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  1. Marauder Team League

    I'm all for multiple play times in any given week. While it'd be nice to always have the same team, even just a 4 or 5 man of any Marauder people on voice chat would be a huge quality of life improvement over solo QM or Unranked. I suggest we set a consistent play time each week when lots of people have availability, e.g. a Fri or Sat evening. Life happens so people will make it some weeks and not others, but if we always have people gathering at the same time each week, we should be able to consistently get games going for those that are able to attend.
  2. Daytime Team League

    Define daytime? Approx days, times, and time zone?
  3. New Discord Channel

    I have a different username / email address in Discord. Is that going to cause issues?
  4. LF TL

    I've sent friend invites to those above. Kylector#1117 I'd also encourage you to join marauderclan channel in game.
  5. LF TL

    I'm also interested in forming or joining a team to play together 2-3 times a week. My wife would probably join as well.
  6. MMR changes!

    Thanks, I hadn't seen the blog post. Hopefully the system delivers as promised and can be used to spot and punish griefers like they mention at the end of the FAQ.
  7. How about we setup a time Tuesday evening to play a couple games? I can do 6pm or later, Mountain time zone. My battle tag is Kylector#1117
  8. I am also new around here and noticed that TeamSpeak seemed to be sparsely populated this weekend. Though I did join the in-game channel and usually saw 1 or 2 other people. I'd love to get a group of 5 going (QM, Unranked, whatever). I do better when I can put something on the calendar and plan. Is anyone willing to commit to a couple date/times in the next week or so? I'm mountain time in the US but can be flexible with other zones in the country. I've not tried an EU game before and would be afraid of my ping since I'm not East coast.