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  1. 1.Battle Net Name: Rauzi#2715 2.Destiny 2 Website Name ( so when u apply for the clan we know who u are): Rauzi 3. Is this your Main Game ( Yes,No this is how we know to change your section membership): Not at the moment, this might change in near future. 4. Main Class: Warlock 5.Hardcore or Casual Player: Something between the two. 6. Do u wish to PVP ( If yes do u want to join a team?): Yes and i don't want to join a team. 7. Are u interested in world first and speed runs ( For hardcore players ): Nope
  2. Not sure about Cursor Prediction but can answer the first two shortly. DI or Direct Input is a technique that allows you to control your characters movement more precisely by clicking as close as possible to your character, allowing you to turn your character faster and so on. Input buffering is a mechanic that is usable with targeted abilities. When you click on a target that is out of range with a targeted ability (for example, Diana ult) the game will move your character to range to cast the ability, and during this time your ability is buffered. Basically with input buffering, you take advantage of this mechanic and can for example buffer the input and immediately flash, which allows you to cast the ability faster than if you were to flash and then cast the ability. Bodytag has good videos to show and explain the mechanics a bit more indepth, you can check the out on youtube.
  3. I think they will let mods handle it, what comes to crafting, i haven't found much use for it really, so i think it's something that would really need a lot of work.
  4. We can play tomorrow sure. I'm EEST/UTC+3. I'm available after 8pm. Nice to see at least someone interested in the game
  5. Started playing AR again, was wondering if there's anyone else by chance that plays the game aswell?
  6. You should, it's a great game
  7. You can count me in on both GM Mode and Coop campaign, no matter which
  8. 1. What's your real name? My name is Rasmus, i hail from Finland 2. What's your gamertag? Rauzi 3. How did you decide that this was the gamertag for you? Rauzi is a result of long chain of changing and modifying my username over the years. Starting with rasseli and ending up with Rauzi. 4. What is your maingame and why did you choose it? My maingame is Smite. I ended up choosing it after a friend of mine got me to return to the game few weeks ago. 5. What kind of gamer are you? Ex: Strategic, reactionary(quick reflexes), Casual, Hardcore. I'm a semi-casual, emotional gamer. I tend to main support roles but i also have a tendency to be a jack of all trades, master of almost none. 6. What do you feel is the most important part about being in a clan? Community, being able to easily find people to play with and hang out with. 7. What was the first game you can recall playing? First game i've ever played was Super Mario Bros. for NES. 8. What is your favorite game to stream or watch? I don't have a favorite game on either situation. When i used to stream, i usually played single player games that i felt like was enjoyable to stream and to watch. When it comes to watching a game, the streamer makes the stream enjoyable for me, not the game. 9. What was the worst game you have ever played? Worst game huh? Not entirely sure, there's been some totally horrible games but nothing specific to mention. 10. What is your current occupation? Currently i'm a cook in a hamburger restaurant owned by Finland's Top Chef winner. 11. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? The first dreamjob i remember having was an ambulance helicopter pilot. But it soon got changed to cook, which i ended up becoming. 12. What brought you to The Marauders? I was brought to Marauders when i was just searching through internet for a group/community to play with, especially Smite, but other games as well. I found a Marauders thread on Smite forums and after a quick look, i thought that this could be the community i've been looking for.
  9. In-Game Name: Rauzi Region: EU Preferred Role: Support/Fill