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  1. I don't have any time to jump on for games right now. I'm working 2 FT jobs and when I get home, I hit the hay and repeat. But when the time comes for me to take a vacation, I'll come back and play. Plus, my line of work makes me gruesomely tired to no end.
  2. Already have Destiny 2 but can't install the game nor can my computer run it lol
  3. I work on the weekdays and weekends. Sorry Gumbo. I don't have time to do anything fun anymore. Maybe in the long run. I don't get out of work around 4 PM MT and sometimes I have to work overtime when my department manager needs me.
  4. Umm... I don't know who you are either, Mr. @Goldmask99.
  5. Kingsman: The Golden Circle 8/10 Action-filled movie. Comedy. Adventurous. Killing Gunther 9/10 Pure comedy. Cult of Chucky 2/10 A D- movie. It's Chucky. Oh yea... Idk why i watched this movie. American Made 6/10 It's another Tom Cruise movie. Gawd his movies are sometimes good but mostly silliness. But "American Made" was an A-Okay movie.
  6. I'm the one who always dies first in risk so I have avoided playing risk type games whether on a board or online. But playing with the clan should be interesting.
  7. I play fortnite still but its time to time. Sometimes I'll get on for few hours then leave. I have a full time job (40-50 hours a week) so sometimes I will not get on because I'm tired and need sleep.
  8. Whose all ready for an adventure while stealing treasures and killing Nazi soldiers? The game will be released on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. There's still time to purchase the pre-order offer. For more information, please go to: See you guys on the battlefield!
  9. Same here. COD WW2 will be a pass for me, as well.
  10. I'll do my best to make to one of the team's meetings. Sorry if I missed the meetings on a weekend. I'm finally working now full time during the week plus every other weekend. I've been super tired from work. I've been working between 12 - 18 hours per day. So my days have been... Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
  11. Guys! Be safe out there! I'll be sending prayers to you for safety. Track the storm here:
  12. American Gods (tv show) ... makes me fall asleep.
  13. How do you create a seasoned character? Is there a level requirement?
  14. Played Call of Duty with no sound.
  15. What about peppermint/spearmint incense? Maybe?