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  1. Accordion to a recent survey most people don't realise when you replace words with musical instruments.
  2. Try Headstong by Trapt
  3. Yupp all working now, thanks.
  4. I'll be on tonight but I'll be in the hangout just poke me whoever is first on.
  5. What weird and lanky? I dunno must be the voice.
  6. Nope nothing there @Roughknite
  7. Crazy derp face and a more normal one.
  8. Kinda funny how they basically ddosed themselves.
  9. @Roughknite Yup, New Dawn dropped, and was promptly followed by their servers under a massive surge of people. Here's there log of how things went:
  10.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author Servers are dead now so.
  11. You're not wrong there.
  12. Why are smokers like nuns with torn clothes? They've both got bad habits.
  13. Me, Frostee and Dvdoh are already on