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  1. Drinks are on me.
  2. Where did the name SirPie come from?
  3. Lol, Such a resemblance. It's quite challenging to micromanage his rage bar to prevent his Berserk form till a teamfight or when needed. At least from my experience with the character
  4. IGN: Petercob NA/EU: EU Mode: Conquest BEST ROLE/2nd BEST/3rd BEST: ADC/Solo/Mid Level 30 and/or 20 Gods Mastered: Level 30. 86 Gods Mastered (As of 20/06/2017)
  5. Definitely an idea to take into account.
  6. The Wyvern describes me best. I'll let your minds work out the meaning.
  7. Hmm. Creates the same problem in reverse. Plus there were roughly 20-30 gods released after Beta. Where do you start there?
  8. So, are you going backwards by release then? So it'd be the new god, Cu Chulainn. Then Da Ji, Ganesha, and so on? If so, gods like Zeus, or Poseidon are a really far way off. If some people are opposed to that idea, you could instead run a weekly vote on who to discuss the following week from a list of 4-5 gods. These can be meta relevant gods, or just straight random picks from a random generator, plus discussions on more favourited gods will become apparent quicker than less favored, and in my personal opinion, keep the discussions from going stale or having little inputted.
  9. I would if I had a full set of items. I'm not sure how people get the items they want so quickly, do they just grind or is there something I'm missing?
  10. Currently, I'm a student finishing my Diploma in Information Technology and Computing.
  11. Well, everyone else has put one of these up. Might as well do the same. Ask anything, I'll do my best to answer anything asked
  12. Several questions, because why not 1. Your signature is a quote from a fantastic Chinese advert, commonly seen as one that would "make you cry". My question, is why did you chose that specific quote? 2. You'd done an interview not too long ago. Was that your first attempt at doing something like that, or had you prior experience in the field? (Btw, good job on it) 3. What are your core hobbies that you partake in? 4. One question asked before was how much beer would get you drunk. Your reply was you don't drink beer, you drink Liquor. So my question, what is your favorite alcoholic beverage? 5. While we're at it, what is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? (Such Original, Much Wow) 6. What is your opinion on Dragons? Overall. 7. I often get told if I moved to the US with my accent (British), I'd get a job instantaneously. From your knowledge being a resident of the US, would you agree with this? That's it for now. I might throw some more in another time or something, idk.
  13. In-Game Name: Petercob Server: EU Level/Rank: 30/Unranked S4 Preferred Role: ADC (Conquest main)