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  2. New Mini-14

    Pretty cool. Hopefully it will be as rare as the kar98 because the m14 is already a broken marksman rifle.
  3. Religion - Necessary or not?

    Depends on the religion and the people. The religion can be a violent cult or something and the people can be violent while the religion is good. Pros-it can lead people towards a right direction and change them to be good and it brings the community together Cons- it can back fire and create extremist that follow a leader blindly and people may enforce their belief on others. If the human nature wasn't so complex we wouldn't need religion because most people leans towards religion in their breaking point in life.
  4. Give me your Bingewatch-series!

    The only shows i watched often was Criminal Minds, My Name Is Earl and Spartacus. Spartacus has a good plot but it also has too much nudity. My best recommendation is Futurama. I watched all 10 seasons the past 2 months. It's a good comedy and it also has it's sad moments.
  5. Anime Recomendations?

    I would recommend rurouni kenshin. It's not a really long anime because it only has like 96 episodes but it's really entertaining.
  6. King Provider. That doesn't even sound like a sword.