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  1. The Bronze Throws

    All too common in bronze(5 year bronze vet here)
  2. Request for Coaching- Dexxterrr

    Oif sorry bout that @Inten, I was out cold last night at 7pm CST. Ill make it a note to stay up these next few nights.
  3. Request for Coaching- Dexxterrr

    1. What is your summoner name? LloydAsplund19(the one I want to work with) 2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available? First Coach 3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. positioning, map awareness, specific champions, etc.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible. Map Awareness/item builds/General Macro play 4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. custom games, quick queues, going over replays, etc.) custom games/ quick queues 5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to be able to do better by the end of your coaching sessions? Short term goal(s). I want to gain more knowledge so I can improve my gameplay and bust out of Bronze. I would like to be able to determine what to do when one objective is taken/where to rotate next. 6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to win more in randoms, rank diamond, place in tournaments, etc.? Long term goal(s)- Get that Diamond border and be able to place in online tournaments. Also so I can help coach whoever needs it 7. What days/times are you available to be coached? Generally after 9-10 pm anyday. Come July 5/July6 I will be taking care of my mom after her shoulder surgery. If it cant be done before then, when I come back on more of a determined gaming time would be fine as well.
  4. Completed An in-game problem(HotS)

    I don't have any problems with League.....which makes me wonder even more if its just blizzard or not. Edit: it seems that the 32 bit client was the problem. I have random periods of lag with only me on but i think its because i haven't fully installed the game yet(just up to playable and its downloading in the background) or when one/both of my parents are on their phone/tablet
  5. Completed An in-game problem(HotS)

    @Fraejix The only thing I have close to my modem is my laptop... although I haven't tried a wired connection yet. @Gumbo037 1: Wifi(will try wired after posting this 2: just HotS(I do get lag in LoL but only if my parents are on their devices or if I'm downloading something in the background(or that I don't know about) 3: CenturyLink said that 1, this was the only thing we could get since we are at the "end of the line" and 2, CenturyLink also said that we have "high speed internet" Edit: switched to wired. although I did dc twice and freeze when my ping rose to 500-900 it was way more stable, but that's just one vs ai game. As far as I'm concerned my problem seems to be fixed as best as its going to be for my net speed. TY for all the help Edit 2: well I spoke too soon(as usual). I played on it...tried playing with Tahoe earlier this morning and ping spiking up to 7000+ again. I don't know what in the hell is going on but it is getting very very irritating.
  6. Completed An in-game problem(HotS)

    I was playing earlier with @ASDFChampion when my ping rose to 1k. I thought eh typical. Kept rising and capped at 17000 ping. I have bad net(512kbps, No that's not a typo) so I get ill have lag when more than one device is being used... but ive never had a game go that high before. Does anyone know what/how/why my ping would spike so much?
  7. League Bot= Thresh god????

    Makes for some good bloopers xD
  8. New Yas and Riven skin

    Those skins are awesome!!!! Ive played Riven for a couple of seasons and I've never seen a better skin for her. Nightbringer Yasuo... what can i say?? Looks as B.A. as the Riven skin. @Lumi Idk what elo you are playing at but Yasuo isn't banned much anymore. The main ban happens to be my main atm(Fizz)
  9. So this is what Riot has become (Ranked)

    IMO, league has become so toxic community wise... that I and probably many others don't even like looking at the chat due to toxicity. But as far as weird picks in roles other than where the champions are meant to go(in this case Heimerdinger) its so common, idk what to say about it
  10. AMA- Dexxterrr

    1. What's your real name? My full name is Hillary Gene Ayres II. Please do not relate my first name to Mrs.Clinton 2. What's your gamertag? Dexxterr/LloydAsplund19 in League of Legends 3. How did you decide that this was the gamertag for you? Dexxterrr. At the time of creation I was thinking back to my childhood and watching Dexter's Laboratory at the age of 4/5. For LloydAsplund19, I had just finished watching the first two seasons of Code Geass and I took to Lloyd(I always end up picking the villians in the show(s). 4. What is your maingame and why did you choose it? League of Legends. I was introduced to it back in mid 2012(around this time) by a friend from a former clan(which I am no longer a part of). I didn't like it at first, but I gave it another go and I was hooked and still am. 5. What kind of gamer are you? Ex: Strategic, reactionary(quick reflexes), Casual, Hardcore. mostly casual due to poor reflexes(worse with carpel tunnel), and autopilot syndrome. Yet, I am head over heels for competitive, but I get nervous a lot when queueing up for it. 6. What do you feel is the most important part about being in a clan? The friendships/fun times. Honestly, who doesn't want to have fun with friends? 7. What was the first game you can recall playing? Super Mario Bros. 3 for the original Nintendo console 8. What is your favorite game to stream or watch? League of Legends 9. What was the worst game you have ever played? Dr. Mario. Those aliens kept me up night after night.... just thinking about it sends a chill down my spine. 10. What is your current occupation? Unemployed(waiting on a decision from the social security judge for disability due to my mental problems) 11. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? age 5-8 a Samurai, age 8-14 Auto Mechanic, age 14-19 Any job to do with working on computers( a college dropout, mental pressure was too much, in which I turned to League). Age 19-23 Pro Gamer(League of Legends). Now, Age 24, I dream of going back to college(once my mental state is normal) and becoming an Astronomer, I love space and the infinite possibilities that lie in the discoveries waiting to happen. 12. What brought you to The Marauders? Honestly, I was searching for a League of Legends community/clan and I liked the name Marauder since it sounded good. Now that I have found out about tournaments and the fact that everyone is "expected" (from what I read) to play their best, I have found motivation to try my absolute hardest to improve my gameplay and myself to become the greatest.