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  1. It's gotten better over time but yes still happens
  2. I think it was maybe 2 or 3 days ago that me linden won 3 in a row. 1 duo and 2 sqaud.
  3. Our next member @LivingBloodLust CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: BALLS DEEP BADGE COMIC RELIEF BADGE INSANITY MEDAL FRAGIACIDE! RIBBON ......I'm truly at a loss for words on this one. You got 4 awards off of 1 incident and damn near close to 5 had our teammate been just a tad slower in running for cover but goddamn, it was funny as hell....... At a compound in a large 2 story building we are assaulting a squad that is pend up on the second floor. 3 of us are in the hallway on the second floor that has the only stairway leading out our last team member is watching the front outside so they don't try the only other exit via front balcony. Livingbloodlust is about 10 feet down the hallway from me and throws a grenade through the door at the enemy.....Which bounces off the door frame and rolls to my feet. I'm knocked down now but it's okay there are 3 of us and Livingbloodlust continues to watch the door as our other teammate picks me up. Then Livingbloodlust pulls another grenade and try's to again throw it through the again bounces off the door frame and perfectly sails through the air straight at my face. I have just time to yell, and I quote best to my memory " Oh my god, no, no, no, noooo!!!" before the explosion. I had been 1.1 seconds away from pickup when the grenade sails at me hitting me in the face so hard I swear I should have taken some damage just from the impact. My teammate wisely stopped picking me up by then and fled for cover again as I stare at the grenade that came to rest in the floor in front of me. After my death livingbloodlust was laughing hysterically as I sat there dumbfounded and said "Are you fucking kidding me!?" before I too started to laugh hysterically. It was pretty damn funny and as I replayed word for word what I saw in detail we just kept right on laughing. Our squad is slaughtered in that compound shortly after that with you guessed it.....Livingbloodlust as the only survivor who runs away to the jeep we pulled up in to make his getaway. However in his haste he grabs wrong jeep and steals the enemy jeep.......that had a flat tire. The enemy squad realizing their quarry is escaping began to shoot at the crippled jeep as it rolls away through the open cornfield. Livingbloodlust somehow escapes though with vehicle limping on one tire, smoking and bullet ridden. He even goes on to get us 2nd place....don't ask me how. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir LivingBloodlust of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. AWARDED THE FOLLOWING BALLS DEEP BADGE Awarded for 100% friendly fire knock down and kill by you. COMIC RELIEF BADGE Awarded for obvious reasons (whatever it was you can be sure it was funny) INSANITY MEDAL: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. You knocked me down doing something stupid and then went right on to do the same thing again to kill me. Good examples are.... ran over twice, fragged twice FRAGIACIDE! RIBBON: Causing the death/knockdown of jester by frag grenade
  4. New rank promotion for @TheLindeN making him the current highest ranking member of the Jester85 death squad! Normally I would just update/edit his current filed post however this situation was so epic it deserves it's own post. There will be a picture/diagram to follow and be included in this posting made by Linden himself. I will be adding it to this post but for now the current computer I'm using won't allow it so.... I believe we had just driven up on one of the few if only structures in the circle at this point, a 3 story house. A ridge nearby allowed us cover to get up and into the house which we knew had an enemy squad. I think we had 2 or 3 circles after this one and this building was on/near the edge of said circle. We knew we had additional sqauds behind us towards the center of circle so we had to secure our rear thus why we attacked the squad in this house. It was all going fairly well, to well actually. Players on our squad were @Darkness @vacuumebox @TheLindeN and @jester85. We had 2 AWM'S, 1 M249B, 1SKS, 1 KAR98 on our team half of us had lvl 3 armor and helmet silenced AR's all the trimmings.....needless to say we were kitted like gods. We drove up on this house (the narrow 1 room to a floor 3 story kind.) and made entry without any deaths. Took out a few of his teammates till only 1 was left on the top floor. Linden who is outside at ground level calls out he is grenading the 3rd floor and tosses a frag through the topmost window perfectly and is then shot down as it leaves his hand. At this time Darkness is on the 2nd floor and just starting to rush the stairs to the 3rd floor I am trailing behind him just entering the second floor. The stairs to the 3rd floor as you will see in the picture goes up half a flight along the wall then has a landing that turns 90 degrees to the next half a flight. The enemy fleeing linden's grenade runs down half the stairs straight into darkness and die's from Darkness' automatic fire. The grenade from which the enemy fled had bounced into the room off the top of the window sill and across the floor, then dropped down the first half of stairs and bouncing off the wall on the landing leading to the second half of the stairs. It comes to rest halfway between the landing and the 2nd floor on the stairs directly in between myself and darkness. We are both knocked down instantly by the blast. Now I don't know how the physics work I this game but I this was some blast. I was a little ways away from the bottom of the steps at full health and I know from experience in an open room or field that grenade would not knock me down. In real life the stairs would direct the blast straight into my face so maybe that's what happened because I was not that close. Either way it's okay right cause the enemy is dead and Vaccumebox is up and starting to revive me with darkness soon to follow. Then circle hits and we know it's over.....Not even Vaccumebox survives as the precious time he wastes reviving me seals his fate and we all die from circle as the result of one grenade. This is what makes PUBG so great! It was not linden's fault or anyone else's really, the throw was amazing! It was a use of good and sound tactics that achieved the objective. And yet.... Murphy's law came into effect and destroyed what was to be our delicious chicken dinner. So here's to Linden for a truly undeserved but yet still counting promotion to the highest yet attained rank of CORPORAL (E-3) Of course a friendly fire incident as epic as this deserves some truly epic awards so without further ado. AWARDED THE FOLLOWING FRAGIACIDE! RIBBON: causing the death/knockdown of jester by frag grenade WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?! MEDAL: causing multiple teammate knockdowns/deaths within a short period of time. (one must be jester) BUT WHY GOD??? RIBBON: The friendly fire incident was truly no ones fault and declared an act of god.... how unfortunate.
  5. Thats Rookie Numbers.

    I fully agree on the needing to pump up the numbers. I can't say I agree on the whole have to go discord thing and honestly I don't think that's to relevant to what we are discussing. Yes I acknowledge that many use discord but I can't say it is exclusive or really much better to the pubg gaming community. Honestly our clan having multiple chats I think would be a mistake and migrating to a new chat would be just as annoying. If a new guy dosen't want to join because of such a minor issue like this then I doubt he is that interested in joining anyway right? The programs are both free and easy to download then use. I'm kinda a noob again to PC gaming as I haven't done it at all for last 7 years so take my opinion for what you think it's worth.
  6. What do you do for living?

    To summarize I process and guard Naughty boys and girls 17 and over shortly after they commit their activity's that landed them behind bars. Some are polite and some aren't to various levels of disparity. I have to say my work has allowed me to see the very worst that society has to offer and how ignorant people can be of it's existence. That being said not everybody who comes through is a physco so that's nice.....
  7. No for 2 reasons. First of all then technically any friendly fire incident I do would by default be my fault so I would always get award for every incident. Secondly you did a pretty good job of boning that situation yourself as well. I mean you ran straight at me on a catwalk that can only fit 1 person and then assumed I would turn my back to the enemy who was then actively hitting me and run back so you could get through to a dead end. The only exit was the stairs and you ran past them. Had you taken the stairs it would've first prevented him from catching you and secondly put an enemy with no weapons in between us. You could actually have stayed still at this point and fight ideally. Even if he knocks you down you would've landed a punch and this would've meant he had his back to me for easy cleanup/kill. Then I could pick you up if you were down.
  8. Our next member is myself! @jester85 CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WHILE ARMED RIBBON TheLinden was being chased on the catwalk in top of factory. I was on same catwalk the enemy was punching me through linden and lindens name display was mixed with the enemy. So I swung with a scythe Linden was knocked down and the enemy then finished me with another punch to the upper body. For downing TheLinden in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir Jester85 of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON (Awarded for friendly fire death due to physically hitting with a melee weapon)
  9. new ranks and awards added to page. See first post for update.
  10. Our next member @guacgaming AKA Guac CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON Was knocked down during a fist fight in a small room at the school. Guac came to my aid and finished off the guy I had been fist fighting with knocking him down in the same room. It was still early and many in school didn't have weapons just like us so I told Guac good job and asked him to pick me up. Unfortunately things went a little south from there... Either due to his adrenaline pumping from the fist fight or just his insatiable blood lust nature Gauc proceeded to continue to try to beat the knocked down enemy to death with his fists. It was a small room as I said and in his rage he killed his only friend (It was DUO's) . A inadvertently well placed blow to my head killed me outright from my knocked down state. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir guacgaming/Guac of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the HIT'EM WHEN THERE DOWN BADGE (A little to literally earning that one.....) Awarded the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RIBBON (Awarded for friendly fire death due to physically hitting)
  11. @TheLindeN Has received a promotion to private first class and awarded a new ribbon for the incident in which it occurred. Please refer to his post/reply page above to view the updated incident and awards.
  12. Well so far I have yet to actually knock down a teammate with friendly fire so I dunno. I guess I get a promotion to the squad when I do it.
  13. Our next member @RandleBoop CURRENT SQUAD RANK: PRIVATE AWARDS: BALLS DEEP BADGE COMIC RELIEF BADGE Was following squad mates on a motorcycle about 60 meters back with another motorcycle. RandleBoop was riding passenger on mine when our teammate’s bike in front of us cleared a small hill and was fired upon by a squad at a low wall that they blew past. They were so busy shooting at our squad mates that me and Randleboop decided we were gonna pull right up to light'em up from behind. It should have been perfect as they were oblivious to us and the noise of our bike plus no cover from our side and pinned to a wall they couldn't jump. They were standing all bunched within a couple feet of one another as well. I stopped the bike within maybe 12 meters of these guys and they heard nothing as they shot more rounds at our teammates. I bailed off as soon as possible and lined up my silenced 40 round mag UMP set to full auto........Then promptly die from a whole full auto mag from RandleBoop. He never got off the bike and shot from the back seat putting all his rounds into me when I got off. Worst of all he kept shooting till the mag was dry so I went from full health to insta death pretty much no knockdown %100 friendly fire death. The enemy squad then calmly turns around to see me dead on the ground and Randleboop sitting on the back of the bike 12 meters away in the open and feverishly trying to reload.....he and the Bike are then turned into Swiss cheese after an extremely funny awkward pause. For downing jester85 in glorious accidental combat I knight thee Sir RandleBoop of the JESTER85 DEATH SQAUD. Awarded the BALLS DEEP BADGE for 100% friendly fire knock down and kill Awarded the COMIC RELIEF badge for obvious reasons