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  1. Request for Coaching - Lehain

    Hey Man, already got this on my list. thx. Lastshadow is just sometimes too much to grasp. I got so much Info, I just kind of need it get sorted out.
  2. Request for Coaching - Lehain

    1. What is your summoner name? Lehain (EUW) 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? Don't mind as long as we get along somehow. 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? I would like to focus on the jungle in these sessions. Counterganking and how to react to a countergank. Vision Control for the Jungler. Decision Making while picking routes and prioritizing between the jungler's options. For example putting in perspective farming at the right time to level up or ganking instead. The junglers I would like to play next season are Maokai, Xin, Warwick, maybe Wukong. 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. custom games, quick queues, going over replays, etc.) Maybe go over basic stuff in custom, do a replay analysis and then queue up to put the things learned to use under some guidance. 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to be able to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? I would like to feel more confident when moving across the map as jungler, knowing that I am not lost in decision-making and have a basic ruleset I can come back to. 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to win more in randoms, rank diamond, place in tournaments, etc.? I would like to climb up to Gold and maybe low plat. 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? Mostly from 17:00 (UTC +1 / Germany) on workdays, weekends all day. We can PM about it.
  3. LFT: Post Info Here

    Name: Lehain [EUW] Rank: Silver 3 (been better, been worse) Role: Supp / Jungle Looking for: People for 3v3 / 5v5 teams, I want to build a roster of people to get good atmosphere back into the game, where one can play without pressure and improve and be constructive. That way the game may be fun again. At least I hope so. PM me or add me ingame if interested. THX
  4. When you get that juicy skin shard

    Yeah, I know that feeling. I have some juicy shards, but I guess I will never complete them... but Congrats!
  5. Looking for more friends to play

    Hy folks, looking for a duo partner, or 3 or more people for ranked flex rift / treeline. Somehow I can't find people who stick to the task while not being ummm... bad characters. You should be around 20+, motivated to improve by working on game relevant skills together / gathering knowledge and improving, while not being obsessed about the game. You should be friendly and forgiving in the moment and able to discuss relevant strategies / mistakes in hindsight. I would love find some people to create a well spirited group of players, where everyone can grow. Lehain (EUW)
  6. Question - List of Micro Mechanics

    Hy, lately I am wondering when to click and when not to. Often I am on a target, following it by the pathing algorithm of the game, then I click for a movement command to DI, and often I misclick then. I think in general I click to much, coming from games like Diablo, where u click to AA, and seeing tutorials earliert on that were all about DI and path optimising. But I think on my level of mechanics, letting the game do its job would be beneficial. I tried to force myself to not click and trust in my char staying on target and so far I had some good experiences with it. What is your opinion on that?
  7. Hey there, you both have valid points here. I think the replay issue is more of a perspective issue and what you want from it. When I am thinking about watching replays I first think about micro mechanics, and that I can find an analyze them. As Inten says, there might be a trap missing the Macro Stuff. The longer I play the more I understand 2 things. In lower elo, Damage is an advantage. Seeing how pro builds go more tanky / utility based I more and more find for myself, that pure damage rules the lower elos. SECOND: Macro plays that don't depend too much on your team, win games in Solo. And that is where you might go blind if you focus on mechanics too much. As an example from another field that might show this even clearer: I can record myself playing guitar and listen to it. It is a great tool, I can hear my attack, the feeling of my playing, the clearness of the notes. But! it will not tell me anything of my knowledge about music theory, the big picture, playing that piece in another key, being able to play it by ear or recognizing intervals etc. The audio gives me a very narrow focus on my capability. I think that is what Inten wants to warn you about. Although the LoL replay could give you more information than the guitar audio, it is easily overlooked in favor of fancy mechanics. And while the guitar player still sounds nice when playing that studied piece and the LoL player might look flashy with his riven combo, both will hit a wall if it comes to progress beyond their current state and field of view. There is a saying with making music: No one ever told me after a gig: Man, your playing really sucked, but the sound was great. You have to cover certain key areas to get better at anything and overfocusing too much may hinder that. Newer learning theories even state, that you should confuse yourself by switching fastly between several key skills of your trade when practicing to imprint it better on the long run. Narrowed down repetition of one thing is out. I love to watch LastShadow Coachings btw. In the beginning I could hardly follow him, in the meantime I am still a bit confused from time to time, but I learn something every time. Had to watch some more "basic" coachings though to really get some lasting progress. The Clacier really helped there with his stream. Simple but true.
  8. Hy there, there are more and more analytical sites popping up for league, also guides and build accumulators. How can I use those stats most efficiently and how can I sort them out to get the most helpful stuff from it?
  9. Hello, I find it hard in general to dodge, even when watching the other player / his champ model. But some seem impossible for me. 1. Riven Qs: some people seem to be able to just walk below her bounce without collision, but how do you predict that? She is already in the air when she turns a direction. 2. Ziggs Q: same as above, although easier for me, since the bounces are longer. 3. Gragas R: seems to be everywhere, but still seems to be dodgeable if you steer clear while the explosion unfolds. 4. Cled R: pretty fast... 5. Zian R: same as above, but slower... 6. Vayne E / Poppy E: how can I position correctly or better yet how can I calculate the range so I don't get stunned? 7. Brand R / Fiddle E: Radius to get away from the bounce? That's all I can think of atm. Thank you for all your insights. Lehain
  10. Question - List of Micro Mechanics

    Hy, thank you for the answer. Will check that out. The face direction... I tried it and the pure cursor movement changes nothing in regard to head movement of my char. Maybe it occurs only after giving a movement based order, but then how would you predict something from that. I just tried it with ez. I can do some kind of Input Buffering, movement command far away and shoot Qs. After each Q Ez will continue the former path. Not so on AA of course. But the Q gives a form of easier kiting. While he does the q he faces in the direction of the skillshot, so this might be some kind of predictor and the head is the most prominent part as seen from above.
  11. Wanna start this of with 2 I can't really explain: DI'ing: Heard Last Shadow talk about it, not sure what it is, something with clicking behind the enemy or path correction from the game's pathing? Input Buffering: I thought it is sth like vayne e on a farther away target, then auto sth, then target e, auto, so if the enemy gets close you e him "out of the buffer". Saw this with doublelift. Cursor Prediction: The faces of the champions look the way your cursor goes? Can someone enlighten me?
  12. So, how does one actually get better?

    Hy there Inten, wow, man, what a post, thank you very much. Your insights are great, and the sophistication you put into you thoughts are prove to me, that my view of the game as "more than a game" are not that far off. Although I often think spending time as much as one sometimes does is not ok regarding a PC Game. But there were nonetheless times when the game gave me motivation and energy for other areas of my live or I was spending time on my health e.g. to get better at the game. There is a certain carry-over. Some points I noticed: How? Just how? I fail smites even if my d Button hangs a bit.... I will try this, although watching my own replays kind of spooks me.... I am afraid I won't like what I see. I know, not a good thing, but we are all just human... That is one of my "problems" atm. I was playing supp a long time and now transition to jungle. I still try to play "with" the team, when a lot of streamers / pros tell you, that in solo queue you should only do stuff you can do by yourself. So if my team feeds I am dragged down with them. I am too afraid of being told I was not "with" the team, afk farming, etc., while my team failed. But the games when I got solo pressure, some turrets etc. were often the gest ones. What you said only to group for TF and Objectives also hints that way. Often there is a problem that when a bot lane wants to swap top after 1st tower, the top player denies the swap. At least at my current elo. Although it makes sense. Or would u say to just go on lane as 3 and push. Problem is often the enemy botlane will then be able to push your tower. I see where you are going with thel last one. In my experience a bad game can be turned by splitting though, if the rest of the team can stall and not die. If they die Splitting will fuck you up. But also, if you dont create some pressure when you are behind, you are sieged to death and inhib turrets will fall if u don't get a pick or they tilt. These are most often the games that feel like "Man what could I have done different to turn this around, I had the feeling there was something in my grasp." One other thing I noticed is, that I have no idea on how long it takes to get across the map. Or how to know if an enemy camp is cleared where the jungler could be gotten and how far in the time since the clear. Since I focus more on jungle as of late, there are now a load of timings and stuff, that I have to still learn.... cu and thx
  13. So, how does one actually get better?

    @League Bot thx a lot for you time. Your answer gives some hints as to what one should maybe prioritize. There are so many things to consider it gets hard sometimes. But stuff like - bot takes first tower go to other lanes or don't back if drake comes up - are golden points for me atm, because I need some strategical guideline to keep a clear head in games. About the basics I disagree a bit regarding what you can do to improve stuff like peripheral vision. I was thinking about writing a topic about that if some free time comes up.
  14. So, how does one actually get better?

    Hey, thx for the like and the replies. Not really sure where this list is going. Thought maybe to fill it with really good lessons and stuff for each point. Maybe in an online MindMap or something...