10s~ especially as support and jungle. Fine motor skills / hand-eye coordination / Mouse accuracy: Find the dpi that fits your skill level. Start with lower dpi and if u feel confident work your way to higher dpi. Lower dpi might make your reactions slower but I think precision is more important than speed, especially in anything under diamond. (I personally peaked at d3 with only around 700 dpi which is quite low) Spatial orientation: Well if you are a guy you luck out since male brains seem to be naturally slightly more inclined to spatial orientation other than that playing puzzle games can help with this, there isn't really anything you can do to help improve this in league itself expect familiarizing yourself with the size of various abilities/champs through lots of playtime. Multitasking (or rather rapid sequential cognitive processing paired with muscle memory): This only improves through playing the game a lot, particularly playing a decent amount of the same champion with a similar style in order to become comfortable with the champions mechanics (mechanics here not only meaning how to use your abilities effectively but also knowing their approximate damage you do in regards to you items/levels vs the targets items/levels and when you should hold onto your abilities/summoner spells (ss)) Mindset: Just have fun, the minute you start to take the game overly seriously is when frustration sets in and your gameplay starts to suffer. Just think of every mistake you make as a learning opportunity and even continued mistakes can help with muscle memory so don't stress to much about making rapid improvements. "Fighting Skills" - Reading the opponent How skilled is my opponent? This mostly pertains to normals as your ranked games should have similar skill levels to you. They may be more mechanically inclined but understand how to take objects poorly. Either way don't worry too much about how good your opponent is. Team Situation - 5 individuals Tilting: Crack a cold one Teamwork - how far can it go?: Really far considering that unless you are a split pusher or super fed teamwork is needed to win 90% of your matches. I didn't answer the last questions because they are mostly personal questions that are ultimately down to your own judgement. Micro: Movement / Actions Attack Move, Auto cancelling: I don't use attack move at all so I can't comment on it and you can practice auto cancelling/ orb walking/ last hitting in training/sandbox mode input buffering, target selection (using heroes only button or not): Heroes only button is most necessary under tower or near baron/dragon so don't worry to much about it. Input buffering only works on some abilities so you can get used to it if you are spamming like 40 champs for no reason. Animation cancelling: Again champ specific I highly recommend if you are trying to improve to not play every single champ that looks cool. Otherwise don't worry about it, animation cancelling simply makes your champion more efficient but they aren't necessarily needed to be done at a high level to get better at the game. Skillshot Usage: Play around with your DPI Dodging: Don't focus solely on one thing. ie don't just farm without being aware of the enemy or aa without being aware of enemy champs in order to improve this. Also, try not to be predictable and dodge the same way every single time an enemy sends our a skill. Flash mechanics, Collision, Pathing... SANDBOX MODE BABY -Hero mechanics (skills, cooldowns, summoner spell synergies) SANDBOX MOD BABY Smiting well usually you pair smite with a dmg ability so your smite does "more". Other than that its reaction timing with dmg output. Not much to say here. "Sub-Macro": Laning / Farming (Last-Hit, Stances, Lane Types) Sandbox for last hittinh Wave control (really tough one) Watch vids to get used to it. idk I'm very comfortable with waves now so I think I would have a hard time explaining my thought process when its more reactionary now. Trading (when, how, Outplay-Potential) This comes down to knowledge of champions/ how comfortable you are on champs/ how many times you have played the champ to know how to effectively trade. Jungling: I don't jungle much sorry bro Teamfight (Engage / Disengage, Location, Positioning) I need more info on what champs/roles your playing and vs who. Very circumstantial Macro: Using the tab screen (some guys can caclulate the jungling route from that, sounds nice in theory, but quite hard to do in an actual match I find) Yeah it has to do with how many jungle creeps killed. Map awareness (teleport / global skills) again look at you minimap often Vision (did you ward, and was it efficient?) please buy pinks throughout the game as a support/jg Roaming Sieging: again depends on roll/powerspikes/where your team is Lane - Swap / Assignment; contesting CS: Rule of thumb if bot takes a turret early try to help another lane take a turret Split Push (how and when or: "I split and my team dies"): Communicate with team regarding tp timers/ objective timers/ and make sure your team help ward if possible Back to Base timing - It's all bout the money - or not... (Jungle!) don't jungle (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) Objective Priorization - Win conditions Objective Control: As a jungler try not to allow the enemy to take advantage of poor back timings by your laners to do dmg to turrets/ catch the wave. Also, ping when dragon /baron are up and tell your lanes to purchase items beforehand Game phases (Early-Mid-Late) Comminication (Chat / Ping) Calls - whose call is right?: again there are so many possible calls this is hard to state as fact what is right/wrong Meta: Tier List: You can look at winrates of champs on stuff like op.gg or watch pro games Team composition: unless you are playing as a group most people will never try to make a good comp Pick / Ban Phase: Just ban the few ops Synergies / Counters: Not that big of a deal in lower elo tbh other heroes' stats (cooldowns, damages, powerspikes...) Champion Kits - Itemization (+Runes / Masteries), situational Adaptation most champions have very VERY small adaptions to their build depending on the game such as what item they build first or changing out 1 defensive item for another so if you think some crazy build/mastery change is gonna be op it probably isn't. Just look up masteries/runes on sites like probuilds as long as you don't super F them up its fine tbh Champion Pool / Champion Roles: Limit yourself so that you aren't playing 70 champs please EDIT: Sorry about the late reply. Also, I rushed over some topic feel free to hit me up here on the forums or on league IGN: LoL Sucks
  5. How do you play your champions?

    Usually I think long and hard about which champion appeals to me based off of character design, how fun the champion seems to be, how strong the champion is in the current meta, and how easily I can add the new champion into my rotation of most played. Then, when I finally get enough ip to purchase the champion I end up buying some random one because why not.
  6. Annie! Annie!

    I think its time we have a talk about your obsession with young girls and the law
  7. lvl 7 squad

    not for long
  8. Post a Pic of yourself

    I'm a shy person so I don't typically like posting pics of myself but I've been told I should so here it is.
  9. lvl 7 squad

    ya but i deserve challenjour?????
  10. lvl 7 squad

    You are not my senpai.
  11. lvl 7 squad

    You want a high five or some shit? edit: I actually want the high five, or any human contact tbh, senpai pls notice me.
  12. Looking for more friends to play

    What exactly do you need more of for friends? IGN1: ALEXANÐER IGN2: LoL Sucks
  13. So this is what Riot has become (Ranked)

    How is Heimer top not where he is meant to go? He is only viable top and mid and is stealing the enemy blue lvl 1 which is totally fine.
  14. So this is what Riot has become (Ranked)

    All these people talking about grinding ranked and I'm just sitting here waiting for my account to decay into gold...