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  1. How many still play?

    I just got internet back after Irma raped me. So I havent been on since the 8th because of the hurricane.
  2. Fortnite Game Night!

    Awe, will not be able to make these Hope you all have fun.
  3. Prepping for survival

    Solider, I suck at building...
  4. Fortnite Game Night!

    Sorry to miss gamenight. I have been really sick
  5. The Meta

    I found if you get him early and stop his meat stacks works well. Also have someone with cc or blind and then melt him down. Never 1v1 he will wreck you.
  6. Member Meeting


    Can't make it because I have kickboxing and then jujitsu
  7. The Meta

    I have fallen in love with Samuro. Also play with my brother who plays Stukov. Changed my build a little to increase Sumaros clones as Stukov q ability stacks with the clones making him godly and allowing nice clean up on team fights.
  8. LOL

    RIP Me
  9. LOL

    So at first I thought people hated me. Found out today my headset is trash and broke. Will be getting a new one soon.
  10. Show us your worst perk rolls!

    Safe to say this would almost never break.
  11. Just Me?

    Ok, thanks
  12. Just Me?

    Who else feels expedition mission to be a joke?
  13. Help with Message to the Devs

    Ok, as long as you said daddy
  14. Help with Message to the Devs

    Thank you for this, I forgot about this point. Also I like silver donations