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  1. play with each other

    ohhh. sangkyu pare.
  2. Hey guys sorry if it took me too long to post. i was busy with work and stuff, Anyways, i just wanted to ask a question (well it's pretty stupid though). How can we join games together and play together on PUBG? like do we go to a specific server? or maybe contact each other first then find match? LOL please reply i'm really interested on playing with my clanmates. TY love, @CowardlyViking, @Darkness, @Gumbo037, @Bravofoxtrot, @Serene, @Omninaut IX, @fus`, @Lumi, @K1tT3n, @Rider, @Plumbit, @Komaynu, @Sindog, @Steptowalk @MarauderClan, @Fraejix, @Styker, @Roughknite, @Trojan404, @Game Bot, @Zero, @Snailey, @Vind3x, @XTopgunX me