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  1. Raider coaching

    Aww, I was hoping for tips against raider post buff, haha. So much feint, so much stamina loss, so much unblockable feint parry bait.
  2. Conqueror Discussion

    I played earlier and tried out charging a heavy as a reactive block counter. It kinda worked. I got a couple of hits off but I usually left it a little late. I'll practice a bit more but, you're right, it's possible. Yeah, I agree. The cent and PK are the main ones to watch out for but other characters with feints can always use B (or circle or the equivalent keyboard binding) then guardbreak and it'll still be pretty fast. I haven't really tested it enough to say if it's too fast or not but it would be pretty hard to react to either way. Are you sure it gives that much of a boost? Haha. It always felt like the Lv1 charge only gave about 3-5 extra damage.
  3. Conqueror Discussion

    Using the charged heavy as a reactive counter is good in theory but in practice the timing is extremely difficult. You'd have to be very fast to begin charging as you see your opponent starting their attack and then you'd still have to match their guard. You'd have to be even faster to cancel in time for a feint, especially if they faint directly into a guardbreak from a heavy like the centurion. It's always far safer to block then guardbreak a heavy, or dodge and shield bash for the light. That way if they cancel into guardbreak you can counter it with a guardbreak interrupt or you'll already be halfway into your shield bash and they can't guardbreak you out of it.
  4. For Honor Roster

    Uplay: Duskmare
  5. Damage Values.

    Nice! I've been looking for a stat sheet like this one.