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  1. Building Power, Pen and Attack Speed is all well and good when Pub Stomping. No one is going to focus you down because they don't have the communication that a team or high-ranked squad would have. However, In anything around Gold 1 and Higher, when teams start actually talking, this is just going to get you focused and killed repeatedly. Amaterasu is already in an awkward position for this meta due to the other Solo laners currently available to use in Conquest, or just other Warriors in most other game types. Ama does bring solid mobility, utility, and CC to her team, but building her damage rather than as a frontliner will always get you killed against good players. You need to be able to stay alive long enough to pop her ultimate off in a teamfight, as well as backline to get the passive activated and continue harrassing the enemy team while your actual damage (ADC, Mid and Jungle) will shred them while they are CC'd. If you don't frontline, and instead try to play as one of these other damage roles, you'll find yourself getting focused by their frontliners, which can be gods such as Osiris, Ravana, who will CC you into their team, and without protections, probably murder you as well. In teamfight oriented modes such as Arena, Siege, and Clash, Ama performs better. But Conquest, which for me is always the mode to consider when evaluating a character, building like this may even cost the game. As for the Relic choices, Horrific is fine to pick up at the start if you know you can outdamage your opponent, but if they have Shell and an escape it ends up being useless until the teamfights. Teleport is for when you know you're going to either get outpressured, or lose lane, so that you can teleport back to avoid missing xp and gold. There is more input I could put here. I don't want to sound like I'm targeting here, but as a Coach I couldn't read this and not say something.
  2. Information needs clarification. I can probably play today, if I knew when
  3. Similar to characters like Ullr, Hou Yi, and Chiron, Anhur is a very mechanical god to master. Being able to land Impale combos from your Leap into a Pillar to follow with the ult is a skill that most ADC players either rarely pull off, or dream of getting. If you cannot land Impale, you will never do well in a higher elo match with him. Build wise, you'd generally stick to a more Auto Attack based build than Ability based, as most of his kit is designed to help hit Auto's easier. So, if we use the current season as the example, you'd look towards going Boots, Ichival, Exe, Qins, Titan's Bane, Obow/Toxic Blade. Or even a crit build works fine on him. Building ability based with items like Transcendance or Shifter's may pay off in the early, but you'll fall off harder in the late game because of them. Between Deaths Toll or Bluestone Pendant, I find Deaths' Toll to be more consistant than Bluestone on Anhur. Although the BS clear is still nice, DT keeps you alive. Matchup wise, generally speaking Anhur sits in the middle of Matchups. Gods like Cupid, Chiron, Ah Muzen Cab and even Cernunnos to a degree are all good matchups for Anhur, mainly due to either their lack of clear, or lack of early game damage compared to Anhur within a 1v1 scenario (Will talk about supp's later). However, most late game ADC's that can have a presence in the early game, like Rama, Hou Yi, Ullr, can all do well against Anhur and pressure him effectively. Anhur thrives in the early to mid game, but can still have some presence in the late game, depending on the enemy team comp, how you play with him, and how your team assists you. In the early game, the enemy supp and your supp will dictate whether you must play aggressive or passive in the early game. Ares is a hard counter to Anhur due to his immunity from Impale and being able to cripple him. Unless you have a supp who is knowledgeable enough to save stuns for the flames/chains, you need to play passive vs Ares. Other supp's with high pressure can also pose a problem, such as Khepri, Ymir, Kumbha, Artio, etc, as they will clear faster than you, especially if they realize they can stand in wave to block your impale from clearing. Desert Fury in the early game will shred most opponants, and is a great tool when aimed well. It can also be used to secure early gold furies/portal demons when needed. Strategy wise, you wanna pair Anhur with another high pressure Supp so he doesn't lose his early game potential. Supp's I would recommend to use include: Khepri, Ymir, Artio, Sobek and Fafnir. Other supp's will also benefit Anhur, but these are the ones I've highlighted as great picks to match with him. Ability wise, you want to start with Impale, as it's your main clear and what you'll be maxing out first. Picking up the Leap at Level 2 is a general rule to follow with exceptions being that you can kill the enemy adc/supp due to them being out of position, which can warrant grabbing Pillar second. At level 5, you should have 2 points in your Impale, 1 in Pillar, 1 in Leap and 1 in your ultimate. Once you hit Level 5 and either have Warrior, or engage a teamfight, this power spike should be your first blood in the optimal scenario. Be reminded that Desert Fury can be used defensively against enemy ults to not waste beads. Using Desert Fury in a Cupid ult is better than beads and leaping out of it, as an example. Once you pick up Ichival/Silverbranch (Depending on magical or phys ADC), you should look to get into boxing matches or teamfights when possible, as this is your major power spike after boots. Throughout the game, you want to be looking for impale into bad situations for the enemy team, whether that be a pillar, wall, or just back into your team for them to CC chain him. If you're struggling to hit Imaples on their own, combo them with the leap by using the impale just after the knockup. This is the best setup for a pillar stun, and also one of the hardest to get right, as usually it requires a 180 in the air. For Skin Concepts, the only one that comes to my mind is a Chibi Anhur. I mean, come on now, That would be pretty adorable. For Janky, I guess you can impale into Terra walls or Ymir walls or Thor walls, so if you're on comms you can set up a pretty nasty wall combo. Thor Wall into Impale and Thor 1....yeah....
  4. - Some skins are locked off forever. - Developers, while great, can take a while to address big problems. - Loki/Bastet mains.
  5. - Third-Person oriented gameplay - Mythology focus with attention to detail - Skill-shot's over auto-targeting - Lore on game universe (See The Pantheon War on Dark Horse Comics) - The community (For the most part) - Some of the developers who put time into said community.
  6. It's not a separate thing. Nor am I doing it with him, as it's not an owned idea with copyright, dibbs, whatever you wanna call it. If K1tt3n wants to do it in a completely different way, That's fine. I never said I was going to actually select the god and make the discussion topic for that god myself. That'd be dumb. I made this poll to collect data on what people wanted to see first, There are posts that could maybe do with some activity. I've been posting on any I've seen. There are some posts where I'm still the last person to say something. Hell, the actual god discussion suggestion post hasn't had anything in it since June 20th. And within that forum post, I discussed with K1tt3n about how to go about selecting the gods, and a voting system (Most benefically based on a voted class, then an RNG roll for a god to talk about) would be the best way to do it, and leave everybody either unhappy or happy. Regardless, I'm not stealing anything away from K1tt3n if he want's to do all the god discussion stuff himself. If anything this poll can provide insight for k1tt3n on what God to look towards first. Or, if it's not used, it'll just become redundant data, which is fine too.
  7. I'm just promoting activity ;-; D:
  8. K1tt3n did kinda agree on vote polling it, so
  9. 1. What's the story behind your username? 2. What are you mainly studying in School? 3. Aside from Smite, what is your favorite game to play?
  10. This idea got talked about a little while ago. Wanted to collect data on exact what role should be selected for the first discussion
  11. As the title says, pick a quote that would define you, whether it be your personality, your life so far, etc, or at least as close as it can get. You don't have to explain the reasoning behind your quote if you do not want to. For instance, Mine would be the following: "Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie" - Jim Carrey Whats your quote?
  12. How many Saiyans does it take to screw in a light bulb? 1. But it will take 10 episodes for him to do it
  13. Oath Punisher
  14. Just finished watching this myself. Crazy in-depth video on how to build your supports with Thebes and Sov gone. Definitely worth a look, even if you don't play Support @CactusKate, @Jaez, @guacgaming, @CaptainCareBear, @Rypsitykki, @DareTheDemon, @RaeAkamine, @K1tT3n, @Firzt, @AysonJade, @RainingKraken, @Ben10654, @Talos12, @SilentWolf251, @Erllic, @Progenetor_li, @Nethernaut, @HolyElmo, @Tohoru, @LeftyLuffy, @Juhlel, @SpireEU, @slipperybanana, @dtmc16121, @Pemorio, @FreezingDark, @Zarkete, @xDoomknightx, @herostyle, @Parat0xic, @Meowens, @Freshbananna, @dyl4n93, @Raolan, @Pindep, @Nairfon, @OriginalJoker, @Chopstx, @LordBrigante, @Zaraxy, @Rothrak, @patrickx33, @Drcoolb3ans, @Verticom121, @yogiyogabear, @Tabby, @Turtle McTurtleson, @pickell, @DatDivine, @Iceheart105, @mattymosh580, @Darilash, @Lantix, @Soulless, @Progeria, @slayforfame, @RubyM, @HellSoldyr, @ItzzKarmaa, @Swoop, @Haguiv, @Petercob, @Afromango