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  1. If anyone reading this plays on NA servers, please add me and let's get some games in! I'm up for anything. Comp, qp, arcade, customs. If we are doing comp, you will need to be 2000+ because it won't let me play with you otherwise. juicyxeno#1128
  2. @Rebel1705 Hey could you take me off? I had an unexpected cottage visit and I won't be back home in time to participate. Thank you Rebel, and sorry that I can't make it.
  3. Stun tibbs is a good initiate because it has AoE that extends beyond the skill range so you can catch people from farther away.
  4. I have a challenge for you stick jockeys! Can you ID the four warbirds in this image? I also included a 2nd image for you to appreciate
  5. Hi Laz, I gave this a shot. This is my first attempt at creating this kind of thing in nearly a decade but it didn't turn out as poorly as I thought it would. I also made a mistake with the colours. This will look best on forums with a black or dark skin/theme. It looks like white is the default here and I can't seem to figure out a way to change it. Let me know if you'd like some tweaks. What rank are you in HotS? I am interested in getting some help with the game.
  6. Hi everyone, Are there a lot of NA players here? When do you guys usually play? What kind of SR range should I expect? I made a post in the OW roster thread, but until that gets updated does anyone want to play? I'm in your TS but it is so lonely here
  7. Juicyxeno#1128 NA Role: Offtank/DPS