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  1. v43

    so. im a Malicent.
  2. question of the day, g-skill or corsair dominator 3200 ddr 4. Apparently the current rig didn't like the storm (even though it was unplugged) and after 4 days of sitting powerless decided to reek havok on my bios, memory and overclocks, considering i need to drain the loops to RMA the GPU i may as well complete afew upgrades as well, ive read nothing but good reviews for both the trident series from G-Skill and of course the vengance and dominator series modules speak for them selves im open to suggestions. btw going with a black and white / uv / full rgb build so yes rgb ram is in the running as well.
  3. v43

    wait a minute i have more post then rev.......... ok he cheated.
  4. v43

    in that case... BUMP
  5. v43

    ok this is not the place for this but how the hell do i get rid of the "pokemon trainer" title under my name, i hate pokemon
  6. v43

    some balancing i see. surprised i don't think i saw any balancing to countess but we will see how well it goes over. i am happy to see the buff to phase. wonder if she will be usable again.
  7. crap, didnt fix anything,
  8. cool.
  9. was like this before. you could buy card packs before with reputation (which you could buy with real money), then they added crates and keys (yep could buy those as well) they are continuing on the same path they have been since ive been playing (open beta). I remember buying tons of card packs when card crafting came out so i could flush out the decks with multiple cards that i needed, as well as to complete my sets. it is free to play and they need to fund development and the game some how. if you look at dota, you can buy skins, crates and such as well. only thing different is this system you need to own the cards and gems you want where in dota and other games the item systems are already implemented in the game and only thing you need is to farm in game. here, if you dont have the card well you cant get it unless you are lucky in the rng department. Now if they implement the card level system to affect pvp, then this becomes a pay to win game. right now, i don't see it as pay to win, the system has been like this since i can remember
  10. just kind of burned out. I still enjoy the game just taking alittle time off. ofcourse if there is a game night ill be there to show support though 8).
  11. thanks for the offer. and keeping us in mind. im sure there are some that need it more than i do so if i play ill do a full purchase, drop them to those that are more in need
  12. id love to run a 40 14 day, gotta get to 40 first lol. and yes that was awesome.. i think even running multiple 3 days is the most effective where coupons are concerned...
  13. It is a little of both. the flat rate scale they have issued really unbalanced the game, tb and kallari now dont need to stack attack speed, they get it automatically, and the scaling on damage is insane. Now add the cards. What you had to sacrifice before to gain is no longer a sacrifice, you get massive stat increases in multiple instances plus actives and passives on most cards, yes you only get 3 but when you dont have to worry about balancing damage, attack speed and either crit health armor regen ect its alittle sad, today we faced the tankiest severog ive seen to date, he had that 1 card that does nothing but increase health INSANE AMOUNTS, stack that with the automatic damage increase he gets with his stacks and the HEALTH he gets with those same stacks i mean shit he wouldnt die. they need to find some way to have a cost/ reward system like before, yeah i can attack 4 times a second but i wont do tons of damage, or i can hit once every 1.5 seconds and cleave you in half. right now you can have your cake and eat it to...... they need to fix this shit.
  14. not sure. myself need a little break. Personally i think they broke the game, With several of the new "re-balancing" of of the heros some are completely broken. It just isn't fun, Ill be back in game after a little while but right now need a little time off. Good luck with the new job and the wife and 7,8,9 and 10.