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  1. I think this describes me very well
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  3. After my first playthrough of the campaign, some pvp matches and some strikes i found Destiny 2 to be a total improvement over the first game. They successfully made a comprehensive story that actually had character this time and not just a bunch of nonsense. I love how they added this "adventure" feature for in between missions and not just patrols. The gun play is the same from the first, good. Havent done the raid yet... I think you need a premade squad for that though... but that can wait. So i gotta say they pulled through making this game a huge improvement from the first. Now im just going to finish the games story with every character just to top it off
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  5. Im kind of looking forward to Destiny 2. It looks like a better game from what i have seen so far. Honestly the first one was a fantastic shooter. Felt very smooth for a console exclusive. Of course the story was shit for the first, didnt have much impact unlike i think the second is leading up to.
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  8. Im currently an independent/freelance 3D animator. Just sitting hours on end on one or two animations. Oh, and playing video games.
  9. No Tomorrow - The Birthday Massacre Pins And Needles - The Birthday Massacre Sleepwalking - The Birthday Massacre In The Dark - The Birthday Massacre Feeding Frenzy - Otep Zero - Otep Lords Of War - Otep Jekyll And Hyde - Five Finger Death Punch Death Before Dishonor - Five Finger Death Punch I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin - Metalocalypse : Dethklok I got a whole bunch more but these are on top of my long list.
  10. Ragdolls will be forever entertaining in any game
  11. @Rider Hope im wrong too. More good needs to come to this game
  12. @Rider Really dont get what you mean by my name but okay. But im not going to be that guy who complains about everything. So far, among all the people i play with talk a lot of smack and complain with every update. I for one am welcome to this change. Im just cautious because after all, this is a fighter. Dedicated servers introduced to this game may be not such a good idea. Thus ill have to see. Dont rush to conclusions about me. I honestly have trouble explaining my opinion on things without sounding like an ass.
  13. This going to a huge mistake, i just know it
  14. Count me in. my in-game name is LieutenantKilljoy
  15. Id recommend Durarara!!, Durarara x2 and K. Those two iv watched and are addicted to recently.