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  1. anyone else having issues loading in. im getting a file block from battleeye and wont let me launch. [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\dxgi.dll".
  2. ashes of creation yes please. just watched their kickstarter video and if i understand correctly the nodes are all separate and controlled by individuals and or guilds, this will make for some AWESOME pvp and sieges. keep us posted on alpha testing, beta testing, I have been waiting over a decade for the next great siege/ realm v realm ( this case node v node) MMORPG. I played dark age of camelot for years and have yet to play a pvp style mmo with that caliber of sieging and clan warfare. Sorry black desert, node wards did nothings for me, WoW was bleh IMO closest to DAOC was lineage 2 and even that was limited to siege events and times as well as "signups". GIMMY MY TRULY OPEN WORLD PVP\ SIEGE THE SHIT OUT OF WHAT EVER WHEN EVER AND WATCH THE CAREBEARS CRY MMORPG PLEASE pretty please, pretty please with a cherry on top.
  3. ok lets kick it old school. pong
  4. ....
  5. ok for some reason the acer predator line wont give me a link. their 4k and ultrawides are insane and priced right now about 2 to 400 off...
  6. is a great monitor i run 3 of them. if your lookin for g-synch the predator line is awsome. ttps://
  7. build is pretty much done, waiting on the ram upgrade seems the geil i have is running fine now that the power issues and memory issues with the gpu and power supply have been dealth with. cant do anything else for the moment every time i touch it i want to change something so im going to let this sink in then do the cable management and rest of the LED accents and post pics of the new toy I run corsair strafe rgb keyboard, i was runnin their new fans in the previous version of the build but i didn't like the light saturation for this build so i went back to the thermaltake riing fans and the coolermaster 200MM fans for the front. yeah yeah i said thermaltake, i dont care about what happened 15 years ago with lawsuits and stupid shit they make a quality product for the most part as long as you read all the specs and know what your getting.
  8. v43

    so. im a Malicent.
  9. question of the day, g-skill or corsair dominator 3200 ddr 4. Apparently the current rig didn't like the storm (even though it was unplugged) and after 4 days of sitting powerless decided to reek havok on my bios, memory and overclocks, considering i need to drain the loops to RMA the GPU i may as well complete afew upgrades as well, ive read nothing but good reviews for both the trident series from G-Skill and of course the vengance and dominator series modules speak for them selves im open to suggestions. btw going with a black and white / uv / full rgb build so yes rgb ram is in the running as well.
  10. v43

    wait a minute i have more post then rev.......... ok he cheated.
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    in that case... BUMP
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    ok this is not the place for this but how the hell do i get rid of the "pokemon trainer" title under my name, i hate pokemon
  13. v43

    some balancing i see. surprised i don't think i saw any balancing to countess but we will see how well it goes over. i am happy to see the buff to phase. wonder if she will be usable again.