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  1. There is no way somebody just stumbled on this with the amount of things needed to do in a certain order. It had to have been leaked by a GM or something.
  2. It is free to play. If anybody loves a good story and quest line. Its not your typical grab a quest go kill 20 mobs kind of game, more mystery solving things. Im just getting back into it if anybody wants to as well.
  3. Does anybody play this? I used to play the crap out of The Secret World, was a good game, great story and questing line. Was the first to beat most of the dungeons when it first came out. Just seeing if anybody plays the new revamped Secret World Legends.
  4. Latest Movie seen + Rating

    @MandoFresh Agree with your assessment, just finished watching it.
  5. HotS Roster

    I just got back into HoTs, played in alpha and beta then stopped for a while, I stopped playing just after Sylvanis came to HoTs. So i have a bit of catching up to do. Account is level 162, no league yet as I'm back to learning my heroes. Is this list updated? because I barely see anybody in Steam for HoTs. I could use some peeps to play with. I consider myself pretty decent at the Heroes I know.
  6. Albion Online

    Are people still playing this. It look like something I want to play but not solo.
  7. Help with Message to the Devs

    Constructors need and additional reduced materials skill to spec into. The base 10% is good, but since being later in the game you require more and more mats for upgrading more elaborate bases. Also maybe the constructor can have a skill to increase material limits. Also some clarification on the Loot chest at the end of the game, why it shows in the mission stats its only a level 1 chest. I have more ideas i just cant remember right now.
  8. Skill Level OVER 9000!!!!

    How does a 23 destroy a 34 in combat score.
  9. Co Stream on Mixer anybody?

    I just started streaming on Mixer the last couple days. I streamed on twitch for a while before and had a decent following, but I now like mixer especially the co-stream ability. So if anybody wants to co-stream that would be awesome. I 'm streaming Fortnite currently, but co-stream dont have to be the same game. It would also help me get to know more peeps here as well. Drop by and give me a like THANK YOU!!
  10. Interested in D&D

    Ive been trying to find the D&D sub forum and unable too, But i am interested in playing. I am new and only dabbled into D&D in high school but with a small school nobody really played. So i have always been interested in playing just never found the group too.