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  1. Tabletop Simulator

    On a different note: Does anyone have this game? Currently looking for people to play the following games with and more if you have any ideas: Risk Clank! 7 Wonders Duel King of Tokyo Scythe Champions of Midgard Secret Hitler Bloodborne Harbour Sheriff of Nottingham Mechs vs. Minions The resistance Risk Legacy (hvis man kan få den samme gruppe til at spille de 15 gange).
  2. Payday 2 Roster!!

    Ahh the memories when going through the Rats mission. Some of the most fun I've ever had in a game
  3. Are you tired of pubg?

    I havent attended last 2 game nights since I do not like all the random gamemodes. It is funny at rare occasions but would rather just have close to regular matches. Furthermore does the Quick blue circle end the game too fast. I know you say the game otherwise would take too long but the alternative to a regular circle is in my opinion just playing Public match. I have plans to attend tournaments though. Pubg is still my main game and almost the only game i play :).
  4. A Series of Ridiculous Events

    Good read and the serpentine made me laugh hard
  5. Throwback games

    Now I'm too lazy to google it but was it that game with a beach ball or other kinds of balls going around at some kind of puzzle? So many Playstation throwbacks here. Noone for Zelda, super mario bros 3, the best sega game ever made, gunstar heroes etc? @ConnieMayer, what civ is your fav.?
  6. @fus`, how did you resolve the issue with the tied 3rd place?
  7. I'm off.. Thanks for playing guys Let's get more players next time. And when it is a tournament, why not make all 4 rounds default? Imo it was boring as hell with sniper/pistols and ump/shotty.
  8. In the perfect game without crates i do this: Kar98 / m416. If no Kar98 it's dependent on my mood but probaly: M416/m16 Double Barrel
  9. Throwback games

    Hey guys.. I just bought the new Sony XZ Premium phone for my girlfriend and as a special offer I got a good discount on a ps4 so I bought that as well. In that regard I bought the new Crash Bandicoot remake series with upgraded graphics of all the 3 games - which is amazing. Then today i found Abe's odysee remade edition which is 10x times as awesome! and now looking for a remade edition of metal gear solid 1. TL;DR What was you favorite "throwback" games? Regardless of console. I really loved Abe's Odysee (Oddworld). (only released on Playstation [and shitty versions on phones[). Here is a me completing half of the game today.
  10. NBA 2k17

    Is the code for the game for for something in the game? Because I have NBA2k16 but not 17.
  11. Just had a duo game with a friend, that died in the first team fight we encountered so I was all alone the entire game - ended up winning with 15 kills and in my own opinion 1 amazing kar98 hs from 690m and behind some leafs of a tree. So one of the best chicken dinners I've had in a while. And a little video with the kar98 headshot and some of the later kills that secured my win (guess that will give a award if submitted).
  12. My ancestors are so close! No i'm even worse. I'm like PewdieSirPie from Denmark :>
  13. haha exactly, that's why i wanted the clarification since I would not help with that. I did not get the joke, since I'm boring as hell
  14. @SirPie, good points! and discussingh end game tactics would be something I could easily do, since it's my take on it as well. About making friends in solo @TheLindeN. Do you mean teaming in solo or just finding friends to play with? :>