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  1. cowardlyviking wanted me to let everyone know he will be out of commission for a little while. his power supply seems to have decided to terminate its own existence.
  2. Religion in School

    @Fraejix yep and to include 1 and then completely denounce the other as a fairy tale is wrong. @Nebulon exactly, and i will stand by my statement of survival of the fittest being neutered. it does exist, and i like how you put it "drastically altered from its original". modern human fights this with all of its might, and even pushes the fight into nature drastically changing the survival and propagation of species in the natural world. GOD WE SUCK AS A SPECIES.... lol
  3. Religion in School

    oh yeah. and i LOVE these types of discussions... 8) thanks for the topic @wilson1012
  4. Religion in School

    @Fraejix biology is a science that is proven, now within that science are a lot of theorys as to how certain things happen but not based on evolution and Darwinism. we can see what a cell is made of and how it works, we can even see how the most basic building blocks of life come together to make life work and we are even at a stage where we can change those building blocks down to the dna structures. This is not darwinism nor evolution that is science. We as a society have forgone darwinism 100% the theory of survival of the fittist has been neutered by mankind. religion is a belief based solely on theory and the theory of evolution has a lot of holes in it as does religion but the structure of a cell does not. Now we cant see what makes the dna do what it does under a microscope, is it gods hand or evolution there in lies the theorys, proven facts based off of a theory only strengthen the theory and that is how they eventually become laws example the law of gravity, at one time it was a theory, enough prove facts established it as a law. Now i think you may have meant Evolution being taught in class not biology in that i do agree, if you teach evolution in a biology class then the same class should also teach creationism because both are theory and neither have been proven enough to become laws. currently the only thing in a school that is 100% proven is math. History is written by the victors there for 1 history book vs another will have small modifications and omissions based on the view point of the historian, sociology is viewpoints, even english is subject to the bias of the teacher be it grammar or literature. as for religion in general, if you go to a catholic school yep you should have to learn the ideals and teachings of the religion, if you go to a Jewish private school you learn their belief system. public school, religion in my opinion should not be on the curriculum unless it is an elective. but prayer left to the individual or group of individuals should never be frowned apon no discouraged as long as it does not impede on someone elses ability to learn or go about their daily buisness, again if prayer offends don't take part in it but we shouldn's discourage others from expressing their free will either.
  5. HELP yellow?

    interesting. it is in reshade. disable the fps overlay and the yellow goes away...
  6. Religion in School

    simple answer, yes and no. I went to a catholic shchool, my parents knew what they were sending me to and paying for. in a situation like that then yes religion should be allowed. children are children and their upbringing should be dictated by the parents not society. on the other hand in a public school classes should be offered as electives and allowed to be taken by students with parental consent. should it be forced apon a child by society definitely not, Religious and political viewpoints should be instilled by the parents and then either strengthened or changed as the child grows up and develops their individual personality and beliefs . As for removing religion from school as in "open prayer groups organized by students" or the wearing of religious symbols "by individuals" no, if some are offended by students gathering before the school day and offering prayers for the day to what ever religion they practice they should remember we live in america and that is a freedom granted us by our forefathers. If the group is interrupting classes, physically stopping people and forcing them to pray, or stopping others from enacting their given rights then that group should be stopped but people complaining "oh my god he is on school ground openly praying he is hurting my feelings" sorry. oh and for some background on me. i was raised roman catholic and as i grew and became more open to ideas and able to form my own opinions i left the religion and took my own path and have been a practicing wiccan for over 20 years... yet i still believe in freedom of religion including that freedom to practice it no matter what religion that may be as long as it does not infringe apon the freedoms of anyone else.
  7. HELP yellow?

    what is going on. no matter what i do i cant play, the load in screen and lobby are perfect, when i get in game i cant see anyting it is a solid yellow. get into a building and greens glow rest looks fine but the "sunlight" i cant see a thing other than basic outlines. turning off reshade does nothing, restarting game does nothing, changing the color blind settings does nothing, restarting computer does nothing.............
  8. anyone else having issues loading in. im getting a file block from battleeye and wont let me launch. [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\dxgi.dll".
  9. ashes of creation yes please. just watched their kickstarter video and if i understand correctly the nodes are all separate and controlled by individuals and or guilds, this will make for some AWESOME pvp and sieges. keep us posted on alpha testing, beta testing, I have been waiting over a decade for the next great siege/ realm v realm ( this case node v node) MMORPG. I played dark age of camelot for years and have yet to play a pvp style mmo with that caliber of sieging and clan warfare. Sorry black desert, node wards did nothings for me, WoW was bleh IMO closest to DAOC was lineage 2 and even that was limited to siege events and times as well as "signups". GIMMY MY TRULY OPEN WORLD PVP\ SIEGE THE SHIT OUT OF WHAT EVER WHEN EVER AND WATCH THE CAREBEARS CRY MMORPG PLEASE pretty please, pretty please with a cherry on top.
  10. Champ v Gumbo - Clan wars.

    ok lets kick it old school. pong
  11. 144hz Budget Monitor help?

    ok for some reason the acer predator line wont give me a link. their 4k and ultrawides are insane and priced right now about 2 to 400 off...
  12. 144hz Budget Monitor help? is a great monitor i run 3 of them. if your lookin for g-synch the predator line is awsome. ttps://
  13. man they seem to kill you a alot.........
  14. time to rebuild rig

    build is pretty much done, waiting on the ram upgrade seems the geil i have is running fine now that the power issues and memory issues with the gpu and power supply have been dealth with. cant do anything else for the moment every time i touch it i want to change something so im going to let this sink in then do the cable management and rest of the LED accents and post pics of the new toy I run corsair strafe rgb keyboard, i was runnin their new fans in the previous version of the build but i didn't like the light saturation for this build so i went back to the thermaltake riing fans and the coolermaster 200MM fans for the front. yeah yeah i said thermaltake, i dont care about what happened 15 years ago with lawsuits and stupid shit they make a quality product for the most part as long as you read all the specs and know what your getting.