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  1. Game Night's Logs

    Which Game was this for Game Night: For Honor How Many Players Attended: 3 Names of Attended Players(SCREENSHOTS NO LONGER ALLOWED): Nebulon, McApple, FishyPixels Duration of Game Night: ~5 hours Person in charge of said Game Night: Nebulon
  2. Super Power

    That's my jam!
  3. Max Punish List

    Muchas gracias, didn't realise lawbringers parry -> zone is actually quite helpful
  4. Member Discussion - New year, new me

    No resolutions. New year, same me. Just stayed up with my girlfriend to watch fireworks and spend a quiet evening in. No point making resolutions I know I won't keep.
  5. Pointless Count to 10,000

  6. Religion in School

    The more the world knows the better off it is
  7. Religion in School

    Just one minor detail. Islam isn't based of Christianity, nor is it the other way around. Instead they share a common basis in Judaism.
  8. Game Night - Saturdays at 4PM Eastern

    Sorry was wayyyyy out of it, I'm on now. Only 15 minutes late
  9. Religion in School

    I mean to be pedantic a scientific law is still a theory, it's just a theory with no solid opposition and is accepted to be true by the vast majority of leading academics. Gravity is still a theory, but also a law because no one can prove otherwise. All laws are theories, not all theories are laws. Edit: Survival of the fittest is still very much a thing, it's just within human society the definition of what counts as fit to survive and what does not has drastically altered from it's original.
  10. Same as before, same error code. Happened both times right after I changed ranks. Coincidence?
  11. Closed Moderated Hangouts Room (Music)

    Ahh you misunderstood my bad. I listen to music while I wait for someone who's playing the same game to come on, so I want to be disturbed but if I just sit in the hangouts I get messaged not poked and unless I open teamspeak I wouldn't know. Whereas if I was in a music room they'd know they'd need to poke me. Apologise if I'm making little sense, might be a wee bit sleep deprived.
  12. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    You got it boss.
  13. Recruiting Meeting - Date X

    Free all day every day almost.
  14. Closed Moderated Hangouts Room (Music)

    More the former. So people would know I was available but would need to be poked, nicknames aren't quite long enough to fit that message. Though wouldn't oppose the latter.