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  1. This is Alafin

    So this is Alafins Introduction 1. What's your real name? I come from germany and my real name is Theresa 2. What's your gamertag? Alafin 3. How did you decide that this was the gamertag for you? I was very young back then, i think somethign like 14. It´s some kind of elvish and means "silver cloak". Since then i kept this name althorugh the games I´ve played 4. What is your maingame and why did you choose it? My main game is for honor, and i think it´s fun 5. What kind of gamer are you? Ex: Strategic, reactionary(quick reflexes), Casual, Hardcore. I worte a lot of this in my application already. I was hardcore, but time got rare, and now im more of a casual. However I aim to give my very best any time i play. 6. What do you feel is the most important part about being in a clan? Social contacts. Gaming is more fun with friends! 7. What was the first game you can recall playing? Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. I was ... not even ten. Well the first real game i can remember playing was Morrowind. Since then im TES addicted. 8. What is your favorite game to stream or watch? I used to stream ESO and GW2. I love to watch HotS. 9. What was the worst game you have ever played? I always choose my games really carefully, and since i mainly played MMOs, there isn´t really one, that i would find bad. 10. What is your current occupation? Vet assistant. I also own two cats. I brought both home from work. My family was quite surprised, but now we all love them! 11. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a cleaning woman. Because my mom always cleaned our house, and i loved to help her and spent tiem with her. I didn´t actually choose this job later on^^. 12. What brought you to The Marauders? I studied the For Honor Forums and u guys seemd quite nice!
  2. I wonder what u guys do, when a match gets rough, just as the title says...
  3. What is your Legendary Sword called?

    Death Waster So there are poelple that arent even worth death hum?