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  1. Stun tibbs is a good initiate because it has AoE that extends beyond the skill range so you can catch people from farther away.
  2. I have a challenge for you stick jockeys! Can you ID the four warbirds in this image? I also included a 2nd image for you to appreciate
  3. Hi Laz, I gave this a shot. This is my first attempt at creating this kind of thing in nearly a decade but it didn't turn out as poorly as I thought it would. I also made a mistake with the colours. This will look best on forums with a black or dark skin/theme. It looks like white is the default here and I can't seem to figure out a way to change it. Let me know if you'd like some tweaks. What rank are you in HotS? I am interested in getting some help with the game.
  4. Hi everyone, Are there a lot of NA players here? When do you guys usually play? What kind of SR range should I expect? I made a post in the OW roster thread, but until that gets updated does anyone want to play? I'm in your TS but it is so lonely here
  5. Juicyxeno#1128 NA Role: Offtank/DPS