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  1. @Mudvayne Woah looks amazing!
  2. @Warimano I agree. Methods like PSA are really better ^^ I might will take some time to see if i would get the same sens as i use right now with that methode
  3. @Warimano I just spent 2 weeks finding the best sens for my. When i npoticed that even after 4 hours of playing i flick to far. I lowered it. and so on. I feel realy good with it my sens i have right now.
  4. I used the bruttforce methode to find my sens
  5. They might would have been to bad
  6. I did a lot with C#. I also done much with C++, Lua, Python and Java. I also made some test for Unity... well and those stayed to be tests. I found out that i love the Unreal Engine. But also just some simple games. If you wan't I'm open for some talking and helping you. I often read myself into 200 Pages of API so might not once more. //I might be late with my answer