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  1. I can't wait
  2. I'm just generally weak
  3. I meant just as well you didn't join Champion
  4. Just as well you didn't join the HRE then huh.
  5. Give me some time to eat Scotland and England then maybe I can help
  6. If you'll support me and Scotland against England I'll support you should your vassals start getting uppity again
  7. I'm not drunk I swear! I believe your exact words were "Fuck you Castille!"
  8. You're both south of me and shhhhhhh you started with good development
  9. Yeah keep fighting you silly Southern Europeans, buy me time to build my mighty Irish empire
  10. I'm playing it a lot too.
  11. Won't be able to attend game night this Sunday. Sorry guys!
  12. @Gumbo037 No Political is the one you currently have it in and player is the same but only shows the players up and not any ai.
  13. Quick thought. Maybe have 2 pictures of the map in the political and player map modes?
  14. GO permissions seem to be fine. I can view all forum areas and move people on teamspeak.