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  1. New Discord Channel

    Could we have some informations why that change was made? :3 like ts voice quality is still not topable
  2. Game Night - Overwatch


    I won't be able to be there today. I'm really ill. But might other people start coming again? @XTopgunX, @constant, @Wraith, @Xanamor, @jacky, @Trúden, @BasicallyToast, @AllStarr24, @Jayree, @K1tT3n, @Fritti, @Sagekun, @SooperDaive, @Faerch, @Manuelraa, @Hanhkv, @Command3r, @Fraejix, @Qwerty, @Rebel1705, @Willthefluteboy, @LORDmeSH1NE, @MrCruz, @TheMud, @Blak, @Nebula, @King_Joker, @Limitations, @TheBigFil, @LordGeno, @Squidney, @Zarkete, @Takashiro, @H3nR1, @Warimano, @Wolftailz, @warrior, @Solidusbucket, @Cloggedone, @Pspman, @NovaNerd, @Favorlock, @otter#2990, @Aiuko, @Pinakon, @ArbitrarySketch, @Forsaken238, @Obi_, @hellraiser, @Mercyless
  3. PTR Playground - Wednesdays

    @BasicallyToast Hype :3 for some reason I am not in that mention list so I got no notification about the post. lol. But hey. Good thing I read all the forum
  4. Game Night - Overwatch


    Don't forget the Gamenight! Starts in 20 mins!
  5. Overwatch Practices and Game Night final changes

    Now we only have to get everyone coming :3
  6. Practice Days - Poll

    Just wondering if this Pool is for EU or Na or both? @BasicallyToast
  7. A tool I made

    Hey. Since I have some times under the week I started an new Projekt. A Gamenight Notifier. In the Post I already have some plans for the tool. If someone has some more ideas I would like to hear them.
  8. What new Content would you wish the most?

    Good points I havn't thought about.
  9. Gamenight Notifier Tool

    Since I had time I started to make an Gamenight Notifier Tool. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THIS TOOL IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. BUGS CAN HAPPEN BUGS WILL HAPPEN. I PROMISE, THAT THIS TOOL WON'T DAMAGE YOUR PC. LOOK AT THE CODE IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// How to use: 1. Download [Links below] 2. Start 3. Select Time when you want to get notified 4. Press Start //Don't close the Tool. Or it wont be able to notify you. DOWNLOADS and other LINKS: Repositorie [] Download [] Version: 0.1: First usable and working Version What is planned: - Better Design - Autostart option - Web interface so Game Leaders can change the Time online. So others only have to download the tool and time is set automatic. - Adding support for adding events in the Web interface Wishes? Bugs? Critic? Post below!
  10. Game Night - Overwatch


    @BasicallyToast , @LORDmeSH1NE and @Warimano. First sorry that I havn't wrote her that i had no time yesterday. Next time i can't come too. After that I have time again.
  11. Info Needed!

    We also might wanna change the Overwatch gamenight time back to 20:00 UTC
  12. Info Needed!

    I'm open for every time.
  13. Game Night - Overwatch


    Lets all get together this time.
  14. Practice Session - Overwatch


    I will come fore sure
  15. Toast