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  1. How many still play?

    I would like to play more I've just been very busy on Thursday nights between friends in town and Oktoberfest events.
  2. Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan are the commentators on Monday Night Football and they are painful to listen too. Who the hell thought that this was a good idea? Maybe Beth is wearing opened toed shoes and Rex is distracted.
  3. Survive the Storm Experiences & Pictures!

    That was fun I enjoyed it.
  4. Destiny 2

    I played the Destiny, and I never really felt like the game came together as promised. Most of the lore you had to get on the Destiny app to read. The storytelling was pretty bad overall and the voice acting was even worse. If I remember correctly they fired Peter Dinklage and then went back and recorded all of his dialogue with a new voice actor. I am taking a wait and see approach on Destiny 2.
  5. Favorite NFL Team!?

    Oakland Raiders
  6. Terrible but good jokes

    How do you catch a polar bear? Place peas around a hole in the ice and when the polar bear tries to take a pea you push him in the ice hole.
  7. Fortnite Game Night!

    Sweet I will be there!
  8. New Drawing

    Very nice!