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  1. ARK Aberration Server Available

    Hey aipsylon on steam. Won't be around much today, but id love to join it
  2. Worldwide games night

    Worldwide Game night was supposed to be happening now right?
  3. God Discussions - Rama

    I like a middle sensitivity for his ult, I find that the ult is a lot about predicting their next juke more than twitching in the direction that they are going currently. The charge time on the circles leaves enough time for someone with good reactions to turn and get out of it no matter where you put it. One case where I like a high sensitivity is if you are trying to snipe a character that has a predictable leap or dash, Nieth and Apollo being two prime examples. When they start their dash you can move to the end to guarantee your next shot will hit.
  4. Smite Roster

    In-Game Name: aipsylon Region:NA Ranked Mode: Preferred Role: Adc/Support
  5. God Discussions - Anhur

    I am the opposite, I like hunters, but have never gotten the hang of Anhur, I think it is the auto animation. Pillar blocking camps is my favorite trick he has.
  6. 1. What's your real name? Paul 2. What's your gamertag? aipsylon 3. How did you decide that this was the gamertag for you? I was watching Battlestar Galactica (the original) reruns and needed a new username since my last was too bland when I tried to think what other things I enjoyed I came up with psychology hence the intentional misspelling of cylon. 4. What is your maingame and why did you choose it? Smite. I really don't know what it is about it most games I grab for a couple months then get bored of it and set it down. Smite held my interest. 5. What kind of gamer are you? Ex: Strategic, reactionary(quick reflexes), Casual, Hardcore. Casual,strategic. I play the games for the fun of it, I have been playing for a while so I have a firm grasp on the concepts, but definitely would not call myself hardcore. 6. What do you feel is the most important part about being in a clan? Looking for a community to play with, when you paly together you tend to get fewer toxic randoms and when you do you have others to help you shrug it off and enjoy. 7. What was the first game you can recall playing? Pong on my Atari 8. What is your favorite game to stream or watch? I don't have the hardware to stream, but whatever game I am playing at the time is my favorite to watch. 9. What was the worst game you have ever played? Streamline, looks like it could have had potential, but long cues and 2v3 matches where the game was clearly designed for 8v8s 10. What is your current occupation? I work in retail, but graduated with a degree in software engineering, hope to have a job in that field soon 11. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? Are we talking like 5 b/c I wanted to be a garbage man, but recently it has been a toss up between a programmer and a marine biologist. 12. What brought you to The Marauders? My old clan leader left and the clan slowly shrunk since no one new could be added. When we went to move there was a split and lots of drama so I just friended the people I liked playing with and started looking for a new clan.

    What are you talking about they took off the 3s cooldown reduction that totally is a nerf (j/k).
  8. (Not sure if I am allowed as just a member to post, if I am not please take this down.) Mid-Season Patch is up- 4.13 Anybody have any thoughts on this? Personally I am glad to see that they did not just remove fatalis from the game(sorta), like they did with golden bow. I'd have hated to see the few characters suffer because they buffed an item to be too powerful.
  9. Sneak Peak to the new Goddess from Facebook!

    Maybe she'll be like Da Ji and need a buff. If you go back 10 you get 2 of each role: Cu Chulainn-Warrior Da Ji-Assassain Ganesha-Guardian Cernunnos-Hunter Kuzenbo- Guardian The Morrigan-Mage Nike-Warrior Thoth-Mage Camazotz-Assassain Iaznami-Hunter
  10. Next Tier 5 Skin Vote Reminder

    I voted for Jing Wei because I love I-dusa and Ullr is my worst god even though I main ADC
  11. What do you love the most about Smite?

    The Streamers general good attitude. In other mobas I found it difficult to watch the streamers for it because of their BM of other players and often even their viewer-base. While this does happen with some streamers and sometimes in smite, questions from viewers are often answered in a coaching manner. Not really about the game, but something that keeps me sticking around Smite.
  12. What do you hate the most about Smite?

    +1 For me personally: -VGS spam -People that spew salt all game long. Have lost games because someone was typing salt instead of attacking the titian. It does not help, just drags the team down.