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  1. LF TL

    i would be just depends on what time as im in australia
  2. BlizzCon Thread HotS

    yeah watching it right now for the HORDE lol
  3. Auriel or Chromie??

    thanks for the info yeh i have a tendency to run in and be a hero then die lol, ended up buying both haha chromie hard to play tho maybe just practice more haha thanks for replying
  4. Auriel or Chromie??

    hey was just looking for advice on who to get Auriel or chromie as i dont have enough crystals to buy both im like 100 short, so wasnt sure who to go for who more fun to play pros and cons etc.. or should i just bite the bullet and buy the extra shards and get both ty in advance
  5. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    i play a game called War for the overworld, which is fun you have to make your own dungeons and raise pets and make an army. i heard Blood Bowls good to.. very strategic and lots of fun..
  6. Post a Pic of yourself

    halloween fancy dress
  7. LF TL Team

    same as lulu I would love to participate, I'm not great but im happy to help and learn as well, currently trying to find a toon i really lik as well, only prob maybe my time as im based in australia so big time difference but i play all hours to. msbehavin#1399
  8. Clan Meeting Reminder

    how many invites thats enough for an awesome party
  9. Games of our past!

    hey all i played warcraft, duke nukem, magic carpet, C and C, dungeon Keeper was one of my faves and Doom all on PC