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  1. PUBG Awards Time

    Drama: Team up with a random guy and when you are the last two alive do a battle for number one
  2. Introducing myself

    Well, I got to know some nice and kind people in this week. Had a lot of fun in my first Gaming Night of PUBG and I am looking forward to the next one tomorrow. I can't complain!
  3. Official Zombie Mode in the Works

    The guys from PUBG are not resting dude !
  4. E3 Pubg information

    I am very excited for the new movement patches! I think this game hasn`t reached it`s full potential yet.
  5. Introducing myself

    Ty dude !
  6. Introducing myself

    Hope you can understand everything despite my terrible english. If not feel free to ask ! As i am the new guy here i though it would be good idee to tell you guys something about myself. My name is Ahmet Özbay and I live and was born in Germany but my parents came from Turkey here alot of years ago. I had a pretty simple life and gaming did not interrest me to much. (We had gameboys and that kindy stuff) But when I got 11 I got into PC gaming and i never wanted to do something else really . Last year i finished my mandatory school years and dicided to keep going with school. Currently i am 17 years old and I am visiting a school called FOS (Fachoberschule) where you can earn Abitur (you need this in Germany to go Unversity). Even though i dont look like it i enjoy doing sports i try to go jog every day. If your wondering what i look like i am the middle guy on my profile-picture. Yeah thats pretty much all i have to say ^^. I know its kindy short so if you have any questions feel free to ask ! Hope to see you guys ingame. Good wishes Ahmet Özbay