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  1. My Resignation

    I'm returning to League of Legends
  2. Discovery?

    I came across a player online playing GTA Online for Xbox One that had our clan tag. Do we have a GTA Section? or am I mistaken? doesn't seem like we'd be on console games.
  3. Roll Call

    active as requested. will not play unless asked to
  4. Sayonara

    I'm officially quitting For Honor. I've had my fill of all the cheating with the peer-to-peer tech, and tbh the game gets more and more underwhelming each update. so I will be looking to get into a new game night, idk which one just yet. but thanks to the homies for sticking it out so long.
  5. My Return!

    thanks homie!
  6. My Return!

    It's been awhile my friends but I've returned early from my vacation, and I'm pleased to be able to get back to playing. Hope I didn't miss alot.
  7. Monthly Game Section Reports

  8. New Section(s)?

    will do! thanks a bunch for the tip
  9. New Section(s)?

    I thought so too, the fresher game by far. I just dreaded at the thought of people not being able to buy the game then the whole idea goes under. I want to be able to accommodate as much as possible.
  10. New Section(s)?

    how else will we end the next great hyperspace war? haha
  11. New Section(s)?

    sounds like my first endorsement ^_^ would you prefer to play Republic or Empire?
  12. New Section(s)?

    the main server will be Harbinger
  13. New Section(s)?

    Hello, for those who know me my name is Frostee. I am known for being a part of the For Honor section of the clan! However, I have a strong presence in two games that are not a part of this clan that I would like to introduce into the clan. I am posting this for anyone who might be remotely interested. the more names I can get on this roster, the better the chances will be for this to come to fruition. The 1st game is Star Wars: The Old Republic, or simply put SWTOR.. this game has been out for 6 years (7 for those who played beta like myself) and it is still expanding upon itself with new content unsurprisingly I mean c'mon it's Star Wars. lol I am more than capable of coaching, assisting with mostly all in game content and setting up game nights. same goes for my 2nd game, Elder Scrolls Online. what sets ESO apart from other games for me is the idea of them turning the aspects of MOBA PvP into a massive open world free for all. I would love to have the same role as I would in SWTOR for this. IF ANYONE is interested in either, and should need assistance in purchasing ESO to play along with the rest of us (didn't mention SWTOR because it's free to download and play) we can talk about it more one on one. I just really wanna get something going for these games cause they have been loads of fun for me over the years and I know you'd all love them too! Cheers!
  14. Double XP Weekend/Dominion Event

    LOOKING TO FORM A FULL DOMINION TEAM ALL WEEKEND FOR THE DOUBLE XP AND GOLD BOOSTS, I've already repped up 4 times in a few hours, lets get it!
  15. Honor lvl 4 bois

    you have to get honored constantly by most or all of your teammates in game, it's all about who's the most pleasant to play with.