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  1. Still thinking if to get Destiny or not :S
  2. The Campaign Begins

    Unfortunately im fucked now xDDD, shift work plus being in eu gonna hardly make any
  3. Fortnite Roster

    Epic: Ku4Rd Base: Ku4Rd So unique right?
  4. EU4 Campaign

    I would be down, but I would only be able to join during 6pm to 11pm GMT+1 :S
  5. God Discussions - Hun Batz

    I quite like him in arenas, i recently used this build and seems to melt gods down. https://www.smitefire.com/smite/guide/hun-batz-ultimate-arena-s4-17988
  6. Payday 2 Roster!!

    I havent played this game in ages, would be fun to get back into it
  7. Smite build for gods

    Thanks for the advice, hopefully wont be using the ones from smite recommended soon
  8. Smite build for gods

    Hey all is there like a website like lolking but for smite?