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  1. new ranks and awards added to page. See first post for update.
  2. Our next member @guacgaming AKA Guac CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON Was knocked down during a fist fight in a small room at the school. Guac came to my aid and finished off the guy I had been fist fighting with knocking him down in the same room. It was still early and many in school didn't have weapons just like us so I told Guac good job and asked him to pick me up. Unfortunately things went a little south from there... Either due to his adrenaline pumping from the fist fight or just his insatiable blood lust nature Gauc proceeded to continue to try to beat the knocked down enemy to death with his fists. It was a small room as I said and in his rage he killed his only friend (It was DUO's) . A inadvertently well placed blow to my head killed me outright from my knocked down state. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir guacgaming/Guac of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE (A little to literally earning that one.....) Awarded the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON (Awarded for friendly fire death due to physically hitting)
  3. @TheLindeN Has received a promotion to private first class and awarded a new ribbon for the incident in which it occurred. Please refer to his post/reply page above to view the updated incident and awards.
  4. Well so far I have yet to actually knock down a teammate with friendly fire so I dunno. I guess I get a promotion to the squad when I do it.
  5. Our next member @RandleBoop CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: BALLS DEEP BADGE COMIC RELIEF BADGE Was following squad mates on a motorcycle about 60 meters back with another motorcycle. RandleBoop was riding passenger on mine when our teammate’s bike in front of us cleared a small hill and was fired upon by a squad at a low wall that they blew past. They were so busy shooting at our squad mates that me and Randleboop decided we were gonna pull right up to light'em up from behind. It should have been perfect as they were oblivious to us and the noise of our bike plus no cover from our side and pinned to a wall they couldn't jump. They were standing all bunched within a couple feet of one another as well. I stopped the bike within maybe 12 meters of these guys and they heard nothing as they shot more rounds at our teammates. I bailed off as soon as possible and lined up my silenced 40 round mag UMP set to full auto........Then promptly die from a whole full auto mag from RandleBoop. He never got off the bike and shot from the back seat putting all his rounds into me when I got off. Worst of all he kept shooting till the mag was dry so I went from full health to insta death pretty much no knockdown %100 friendly fire death. The enemy squad then calmly turns around to see me dead on the ground and Randleboop sitting on the back of the bike 12 meters away in the open and feverishly trying to reload.....he and the Bike are then turned into Swiss cheese after an extremely funny awkward pause. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir RandleBoop of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the BALLS DEEP BADGE for 100% friendly fire knock down and kill Awarded the COMIC RELIEF badge for obvious reasons
  6. Our next member @Donut AKA Aang CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE Was knocked down at top of stairs in a barn style house while rushing a team. Aang was right behind me and unloaded most of a mag into me and while trying to shoot the guy in front of me. To be fair it was a FUBAR situation but never less.... For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir Donut/Aang of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE
  7. Our next member @TheLindeN CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE FIRST CLASS AWARDS: HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE IT'S WAS JESTER'S FAULT RIBBON Was knocked down when hit by a jeep of an enemy team that crashed straight into the building my squad was at. Our team quickly eliminated the enemy and Linden began to police the bodies. He comes up behind me so I figure he's gonna pick me up and we will be on our way..... Instead he unloads his mag into my ass since I was on my knees in front of him. Apparently my name didn't show he said but honestly guys use mini map awareness lol. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir TheLinden of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE UPDATE: 08/13/17 Promoted to Private first class Was pinned in a large shed with a guy waiting right outside the door that had just ran up on us. Linden had been shooting out the door and I saw him stop and look like he was going to reload. Hoping to give him time to reload and force the enemy to split his focus on 2 targets in different directions I went to leap out the door. Unfortunately Linden's reload was just a feint..... He completely faked out not only the enemy but me as well and do to my move his full automatic fire ripped me first shortly followed by the enemy. I died from friendly fire however I recognize this incident was more my fault than Linden's therefore.... Awarded the IT'S WAS JESTER'S FAULT RIBBON
  8. First member of the day goes to @JAyJUHL CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE FIRST CLASS AWARDS: COMMUNICATIONS BADGE HIT'EM WHEN THEIR DOWN BADGE Just before crossing the bridge from military base I specificaly Called out on teamspeak to not shoot across the vehicle and watch cross fire on when we cross the bridge. 15 seconds later while sitting front passenger seat I received full automatic fire from the seat behind me knocking me down and out of the vehicle. The enemy hadn't even shot me yet lol. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir Jay of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. For doing it after being warned specificaly ahead of time you will receive the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD... COMMUNICATIONS BADGE. UPDATE: 08/07/17 3 HOURS LATER Promoted to Private first class Awarded the HIT'EM WHEN THEIR DOWN BADGE Was already down when i received friendly fire as killing blow due to bullet spray from UZI.
  9. UPDATED AS OF 08/16/17 Do to the above average of deaths I seem to sustain due to friendly fire I have decided to keep track for the pure comic golden entertainment of it. I believe I have a very high average compared to anyone else for these deaths. I'll start posting ones that happen as of now, I don't remember all of them in the past so if you have killed me please post the hillarous circumstances and you can be honorific member of the...... JESTER85 DEATH SQUAD! As a rule the kill will be veriefied by me to count and MUST BE RULED ACCIDENTAL! So please be a good sport and don't try it just to get in the club. Pointless titles, ranks and awards will be given to members of the JESTER85 DEATH SQUAD that will serve no purpose but may make you feel special Ranks will be updated as well as an award list. Every member will have their post updated as need be to reflect current rank and awards. CURRENTLY ATTAINABLE RANKS Will be expanded as people progress. PRIVATE (E-1) We all make mistakes and yours was enlisting into this outfit. PRIVATE FIRST CLASS (E-2) Okay I know I said we all make mistakes but the plural part was not meant to be taken literally. CORPORAL (E-3) Your a special kind of stupid aren't you? SERGEANT (E-4) Your level of dumbassery and fuckery is catching up with you. With your promotion now you must be responsible for other fuck ups in your squad.....congrats GUNNERY SERGEANT (E-5) Still can't figure it out huh? Seems like the best part of you ran down your momma's leg a long time ago.... MASTER SERGEANT (E-6) Wow....Your now a Master of Fuckery. "To hold the magazine while firing is like holding the scrotum when taking a piss; you have to expect a certain spread." SERGEANT MAJOR (E-7) .....7 times now, wow you just went full retard. I can still see the coat hanger marks on your skull. WARRANT OFFICER (?) I don't know what to say...Your one step from being stupid enough to be a butter bar. Just stop while your ahead, at least right now everyone is as confused as you are as to were you sit in chain of command or what you do. 2ND LIEUTENANT (O-1) Congratulations...You attained a new level of stupid that other stupid people recognize as leadership. 1ST LIEUTENANT (O-2) I thought when you got your commission you would get smarter.....Guess I was wrong. CAPTAIN (O-3) This is going no where, I'm making you a part time desk jockey wait till you see the paperwork for weapon & ammo requisition MAJOR (O-4) WTF!? Okay for my own safety you are now a permanent desk jockey. The only shooting your gonna do is some waste basket basketball in your office. COLONEL (0-5) ......What did you use!? A stapler?.... or was it a massive paper cut? Seriously!? SITH LORD (TOO FUCKING HIGH) Only someone truely evil is capable of this many "accidents" on there so called "friendlies". Current attainable awards listed bellow. (As people get creative with killing me I will be constantly expanding the list.) CURRENT BADGES HIT'EM WHEN THEIR DOWN BADGE Awarded for already being down when i received friendly fire as the killing blow. COMMUNICATIONS BADGE Awarded for friendly fire death after being warned shortly ahead of time about: My movement, Your firing angle or position, my position, shooting across vehicles etc..... BALLS DEEP BADGE Awarded for 100% friendly fire knock down and kill by you. COMIC RELIEF BADGE Awarded for obvious reasons (whatever it was you can be sure it was funny) CURRENT RIBBONS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON Awarded for friendly fire death due to physically hitting. IT'S WAS JESTER'S FAULT RIBBON Awarded for friendly fire death however I recognize this incident was more my fault than yours. VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER Awarded for friendly fire death due to being run over by a teammate.
  10. I got disconnected from our TS at about same time so I doubt it is just you. Me and JayMain had to use in game chat to finish match so it was probably everyone. I hope this issue is fixed but won't know till I get back on which will probably be Sunday.
  11. My first and only First person DUO was a chicken dinner....... My partner died when about 16 where left. I got exactly one kill during the whole game you do the math...... I saw a guy laying down in the middle of the grass pretty open area with1 rock he was facing 90 degrees from me so not exactly at his back but I was to the side. I calmly got out of cover 45 meters away, ran straight up through open ground and across a road till I was 4 meters away (I had only a red dot and it was raining so plenty of noise coverage) Then calmly sprayed him as he lay there. He never looked up about poor awareness huh? Also as a side note pretty sure my partner if I remember right was Aang/donut I could be wrong but I remember being carried most the game so pretty sure it was him lol. I'll check my screenshots later to be sure and post.
  12. You want an amazing moment? I rammed a guy with can car Yesterday as he just sat there hiding in a bush. Hit him at about 50 KPH and watched him fly 8 meters and my vehicle go stuck on something stopping in front of him. He calmly then uncrouched turned to face me and hosed me down with his Groza. WTF PUBG?!!? I get out of a car at 10 KPH and almost die he got hit at 5 times the speed and lives?!
  13. For the record I am not bored of PUBG! However yes it is at times irritating......But how can you be bored when playing with @TheLindeN and seeing how many teammates he can have "accidently jump on the hood of his car" as he puts it? Plus when playing with him I can walk away when I die early and take a shower knowing @TheLindeN will still be alive and get us top ten when I come back. lol. Or seeing the next hysterical thing @RandleBoop will do? Yesterday we made the call to break windows on the apartment we were in and one of the guys accidently threw a grenade threw the window and almost blew up our only transport. Driving across the whole damn map with a jeep with 1 tire shot out? By the way top speed is around 55KMH...You can almost run as fast as we were going it was quite comical. If you are bored you can always just camp a bridge and stack the cars. My record is now 3 buggys, 4 cars, 3 jeeps, 2 motorbikes with side cars and 1 bike without. Hysterical things happen when people try to bash through a road block. (be sure to pop the tires when in place.) Yes FPS/lag issues can be annoying, I mean I built a brand new computer so I would not have to deal with FPS issues but meh, what you gonna do it's a work in progress. It is still very playable most of the time. I would like to see more game modes, seriously we can do more than just circle of death. I would like to see a team death match mode or a zombie mode added. More maps obviously but to be fair I'm not bored of the first one. I would love a snow map that shows boot prints when people walk. Tracking people through the snow would be awesome new aspect and for even more fun add a blizzard weather mode for the climate that limits vision to medium and short ranges would be a cool spin.
  14. I'm really interested in doing the first person game mode and any vehicle changes. I think I will like 1st person better.
  15. This is the most hilarious thing that has happened to me I think thus far in PUBG. In the image what you are seeing is bubbles...That's right bubbles floating in mid air above water. In fact it is an active animation going on during the game as if you were swimming underwater except It never stopped. Now at first this was really funny but as you can imagine it caused some spotting issues. I started out in Yasa....ect who remembers the spelling lol? That's were this picture is taken when I take a brief stop in the apartment to snap a pic. Outside those apartments I lure my first victim on pure accident as I hunker behind a wall he sees nothing but bubbles floating above the half wall and turns completely of his course to come check me out lol. He stops 5 feet from the wall and stares so I obligingly pop of and give him a blast of shotgun to the face. I proceed to lay down in a crop/wheat field which gives the hilarious illusions that the bubbles are like wish willows blowing there seeds across the field. I don't have to wait to long before someone proceeds hay bale to hay bale and then stops about 12 feet from me and stares at the bubbles. Again I oblige him with my shotgun and loot his body. Circle is much smaller now maybe only 3 more left. Guy drives by me laying in the crops and turns his buggy 180 and stops next to me to get out. He was about 30 feet from me still and I got nervous so I used the silenced AKM I got from the previous owner and spray him. By bad luck (poor skill?) I miss quite a bit and only hit a few body shots but instead of shooting me he turns to a bush on my left 15 feet away and shoots so eventually I spray him enough to kill him since he has no idea obviously where I was. Circle is small only 1 more circle left after this one and I don't even have to move I am laying down by a hay bale in a crop field when my luck runs out. For no reason other than the bubbles that seem to attract everyone this guy who runs out of a yellow house sharply changes direction and stops at a bale 30 feet away. Seeing my mysterious bubbles he throws a hand grenade well cooked and blows me away, obviously he was not as curios as my other victims. It was loads of fun but I was happy to not see this glitch ever repeat itself as once was definitely enough lol.